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U-17 WCQ Canada vs T&T

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Is it just me, or is Hart starting to sound frustrated with the senior Canadian coaching situation. Personally, I think it is only a matter of time till he coaches T&T:

Canadian coach expects tough outing from T&T U17s on Friday.

By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidadian head coach of the Canada National Under 17 team Stephen Hart says he expects a tough outing on Friday when his team faces Trinidad and Tobago in their final round CONCACAF World qualifying encounter in Kingston, Jamaica.

Hart, who is also interim head coach of the Canadian Senior Team, has led his team to a 3-0 win over Jamaica and a 0-0 draw with Costa Rica and was preparing his team to take on the USA on Wednesday.

Friday’s game is of huge significance for T&T as a win will keep their qualifying chances alive, of course if the Americans stay unbeaten. Anything other than a win for the Canadians versus USA would keep T&T in the tournament.

In an interview at his Knutsford Court Hotel room mere hours before departing with his team for the game versus United States, Hart gave his impressions of Friday’s game as well as T&T’s football on a whole.

“I think its going to be difficult,” Hart said frankly. “The result versus the USA is no reflection to how the team (T&T) played. Anyone who looks at them and thinks that the points are guaranteed will be a fool. We have seen them play and that definitely will not be the case for us. We have some ideas as to how we will approach the game but at this point all our energies are going into the USA game,” Hart told TTFF Media.

Hart left Trinidad in 1980 for Canada but returned a year later to play for San Fernando Strikers. He subsequently returned to Canada, taking a further interest in coaching and that eventually led to him assisting with the Canada Under 17s before former Canadian technical director Holger Osieck asked him to take up the full time coaching job with the National Under 17 team. Hart has also been interim head coach of the Canadian Senior team since September.

“Some of the advice you get from the top coaches is that if you want to learn about football and coaching, it’s advisable to work with those who work with the youth and that’s where I started,” Hart said.

About whether he would ever consider returning home to help the development of the game, Hart commented: “The situation is one with whether Trinidad and Tobago football will want myself working there. I have a contract with Canada and in this we all know there is no job security. If the right opportunity comes that’s challenging whether Trinidad and Tobago or anywhere else in the world, I would look at it very carefully.”

And his overall view on the game in his homeland, Hart added: “I think everybody that is Trinidadian and knows about Trinidad and Tobago football will say almost the same thing. Trinidad has a natural passion for football. We create a certain type of footballer and we and we all know what is missing in our football. What anyone will like to see is some sort of program that is designed to direct the energies, talent and qualities of Trinidad football is some sort of consistency program. The longer Trinidad stays for lack of a better word, disorganized in some of their approach, the more the other countries will go ahead and dominate. And it’s parallel to Canada. We in Canada do what was done before and we need to develop something a bit different to go forward,” Hart concluded.

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He certainly doesn't sound like he's very committed to Canada. Not exactly the kind of comments I would want or expect to hear coming from our current U17 coach that might (finally) get us qualified and is about to coach our senior team for our regional championship tourney.

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We have 4 points after 3 matches. Costa Rica beat Jamaica last night so they have qualified with 7 points; and Jamica is out. The US play Jamaica next which likely means another win and the will have qualified.

It therefore comes down to us in Trinidad. We need a minimum of a tie otherwise we will likely be out as Trinidad will play Jamaica where you can expect a likely win (Jamaica will have nothing to play for) which would give them 6 points. This being said, a loss even keeps us in as Trindid would need to beat Jamaica (unless a tie gets them through, not sure of the tie breaking scenario (ie. whether its goal difference where we probably have a better one; or head to head).

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Canada last qualified for an U17 World Cup back in 1995 and promptly lost all three games against Oman, Germany, and Brazil. Patrice Bernier scored the only goal for Canada in 2-1 loss against Oman. He is probably the only player on the team who went on to have a decent pro career.

Brad Parker was on that team, not that he had a brillant career......I'm wondering what ever happenned to him, a highly tout prospect who dissapeared suddenly.

Our 1993 U-17 team had a rough time in Japan: loosing their 3 games 5-0, 5-0 and 8-0.

