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Canadians abroad: October 23-29, 2015


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Malaysia - Cup

Johor DT II 1 - 2 Terengganu 

Issey SCORED the opening goal.



Young Lions 1 - 1 Harimau Muda B

Webb and El-Masri played 90 minutes.


Greece - Cup

Kallithea (Stamopoulos) 2 - 1 Lamia


Scotland - League Cup

Inverness 1 - 2 Ross County

Ferguson not in the squad

Morton 1 - 3 St. Johnstone

Gasparotto went 90 at the back in a losing cause.





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This is how the other team, Barco, reported the Fisk match with Deportivo B on Twitter:

On their Latin account. Thought this was hilarious and now have found out both RM and Barcelona have Latin Twitter accounts, here's how the Madriders mock errors in Latin on the Barça account: 


As for Fisk, just found out through his Insta account that a Spaniard, Xavi Pérez, former York Region Shooter was an assistant for the Canadian team at the Pan Am Games, now playing in 5th tier in Barcelona. Was that Carbajal picking him up to help the Spanish crew at the CSA?

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In the Bulgarian Cup, Ludogorets lost to a 10 man second division club 1-0. It doesn't appear that Borjan was the keeper.


In India, Hume played another 90 minutes as Kolkata was downed 0-1 by Delhi.

Yeah, in a way it's a good thing that #21 keeper conceded the goal and not Borjan.

Not going so well for Hume so far in India. The other team had a man down and yet won it in the last minute of the game. No goals yet for the Canadian either.

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Scotland - League Cup

Hearts 1 - 2 Celtic

Zanatta made the bench but was unused.



Costa Rica

Herediano 0 - 2 U.C.R.

Keven Aleman came off the bench in the 64th minute.


He is really piling up the minutes now. Must be approach 500 minutes. Haven't been keeping count but I imagine he is also closing in on double digit league appearances on the season.

With Herediano - one of the best clubs in Costa Rica and Central America...

Please get this man involved with the team at the next friendly camp. 


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WJ I understand. Coming back from injury, has gained full match fitness.

But is DJ injured...whats the story here?

De Jong is not rated by the coach. They don't trust him defensively. He needs to get the hell out of there and find playing time.

Johnson had complications with his surgically repaired leg. Had to have a second surgery about a month ago. So no surprise hes on the bench and not starting.

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TFC could use a versatile wide player... seriously I think he would be a great left mid for most MLS teams if given a proper chance.  I don't think Vermes or the SKC fans were fair to De Jong in his time and it was pretty clear that they had their hometown favourite in Sinovic.  

Does anyone really think that if De Jong was an American (or better yet, if he had a Dutch flag next to his name) coming from the Bundesliga he would be given just 13 matches and dropped entirely from the squad?  Bullshit, look at Michael Parkhurst.. who couldn't even get a game at Augsburg by the way.  He would have a near DP contract and be given every chance to succeed, hopefully one of the Canadian teams makes that happen because as we saw vs. Ghana the man has some serious weapons.  You don't play at the Bundesliga level by fluke.

The writing is on the wall that De Jong is done in SKC as he wasn't even in Portland... he posted a photo with his kids enjoying fall in Kansas.  This is the type of player that a Canadian team could use and there is no excuse that he doesn't have the quality, look at his age and resumé but I'm sure we'll see him passed over by all 3 and dumped because that's just how we handle things up here.  

Will Johnson is coming off surgery, I'm glad they're not rushing him back and now he has two more matches to get fit before WCQ.  Good for us.

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SKC are my most hated team, especially the fan base given how they have treated de Jong. The homerism they have is so delusional it is not even comical, it is just revolting. I use to read their board on big soccer from time to time, but I had to stop as their evaluation of players was just so unreasonably innacurate. Besler is a God. Sinovic can do no wrong, Zusi is rarely criticized, and when he does underpreform  (as he has all year), excuses come out of the woodwork. When de Jong underpreform's he is a waste of salary cap space.

A move to the Eredivisie would be great. At the very least a move to another MLS club, but homerism is rife all across MLS. I just want him out of there really

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