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  1. Sinclair looked awesome in that game. She's not fast anymore, but her touch, vision and thinking speed are better than ever. I'm so impressed with how she continues to stay at the top.
  2. The game summary is showing me that Fleming never saw the field, which is what I would expect.
  3. The new covid variants are more transmissible than the first one. All it took was one Canuck player to infect the whole team, even when the old protocols were in place. I think new protocols are going to be have to be figured out as we gain experience with the new variants. It could very well be that what used to be considered safe is no longer so, including sparse crowds outdoors. The main point of the lockdowns is to keep the healthcare system from collapsing under the influx of covid patients. Sure, most people may not be too badly affected by the virus, but even a small minority o
  4. She's not getting much playing time with Chelsea, so maybe that's impacting her reaction time. I'm hoping that she is getting proper coaching there to make up for it, maybe improving her two-footed skills. I watched her play for half an hour recently in the WSL, and she looked alright. Not bossing, but holding up her end of things in the midfield. Perhaps she'll get back her mojo in the concentration of games at the Olympics. It would be nice if you (@dalglish07) could get her on the soccer snobs podcast. It would be interesting to hear her experiences at star-studded Chelsea.
  5. As I said earlier, I'm not so convinced about our attacking ability. We are overly deliberate in most attacks, while not having the ability to break down the structured defense that has time to organize itself. Against a poorer defense in Wales, nice through-balls behind the back line were misplayed time and again by our attackers, usually not even resulting in a shot on goal. All this was also apparent at the She Believes Cup. We are going to have a hard time scoring against good teams if things stay as they are. We need to figure out how to be more effective on attack, or we'll have to
  6. I agree with the comments given. It was nice that we scored those goals, and I would have been ecstatic about them in serious competition, but they were mostly down to luck. I would have been happier if they came at the end of some sustained and menacing attacking. I was more pleased with our play at the other end of the pitch. That's what you want to see with the Olympics coming up.
  7. We squandered a lot of excellent goal scoring chances in the last quarter of the game. Great through balls setting up the goal opportunities, followed by abysmal execution by our attackers resulting in no shot on net. That's really the only thing that bothered me in the match.
  8. I just got fed up with the posts over the last few years arguing that TFC should be a training team for Canadian players, regardless of whether they made the team better or not. I love the TFC wins, so was getting irritated at those who don't care if TFC loses as long as Canadians play. As I mentioned above, I'm all for giving the youngsters a chance to play and grow, but I'm against playing them just because they are Canadian. As for playing Mullins, Endoh,... that was down to Vanney. Towards the end, he only wanted to play those who rarely gave away the ball in dangerous situations.
  9. As a TFC fan, for me nothing beats the fun of winning. I'm not willing to watch the team perpetually lose while it trains young Canadians. I get the feeling that lots of people here don't actually care if the team wins, so long as the Canadian rookies get their experience. Well, that's not me. When Leiweke took over, he changed management to make winning a priority, and TFC quickly became a winning team after that. I loved that change, and I'd hate to see us go away from that. So, go ahead and give the kids their chance, but if the team and results look as hopeless as they did in the ear
  10. So true! As far as I can see, there are no FIFA laws against pouring molten silver into eye sockets. It would be a rough go.
  11. To me, taking on Mexico rather than the USA in the semis is not a disaster, it's just a slightly higher mountain to climb. The only real disaster would be to lose to Honduras by four goals and not even make the semis. It looked to me like the coaches had that in mind, as well.
  12. Lille don't give up many good chances against them, and when they do, their goalkeeper is pretty good at making the save. They are tied with PSG for the fewest Goals Against in the league. Sure, they waste a lot of time with the ball and squander a lot on attack, but they only have to pot a small fraction of those to win the game. It's frustrating that they don't score more, but I don't think it's so mysterious why they are top of the table.
  13. I'm sorry to see that TFC didn't resign Piatti. He made them much more dangerous on offense. I think I'll be scowling a lot this season watching whoever it is they replace him with.
  14. Not a good first half for the team. They just aren't executing well; poor passes, out of sync, taking too long on the ball,... I hope they can regroup during the intermission and come out playing better.
  15. I have seen Beckie put away many goals playing for Man City. She definitely has talent and isn't as hopeless as she appeared in those chances. I doubt that Priestman is going to write her off based on this one game. Same as Andonovski isn't going to write off all those American forwards that flubbed their excellent chances.
  16. Huh! I have a lot of respect for Andonovski, and he knows at least 10x more about soccer than I do, so I'll watch the game again on CBC on Saturday and try to see what he saw. I remember a lot of times where our midfield players would pause about half a second to assess the situation and lose the ball to an American sweeping in from behind. The Americans were on their toes and swarming whichever of our midfielders had the ball; they just seemed to react faster to the situation. We also had no answer to their taller midfielders heading every ball that was launched in there (Horan was especi
  17. I think Schmidt is just rusty. She has been great for the Dash since she went there, and played a big part in their success. It's too soon to write her off. Our whole midfield got owned by the Americans in this game. I have to agree with the previous comments praising Gilles. I groaned a bit a the start of the game thinking "Just what we need, a total noob on the back line against the US forwards". Boy, was I wrong.
  18. I guess it's not just the players who are a bit rusty. Anyway, losing 1-0 favours us in that game. I'm not going to get worked up over the missed handball calls.
  19. I had a year's subscription that I got January 30, 2020. Last Sunday (Jan 31, 2021), I had to resubscribe to watch Lille play. I was able to watch stuff the day before. So, the system was working properly for me.
  20. I didn't have this "problem". I lost access the next day after my subscription expired at the end of January. It even took me right to the subscription screen when I logged in and tried to watch something. It's weird that it's different for some.
  21. I think I resubscribed about 5 minutes before you did. I don't remember seeing that it was for 12 months rather than until the year end, but I admit I was in a hurry to get to the game before it started. Where did you see that detail? Also, someone above mentioned that there was a big price hike for the subscription this year, but I think I may have paid more last year (it was $85 with tax this year). Hmm, I'll have to check whether I'm subscribed for less stuff now. Edit: I should have looked at my subscription details before posting the above. My account says that it expires o
  22. I think the call was so close that the VAR couldn't definitely prove that the linesman was wrong. If so, the call on the pitch would stand. Edit: Ooops! I didn't notice that Obinna said essentially the same thing already.
  23. It took me a while to get to this, but I'm glad I did. This was a fun interview; I think it was a good idea getting the pair of them on together. It was interesting to hear Janine's thoughts on moving from the NWSL to the WSL in England.
  24. Mine runs out at the end of January, and I'll renew it then. I know there are lots of little things to complain about, but it's actually not much money for a year's subscription, so I can't be too hardheaded about it. I'm not all that confident that a better replacement will appear if OneSoccer folds, so I feel like I need to chip in just to help keep it going. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed at the number of people here who refuse to pay the yearly subscription. If die-hard Canadian fans won't pay to keep our only streaming site afloat, then there isn't much hope for expanding to
  25. It's hard to say what "top" athlete actually means. Top of their field, top in performance, top physical specimen, top of the news,... There's some sense to journalists basing their votes on the latter.
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