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  1. Really proud of that effort. I hope none of our players get suspended. Honestly after this game i’d be a little disappointed if we didn’t come out with a draw at the Azteca. That’s how impressive we played…
  2. What a huge statement game by this team. Whatever happens against Mexico, this has been a successful tournament
  3. I’d be pretty disappointed if we can’t snag a draw against the USA B- team away if we are being optimistic about qualifying for the World Cup
  4. Interesting fact that blew my mind was that that was Panama’s first loss to Honduras in a competitive game since 2005
  5. I really want a draw against this team, but I don’t just want us to sit back
  6. i’m surprised about this considering all their players play in Qatar
  7. Choniere also had the only goal on a nice shot near the end of the box to win 1-0 for Montreal
  8. It's always difficult to determine how good the non-FIFA teams are because they don't play many games.
  9. I agree with you. The way I read it, Arfield is picking and choosing when he wants to come. If he is waiting for us to make the World Cup (which I am not saying he is, but if he was) I would not want him called up.
  10. Cavallini scored a nice goal yesterday for his 2nd of the season in a 2-2 away draw against Seattle
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