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  1. Ran into Fraser's dad at the TFC game this evening. He mentioned that Fraser had just won the Rangers Young Player of the Year Award. Congratulations!
  2. Two new reports available on the CSA web site: 2008 Demographics 2008 Financial Statements And I understand there will be additional reports from the 2009 AGM posted shortly. EDIT - This also now available: 2008 Annual Report (Large report - 102 pages)
  3. I think it is a requirement for a corporation that the Directors are formally elected periodically. This just provides the means to satisfy that requirement.
  4. There is a difference between Officers and Directors. The section quoted above applies only to Officers - basically the Executive Committee - and not to 'mere' Directors - mostly the Provincial Presidents. And since the Provincial Presidents have their position on the CSA Board by virtue of their position with their Provincial Association, the time they are elected to the Provincial Presidency is more significant than when they are elected to the CSA Board. The latter is more of a 'rubber stamping'. And - FYI - the CSA AGM for 2008 is May 3rd. in St. John's, Newfoundland.
  5. Do you seriously think that for one more dollar going to the CSA, they can assume all the services provided currently by the districts and the OSA? Go to the OSA web site and go to: Publications>>Annual Report>>7.0 Registration Summaries And if you go to: Publications>>Annual Report>>2.0 Officers' Reports you'll find the OSA Financial Statements. In 2007, the OSA collected about $2.5 million in player fees for provincial programmes and about $2.2 million in CSA fees. The CSA will be collecting more in 2008 with the $1 player fee increase.
  6. Sorry ... but one of the CSF leaders was quoted as saying: "What we need to do is to get to the grass roots and allow them to help us cut off the funding to our masters at the top - namely the districts, the provinces and the CSA" And looking at a sample GTA District, their fees are: Mini-soccer: District - $5.20, OSA - $2.30, CSA - $7.00 Youth recreational: District - $7.18, OSA - $3.32, CSA - $7.00 The provincial portion hardly looks like the biggest slice to me! (NOTE: OSA fees for competitive players are considerably higher but mini-soccer and youth recreational account for 74% of all OSA registrations)
  7. As already mentioned, if the CSL Commissioner wants clarification on this issue, he can contact the OSA himself. After all, the CSL offices are in the Soccer Centre in Vaughan so they do have easy access to the OSA. The "gentleman from the CSL" who raised this issue yesterday was one of the club owners - not a representative of the league. In any event, don't expect the OSA to conduct business through internet discussion forums. I'm happy to come on here to try and clarify certain points - particularly where it is clear there is some misunderstanding - but that's as far as it goes.
  8. I'm sure if the CSL Commissioner wants clarification on this issue, he can contact the OSA himself. The problem - as you will note from Lino's later post - is that some Districts (not the OSA) have restrictions on accepting new members. What took two years was the entire agreement. Originally, it was rejected by the CSL as the OSA Board insisted that as a professional league, CSL teams should have a minimum number of professional players. (A compromise has since been worked out on this issue). The subject of a reserve division was only raised for the first time with the OSA last summer and an application just submitted in January.
  9. What I took issue with was your statement: "The OSA has not permitted any type of professional/private club to run any type of youth program" There is no such OSA prohibition and I've already given examples of the CSL clubs that run youth programmes.
  10. CSL youth teams would have to play in existing OSA sanctioned leagues - as they do currently. London City play in the whole range of youth leagues from the OYSL, WOYSL to L&DYSL. (Not sure about 2008 because of the split with North London). The CSL cannot run their own youth league - and have indicated that they have no interest in doing so. CSL youth teams could not "legally" play in the SAAC Academy League at this time as SAAC is not a member of the OSA and their league is not sanctioned by the OSA.
  11. Lino ... I'm disappointed. You're at it as well! This is simply not true!
  12. What meeting were you at last night?! (Assuming you were at the meeting). I stated quite clearly that there was no such rule! I gave the example of Glen Shields - a youth club - that was one of the founding members of the CPSL (now the CSL). You may also want to check the web site of London City and note that they run a youth programme. How about Toronto Supra? Oh ... they run a youth programme as well! Take a look at St. Catharines Club Roma. They operate teams in the Niagara Youth Soccer League and the South Region Soccer League. Please take the time to be better informed and stop spreading misinformation around!
  13. CSA Executive and the year they were elected to the Executive: Colin Linford, President (2006) Victor Montagliani, Vice-President (2005) Dominic Maestracci, Vice-President (2006) Vince Ursini, Director-Finance (2005) Angus Barrett, Director-at-Large (2002?) Mike Traficante, Director-at-Large (2005) Rob Newman, Director-at-Large (2006) If that isn't change, I don't know what is!
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