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I understand Hart being somewhat pissed. He has been in-charge of the MNT for a while and the U17 with some success so far. Now he sees the MNT going to Mitchel after the Simoes screw-up. Maybe Hart and Mitchel should be given the opportunity to polish their presentations to the CSA and have a whole new voting after that.

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I don't think Hart has a right to be pissed. How many times has Mitchell qualified us for the u-20? 2 times (not including this one as we are hosts). How many times has Hart qualified us as u-17? Not the last time and I'm thinking not for the last 2 times. If he manages this time good for him. I think that he still has a lot to prove before he gets handed the men's team, and Mitchell has proven more than him.

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The one good thing that Hart has done has been to bring some previously alienated players back into the fold (Lars, Tam, am I missing anyone?). Otherwise, as other points out, he is only a fair coach, with poor tactical preparation, and definitely not one that is qualified at the senior level. Mitchell is also underqualified, but not woefully so, and has shown promise in his handling of the U-20s in qualifying for successive championships.

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quote:Originally posted by brodycheese

I don't think Hart has a right to be pissed. How many times has Mitchell qualified us for the u-20? 2 times (not including this one as we are hosts). How many times has Hart qualified us as u-17? Not the last time and I'm thinking not for the last 2 times. If he manages this time good for him. I think that he still has a lot to prove before he gets handed the men's team, and Mitchell has proven more than him.

You're omitting a very important fact in your analysis of Hart:

U-20 WC have 24 teams

U-17 WC had 16 teams and have expanded this year to 24.

It was harder for Hart to qualify his team.

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quote:Originally posted by brodycheese

Good point. Still, I think you can say Mitchell has been successful in qualifying (didn't we finish 1st one year that year above states in qualifying), and at the international stage (quarters).

I too think that Mitchell might be a better coach but I thought Hart was a bit unlucky in his times as our U-17 coach. In 2003 we finished first with a 2 others teams (mexico and CR) and got eliminated on goal differential. In 2005, our first 2 keepers got injured few days before the tournament started and we had to call a 13 yrs old (Adam Street) to start our first game.

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Good luck to the boys today. If the US can beat Jamaica, a tie would be enough to get us through.

As Loyola indicated above, we've had some pretty bad luck the last few campaigns. Hopefully, it goes our way this year.

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a more natural swith for hart would be from u-17 to u-20.

he has gain some experience working with the senoir team that would ebe beneficial at the u-20 level.

for any coach to be successful the CSA has to clean up their act first.

there are more bigger factors with the way soccer is being taught and run in this country that hindering our progress that a quality coach at the senoir level.

Had Simoes taken the job his effort would have been inefective by the lack of proffesionalism and understanding of the game at the provincial and national level.

it would have been just another bandaid solution.

Simoes did not sell himself short and every coach that deals with the CSA should do the same take it or leave it.

may be then they will realise that a one man/magician solution is not going to work.

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T&T U17s have everything to play for.

By Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Victories by United States and Costa Rica on Wednesday set up Trinidad and Tobago’s National Under 17 footballers with everything to play for in their third match of the CONCACAF final round against Canada at the National Stadium, Kingston from 5pm on Friday.

The 2-1 win for the USA over Canada and Costa Rica’s 1-0 win over Jamaica means that T&T can still reach a maximum of six points with wins against Canada and the hosts and snatch third place on Sunday.

And there was better news in the T&T camp as injured player Chike Sullivan who suffered a knock and had to be taken to hospital against the Americans, and Jean Luc Rochford, with an ankle blow, were both able to return to training and are available for selection.

So far, T&T’s biggest problem has been converting their chances on goal and head coach Anton Corneal has been working on finishing in the last couple sessions and has reiterated the importance of composure and accuracy in and around the opposition goal. T&T out shot the Americans and also created timely chances against the Costa Ricans but have only five goals against them to show from the opening two matches.

After a final training session on Thursday, striker Stephen Knox, who has been the main man for T&T in attack admitted that the time had arrived for him to deliver. Midfielder Leston Paul is also yet to stamp his authority in any of the matches so far.

