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Canadians Abroad November 10th to November 16th


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  • In this thread post match updates on all Canadians for November 10th to November 16th
  • If you find updates posted in some other thread then post them here as well, but be sure to credit the original poster.
  • If there is news that is particularly significant (eg. someone scores a big goal, someone gets injured, etc.) then feel free to begin a new thread on that topic in order to draw greater attention or start a discussion, but also post that news here.
  • Some comments on news posted in this thread are okay, but let's not let this thread go off into a long discussion. If the news already appears in another thread (as per the previous bullet) then post your comments in that other thread, otherwise if you want to say something significant or if it is likely to generate replies then begin a new thread
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2 hours ago, InglewoodJack said:

Colyn starting for (not gonna try and spell his club’s name) vs. Telstar. A win and a bit of help would put his team in a promotion spot. 

Looks like he’s playing as a CAM. If he can break in at that position, that solves a lot of issues for Canada.

Didn’t score, but MOTM per FOTMob. 3 chance creations, won 12/14 of his duels, 2/2 tackles. Solid game all around. 

oop, never mind, they took away his MOTOM and gave it to the RB. Colyn still ended with an 8.1. Solid.

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9 minutes ago, Big_M said:

last night

Shows you my interest in the league at this point since I don't have Apple MLS Pass and just search up results on the internet..

After tomorrow, I think that we might be down to one Canadian player left standing (Crepeau) if Columbus lose (JRR and Farsi).  And then, the international window happens.


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Buchanan started v. Cercle Brugge, off in 64' at 0-0


Brym started for Sparta Rotterdam away to Volendam; 1-1 in the first half.


Cornelius started in the crucial game v. Elfsborg. 


David started v. Toulouse


Borjan started v. Skalica



Johnston starting v. Aberdeen


Norman Jr. starting for St Patricks Athletic away to Bohemian FC in FAI ( Football Association of Ireland ) Cup Final

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I know this is way OT but what our women are doing at the Billie Jean King Cup is extraordinary, we are so far winning the final vs. Italy.

If we pull it off, we'll be holders in national team tennis in men and women, a rare feat. 

Our elite athletes have to learn to draw from each other, to be inspired by success in other sports. The young woman who has played singles, Marina Stakusic, has played incredibly, we need all our athletes in all sports to feed off each other and rise to excellence together. 

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