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Match Thread: April 30, 2023 - Cavalry v Valour

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Felt Valour had a strong second half considering the circumstances, especially as they looked pretty rough coming out of the gate. I’ll take the point. 

Side note but why didn’t Musse play much year one? I remember him being on the team but not getting much of an opportunity unless my memory is failing me. 

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Good effort from an injury ravaged Valour.

- Great save from Yesli in injury time (especially sweet as the commentators were harsh on Yesli all game)

- Impress (again) by the young MF Sanchez

- Valour remain top of the table for now

- Big U21 minutes for Valour (de Brienne, Sanchez, Ulloa)

- Cela had a solid 1st game

Is Rendon injured too?

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1 hour ago, Soccerpro2 said:

de Brienne boosters from last week, where are you? That was the kind of defending I was worried about.

Williams haters from last week, where are you? 😉

Lol just caught the last few minutes. Was De Brienne that bad? He made team of the week last week...just as a reminder🤣

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5 minutes ago, jonovision said:

Great crowd for Cavalry. Not coincidentally, looks like great weather in Calgary too. 

On that note, 21 C forecast for Saturday's Valour home match. 15 degrees warmer than the home opener, no Jets, top of the table. Fill it up.

Now that you don't have the Jets you can all focus on throwing the Valour players under the bus, league leaders.

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Not going to do a full set of match ratings here, but some good performances for Valour worth noting.

Ulloa did more in that match than I've seen in his previous seasons with Valour.

Sanchez looks very composed in MF for a youngster. 

I thought Cela's positioning was a bit all over the place in the first half, but he and Campbell settled things down in the 2nd. 

Baquero hasn't been great this year, but I thought he was quite good this afternoon.

He only played a handful of minutes, but Ponce showed more running in a few moments of pressuring CBs than I'd seen from him before. 

Niyongabire has to play on the right. He also needs to make decisions faster, but playing on the left did not do him any favours. 

Great save from Yesli. His distribution was iffy, but so was Carducci's, so I'll put that down to the wind.


Now Phil: no practices this week. Just let the team get healthy.

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1 minute ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

Now that you don't have the Jets you can all focus on throwing the Valour players under the bus, league leaders.

Hey, I have no complaints about the Valour players in the league this year, even if they fully embarrassed themselves with their clown-car performance against Rovers. 

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2 hours ago, Big_M said:

oh boy...looks like cavalry put six foreigners in the starting line then pulled alarcon for aird right before kickoff to respect the rule...how are such mistakes still made at this level and after 4-5 years experience??


I was wondering about that whenni saw the starting lineup. Even so three of Cavalrys starters count as domestic, but represent other countries. That is getting close to MLS level lack of domestics.

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Spruce Meadows still needs the pitch to come in but played well enough over most of it.  Goal crease at both ends a bit rough but that'll sort itself out in a few weeks, I am sure.

Good weather for an afternoons football and the Cavalry supports came out in numbers.  Not bad at all, eh?

Not the result Cavalry was looking for but I thought the match could have gone either way so...a surprising draw for a Valour side in tatters, good for them, and must be feeling like squandered points for a Cavalry side that's been slow out of the gate this 2023.

Observations, Valour centric of course.  In no particular order of importance. 

Yesli does not want the ball to his feet.  If anyone on that team hasn't figured that out yet trust Uncle Cheeta on this.  So stop it.

Williams and Novak have come into some criticisms this season but I think they're both going to be key players for this team.  Hasn't been perfect but to my eye they're looking like two additions which will improve the team this season.  Got a bit of love for Campbell to.  Just saying.

Speaking of Campbell, his booking was pretty funny. 

Guieterrez's dead ball delivers have too often been arse.

That's enough before re-watching.  Still top of the league!  



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