“I know that these next two games, especially this first one against Canada could decide whether we go to the World Cup or not. I haven’t scored in the last couple games and my team needs me to be at my best tomorrow. All of us need to play our best game because a lot is depending on how we do against them,” Knox told TTFF Media. He and his teammates have had three days break from playing and hopefully will have regained their appetite sufficient enough to overcome the opposition.

And despite the presence of a hardworking defense of Akeem Adams and company, the few moments of lapse in focus has resulted in punishment for T&T which could just force Corneal to introduce Robert Primus for Friday’s game.

Corneal himself knows that Friday’s match is really like a final before a final as a win will create a final hurdle to cross against Jamaica on Sunday.

“We know exactly what we have to do. We have two losses on our backs now but we still have it all to play for. It’s a situation where we have destiny in our hands and if we can settle early and play the right type of game then we can definitely force Canada off and come away with a win which will then set us up with all to play for on Sunday,” Corneal told TTFF Media.

Trinidadian head coach of Canada, Stephen Hart, said his team will by no means underestimate T&T.

“We have seen them play and anyone who wants to take them lightly would be wrong,” he said. Despite going two goals down inside half hour against the US, Canada fought back, pulling a goal back early in the second half and pressing for long periods down the stretch.

“We need to be patient but also start well against them,” Corneal said. “There will be no room for silly mistakes or lapses in concentration. The team that wants it more will come away with it and hopefully we will be the ones with three points at the end of the match,” Corneal hoped as his players ensured that the bus driver had Kees Diefenthaller’s “Lion” and “Our Prayer” playing on the way to the training ground.

Costa Rica takes on hosts Jamaica in the second game from 7pm.

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Jamaica just came back from being down 0-2 to beat the US 3-2. With us losing to T&T 1-2 it was an all around miserable night for Canada at the National Stadium. Our only hope now would be if Jamaica and T&T tie on Sunday and the goal differential cuts in our favour - not sure how it cuts at the moment and way too depressed to try and figure it out.

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U-17's quest hits bump

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05/05/2007 3:40 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica (CP) - Canada's quest to qualify for the under-17 world championship in South Korea took a major hit Friday night with a 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago in the CONCACAF qualifying tournament.

Leston Paul and Stephan Knox scored for Trinidad and Tobago (1-2-0), while Mohamed Sylla replied for Canada (1-1-2).

"It was a game we should have won by a decisive margin," said national under-17 coach Stephen Hart. "I can't even count the number of chances we had to score. At the end of the day we lost the game and we're out."

Canada can still qualify out of the five-nation tournament if the host Jamaicans beats Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday, but Hart isn't holding out much hope.

"I'm not holding my breath that that's going to happen," said Hart.

The top three teams advance to the world championship, which runs from Aug. 18 to Sept. 9 in South Korea.

Haiti and Honduras have already qualified from CONCACAF, which covers North and Central America and the Caribbean. Their qualifier was held in Honduras in April.

The inability to finish plagued the Canadian team Friday.

"We played a great game, but a great game means you score goals," Hart said. "We were missing chances over and over and we got the feeling that it was not going to be our day."

Despite the loss, Hart had praise for his squad, singling out key performers.

"A lot of players had good tournaments," said Hart. "Olivier Lacoste-Lebuis had a good game, William Hyde was great until he got injured against the U.S. (last Wednesday), Jarek Whiteman had a strong tournament.

"These are young players that work extremely well and I told them that you can play well and still lose."

Hart, who also doubles as interim head of the men's national team, will now turn his attention to preparing that squad for the CONCACAF Gold Cup this June.

His future with the team is uncertain, with the Canadian Soccer Association in the midst of a search to find a full-time men's national team coach.

Media reports have hailed Brazilian Rene Simoes as the frontrunner with Hart, under-20 national team coach Dale Mitchell and another foreigner as the other candidates.

"I don't know where I stand with the program," said Hart. "I haven't heard anything from the CSA about the Gold Cup."

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here is something our youth national team might benefit from

just like we have a goalkeeper's coach

why not experiment with have a forward coach

time and time again we keep hearing that the lack of finishing our chances is the reason why we did not qualify

a coach dedicated to work mainly with the forwards during training camps help them on decision making in the box.

may be the training staff should be more like this a head coach,forward coach/assistant coach and a goalkeeper coach.

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