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  1. Absolute garbage call to give Ottawa a pk to take the lead. Ridiculous.
  2. Turns out Jonovision, myself, and our respective children were the problem all these years.
  3. Oh I agree and I readily acknowledge that there wasn’t much they could do but then… don’t put out you’ll have an update in 40 minutes. Crowd seemed well over 4000 based on how full rows 11+ were.
  4. I went with my 7 year old who already has to stay up a couple times this week for playing. Might have stayed if they had stuck to the “update in 40 minutes” but after an hour I gave up and left. I imagine a lot of people did similar. Not a Valour logo to be seen in the stadium this year if anyone was wondering if WFC cares this year.
  5. The same person who said on social media that they’d give us an update 20 minutes ago.
  6. Looking at the radar they should probably just call it soon. Would suck because this is a great crowd but it’s just getting started.
  7. Some fresh lightning over the stadium and my son’s getting pumped to stay up past his bed time.
  8. Ohin not even on the bench today. Probably not a good sign
  9. I mean I’m a Canucks fan. Last 10 years taught me well how to have fun when losing. And yeah it’s a cup game but a 7 goal loss after losing to the Rovers last year doesn’t exactly fill me with hope. Driving out to the University sucks as is, why would I want to keep doing it for this?
  10. I get that Valour are a bit of a lost cause but no way Dos Santos should survive this. Absolutely embarrassing. I regret renewing my Valour tickets.
  11. I turned off the Canadian Championship game at 2-0 and am going to forever pretend it ended there. Too bad - having an mls team come to town could be fun one day. Edit: I posted this when it was 4-0. My goodness.
  12. Valour going to score a couple own goals in hopes of it negating their game one goal so we can finally reach the coveted 0.0 goals per game.
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