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  1. I can't remember who the opponent was, but the game was on a lousy field in the Caribbean, and some woman was making cat-yowling sounds through most of the match. Good times!
  2. The article seems to say that they tested positive upon arriving at the bubble. I didn't get the impression that they caught the virus while in the bubble. The bubble itself might be working well, but getting there healthy seems to be a big problem.
  3. The Player's Own Voice podcast (Anastasia Bucsis and the CBC) has interviewed a lot of athletes, including five women who played on the CWNT. Stephanie Labbe, Diana Matheson (twice!), Desiree Scott, Christine Sinclair, and last but not least, Carmelina Moscato all participated in some interesting interviews. Carmelina's was especially interesting because a lot of it was devoted to her current position as commissioner at League1 Ontario. She talks about what the current problems are for young women looking to make a career of soccer, and what a roadmap for improving that might look like. It sounds like there are no quick fixes, but it's good to hear from someone who has given it a lot of thought and is tasked with getting the ball rolling. You can find the interviews at: cbc-podcast-site
  4. When global warming burns up the planet and Baffin Island has the best pitches in the world.
  5. When he first came on, there seemed to be a real competition during practice for playing time in matches. It gave the benchers hope and kept the starters on their toes. The players used to say good things about the fairness of the system. That seems to have gone away over time. Was it just Vanney who did away with it, or did the whole team lose interest? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. I had a strange feeling of deja vu about this, and sure enough, they announced the same thing on April 30 of this year. Why announce it again? Did it take two months for the league to approve the contract?
  7. I listened to the podcast, and it sounded to me like they literally meant "bears". That is, it's hard to run a league where you have bears rampaging on the pitches and in the stands. I think it was a silly joke about our frontier way of life in Canada. England has no large predators left in it, so I think there is some grudging admiration of countries where such "dangers" still exist. I laughed at the joke, so I was fine with it.
  8. Colombia hosted one of the women's U-xx tournaments a number of years ago (I can't remember which), and it looked like they did a good job of it. I vaguely recall that it was viewed as a test for eligibility for hosting the main tournament. So, I don't think you can count out Colombia as a likely selection. From a selfish standpoint, I wouldn't mind the tournament being held in a Western Hemisphere time zone. Edit: Ooops! It was Costa Rica, not Colombia, that hosted the U17 tournament in 2014. Nevermind then. 😳
  9. I agree with most of what you say, but on the other hand, Sinclair herself had a lot less in the way of development and opportunity than today's players. If you could do it back then, you can do it today. Of course it's really tough, but you would think that more of those hundreds of thousands (okay, not millions) would rise to the challenge. We need more players like Kadeisha Buchanan, with her steely determination to succeed. Because God knows the economic, climatic and geographic challenges of running a top-level league in Canada are not going to be solved anytime soon. By the way, it's good to see you back here.
  10. As long as she has the fire in her belly, and there is no other player that improves the team more than she does, then she should stay. We've seen the team play without her, and it's not very inspiring. I wouldn't mind seeing her pushed off the team by superior players, but the latter haven't shown up yet. I don't blame her for still playing, I don't blame the coaches for playing her, I blame the millions of soccer playing women in this country who can't find what it takes to beat out a 37 year old player.
  11. The whole point of the show is that they are "idiots talking about stuff they aren't experts on". They even did a segment once where they tried to read xrays to diagnose injuries. The show is meant for entertainment, not news, so getting it wrong from time to time is part of the fun. Regular joes can listen in and feel part of the conversation rather than just being talked at.
  12. There's way more to coaching the national squad than pep talks and selecting tactics during a game. There's so much administrative work between the games. Hiring, firing, budgets, scouting,... You need to work your way up into such a position.
  13. TFC, Impact, NE Revs and DC United all in the same group. Every game is going to be a nail biter.
  14. I think the players still need to self-quarantine for two weeks when they travel there from out-of-state. If they can't train during that time, they'll need some time to train after that. That's probably what the one month buffer is for.
  15. Delgado re-signs with TFC. I'm happy with that. I know there are times when he does something bad that stands out, but I think he is so good at stopping the other teams' attacks that he is a big part of why TFC wins, even if he only scores once in a blue moon.
  16. She's good enough for the NC Courage, who are among the best women's soccer teams in the world. Is Herdman clouding their thoughts, too?
  17. Wow! Zerboni is dropped from the list and traded to Sky Blue. I guess it's old news, but I hadn't heard of it.
  18. Woohoo! I bought a year's subscription with OneSoccer to watch the WCOQ, so the more new stuff to watch the rest of the year, the better.
  19. Oh my gawd. We win on the strength of one goal that was a sitter and almost missed. That was a barely deserved win.
  20. I actually got to watch about 25 minutes on OneSoccer before it conked out on me. Hopefully they'll have the full game up on replay later. Time to watch the Leafs.
  21. It wasn't just her. The Mexican players were beating every Canadian player to the ball for most of the game. It looked like our players weren't that interested in giving 100% on each play. That doesn't sound good, but it paid off towards the end of the match, where we dominated possession because the Mexicans were too pooped out to compete anymore. It will be interesting to see how much the Mexicans have left in the tank for their final game against the Americans. I got the impression that the Mexican plan was to go full throttle at the beginning to get an early goal, and maybe batten down the hatches after that. Our defensive play was good enough to stymie that plan, and with our early goals, we were able to coast towards victory.
  22. For some reason, Jamaica sat back and didn't really press the Canadian players during the game. That is always going to make our players look good, because they have plenty of time to make their plays. So, I don't think you should rank Canadian players based on how good some of them looked in that game. It wasn't a good test.
  23. I think you're not appreciating the technical skill of the Americans' top team. Just because they are more athletic doesn't mean they aren't as skilled. That's what's keeping them on top of the world. It's true that the levels below them (including NWSL) lean towards athleticism over skill, but the cream of the crop has both.
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