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  1. Really disappointed at losing Bustos and Petrasso. My son is 9 and really started getting into it once he decided that Petrasso was his favourite player. Hard to keep people invested if they don't know any of the players. That said, with our results last year I'm not sure I really want to see many back anyways. Is there a list of who we have currently signed? I swear there was an article on the CPL website that said it'd be updated, but I cannot find it right now. On that subject, it's really a bad look that the current roster on the Valour website isn't updated at all.
  2. I'd retain Bustos, LBG, Carreiro, Musse, Attardo, Petrasso, Galan and probably Ohin. Not sure about a bunch of others. Pena looked okay in limited minutes. I'd jettison Thomas, Murrell, Mitter and Le Bourhis and just re-build the defense from scratch.
  3. So now that the season is officially over, when can we start discussing who should be back next year? Also do we have any idea who is signed beyond this season?
  4. Valour should really try scoring a goal today. Haven’t watched an away game in a while - I forgot how awful the camera angle is in Victoria. That said it would be interesting watching a game in a stadium that isn’t 90% empty.
  5. My son accidentally called them the Winnipeg Petrassos. He’s not entirely wrong.
  6. Team gave away 2500 tickets in response to having to move the match due to the NFL preseason game.
  7. Anyone happen to know when kits will finally be available? When I picked up my tickets they didn't know. Would suck to have a packed house with 0 kits.
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