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  1. I wouldn’t mind A- teams for Mexico and Jamaica. And our absolute best team against Panama at home
  2. Anyone know how he played today. He had another good whoscored rating of 7.7
  3. I'm guessing if restrictions were increased the The Voyageurs would be getting first dibs at the tickets again so maybe it would be best to wait for these tickets to become available before buying tickets outside of the supporters section?
  4. Anyone else noticed that Section 110 is selling out faster than the rest of the stadium... People like sitting next to the supporters!
  5. They might have done it this way to make it easier to expand the capacity
  6. Just got an amazing assist to make it 3-2 for NE in the 90th minute. He absolutely bodied two players on his run into the box
  7. weird maybe it was a 30 min episode. The one at 6:30 AM had it and some review from JDG and kilbane
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