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    I from Bury in the Eastern Townships. I graduated from Bishop's U. Played soccer as a CM for Bury.
  1. Re: Voyageur optimist glasses. I think many of us wear those type of glasses. As a Voyageur - one kinda has too!!
  2. Canada only. Not even any of my Great-grandfathers would be able to play but for Canada under current rules -- or maybe say Lower Canada?!
  3. Just got in and saw the score... good grief ... this is so embarrassing!! Beaten by a minnow ... shame.
  4. Not all that shocking. I, for one, wouldn't mind Leicester taking a run at him.
  5. The game was on NBC(west) last night. Great goal from Arnaud.
  6. I never noticed that. There were plenty of people making noise in my section and security was quite tame.
  7. 1. Sinclair 2. Sinclair 3. Sinclair There is no other to match this player for leadership, toughness, skill and guts! Totally Canadian!
  8. 1. Dwayne DeRosario 2. Simeon Jackson 3. Atiba Hutchinson
  9. I think these topics should up there among the top ones already mentioned. 1) Sinclair forcing her way back on to the field with an injury to score a great goal in the WWC. 2) Toronto FC producing squat after the time they have been given to progress in the MLS. 3) Basically the whole situation with Women's National Team - crashing out of WWC, Carolina Morace threat, Carolina Morace leaving, hiring of a new coach, Sinclair getting player of the year award ....
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