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  1. Just saw he was on the Indy Eleven. He would be a nice addition to the CPL. Play for the Hamilton Forge 😉
  2. I’ll be devil’s advocate by saying his career could take a nosedive, like Jozy Altidore’s, after moving to the BPL
  3. Akindele with a goal in the very first minute off of a giveaway
  4. The team they faced wasn’t even bad...6th place in the league
  5. Larin and Atiba are starting for Besiktas in their game right now against Hatayspor. Already 1-0 for Besiktas from an own goal
  6. I think a key pass is one that leads to a shot on target. Could be wrong though
  7. Creapau kind of whiffed on the Osorio goal
  8. He looked like he was trying to do too much
  9. I’d honestly would like him to stay at Besiktas. Become a club legend there like Atiba
  10. I like seeing KJ on Onesoccer
  11. Hopefully we’ll be beating Haiti three times in a row to make up for the Gold Cup loss. (I’ll gladly take the first two wins and a loss in the Gold Cup though)
  12. I think he played really well today
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