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  1. First year was 5 for 7 (One Soccer on Valour and Edmonton, VW on Pacific and HFX plus Macron, Tim Hortons and WestJet). This year we are realistically 6 for 8 as Swoop and WestJet are the same company. Looks better though!
  2. Valour avoided ridiculous collars - that’s a win.
  3. So far it looks like he brings an ability to lose the ball and hope desperately that Ohin somehow gets him the ball through a minimum of 2 defenders.
  4. Jean Baptiste alone would have made our defence so much better last year. It’s really nice not to have to worry every time the ball is in our half. Actually Jean Baptiste playing alone might have done the same.
  5. I love those Valour jerseys and will probably join the Collective to get one and to get my ugly mug up at IGF. I really think the boring font and city names on York’s make it awful but I’m not from York so who cares?
  6. My son plays soccer and they’ve had a couple players come out to practices pretty regularly. Got an update saying they wouldn’t be attending as they are entering quarantine as they’re starting up soon. Maybe this time it’s actually happening?
  7. So do we have any idea yet what the league/Valour are doing with season ticket holders? I kept my payments going but it really sounds like we won’t be seeing any games live this year!
  8. I'd retain Bustos, LBG, Carreiro, Musse, Attardo, Petrasso, Galan and probably Ohin. Not sure about a bunch of others. Pena looked okay in limited minutes. I'd jettison Thomas, Murrell, Mitter and Le Bourhis and just re-build the defense from scratch.
  9. So now that the season is officially over, when can we start discussing who should be back next year? Also do we have any idea who is signed beyond this season?
  10. Valour should really try scoring a goal today. Haven’t watched an away game in a while - I forgot how awful the camera angle is in Victoria. That said it would be interesting watching a game in a stadium that isn’t 90% empty.
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