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  1. David has his shot deflected and went in. Not sure if its an own goal or a David goal. 1-0
  2. had a goal ruled offside because of his teammate being ruled offside
  3. Did phonsie lose his man on that Kramaric goal or was that someone else’s?
  4. I really liked Cavallini over Larin the past few years but Larin is doing really well this season to change my mind. He just never really played as well with Canada has he did at club level
  5. My best guess would be: Davies Arfield David Hutch Larin
  6. amazing. Who would have thought 5 years ago a Canadian would be on here. Has an american ever been?
  7. Atalanta scored (1-1) but it was not his fault. From what I watched since the 60th, he has played really well. Just couldn’t stay with his man for one through ball.
  8. You think it’s because he was playing on the left as opposed to the right?
  9. This is great for him. Hopefully its just all up from here
  10. What a huge win for Forge and the CPL. If they could get to the CCL it would be unbelievable
  11. He was one of our top 10 CBs no? Also what’s the average salary in the CPL,
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