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Match Thread: September 18, 2022 - Valour v Atletico Ottawa

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A must-win for Valour. Not mathematically, but realistically. I'm expecting a big crowd today. Valour may have gone on a good run of home success in August, but all of those matches in close succession in summer did not do them any favours when it  comes to selling tickets.

Big questions for today: Is Mekideche fit and ready to go? AJB simply didn't have it last weekend. And can any of the would-be strikers provide any real threat? None looked up to the task vs Halifax.

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Been missing Akio's break through play ever since he left.  Forbes shows some of it but not sure he'll really get a chance to knit into the side enough this late into the season. 

AJB struggling with his timing & fitness, to my eye anyway.

Odds on Valour today.  Going to be a tough one but they're rested so why not?   A solid win would make up some for earlier this morning. 

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43 minutes ago, Wippersuna said:

Filled up a lot now - looks to be the biggest crowd I’ve seen in quite some time unless I’m wrong. 

Not only a big crowd but a loud crowd. I’d have to figure at least 4500 here. Just need to score a goal so it’ll blow up. 

It really did fill up last minute.

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