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Who is your Starting 11? (Part 1)


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That's a pretty young, but talented midfield.

I'd like to see Nsaliwa at right back with Stalteri moving to the midfield instead of Hume (whom we need to keep for the last 30, taking off Radz, IMO; he'll run the tired defenders ragged). And Gervais or Pizzolito instead of Reda (of course that might be because I'm an Impact fan).

I'm not sold on Lars, who hasn't played much in recent times. Once the summer comes around, I'd like to see Sutton called up if he's playing as well as in 2003. Of course, Yallop will probably stick to Onstad.


Nsaliwa deVos Gervais Brennan


-----Stalteri Hutchinson DeGuzman

---------Dero Radz

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I would pick Onstad initially because he seemed to improve his play under Yallop in MLS and I would like to see how he performed for the MNT under him. However, Onstad has only been competent as NT goalie in the past and has failed to make the big save so unless this improves in the 1st few games I would switch to Lars or Sutton. I would consider switching the positions of Stalteri and Nsaliwa and of Brennan and Jazic depending on which one of each pair shows the most offensive flair and if the other can be placed in the back without weakening it.


Stalteri DeVos Reda Jazic


Nsaliwa DeGuzman Brennan

-------DeRo Radz

3 Subs: Pesch (striker or offensive mid) Hume (striker or offensive mid)

Hutchinson (back or defensive mid)

Bench: Hirschfeld, Menezes, McKenna, Pozniak, Kappos (assuming he is as good as his reputation), Imhof, one of Bent, Bircham or Simpson

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That's really tough to answer since in a couple of spots, the guys I'd like to see, haven't played for us in a while/ever. I'll post a hypothetical with the caveat that I have no real idea at rightback or centre back.







Imhof, Bent or Bircham could be the answer at right back, so could Stalteri or a few others really. I don't know if Reda is up for it, but I think he deserves a chance. If not, I expect McKenna will be there, though I'd like to see Gervais as well.



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Present Outlook For June:

Goal: Onstad (What have you done for us lately Lars, although it would just take one very good friendly, March 31?, for me, and I think Yallop, to switch)


Defense: Nsaliwa- De Vos - Reda - Brennan


Midfield: Hume - Staltieri - De Guzman

Strikers De Rosario - Radzinski

"Planned" Subs: Pesch, McKenna, Bent

Other Bench: Lars, Imhof, Pozniak, Hutchison, Nash,

Kapos or Simpson

(max. 20 for WCQ's, I think)

BUT, For Expected March 31 "Euro-camp" Friendly

Goal: Lars


Defense: Nsaliwa De Vos Reda Brennan


Midfield: Hume - Staltieri - De Guzman

Strikers Pesch - Radzinski

"Planned" 5 (if Law then) Subs: Hutchison,McKenna, Bircham, Bent, Kappos (try?) or Imhof

Kenny S. on bench/camp, along with Jazic, Klukowski, Friend, Bernier


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I'd love to see this one as an experiment pre qualifying: The only real flyer would be Klukowski IMO.


Nsaliwa DeVos Klukowski Stalteri

Hume DeGuzman Aguiar Brennan

Radzinski DeRosario

You could possibly replace Aguiar with Hutchinson if you wanted more speed and less grit in the midfield.

As I said, just an experiment, but...everyone but Nsaliwa and Klukowski are where they play at least some of the time for their club side. An experiment, but lots of speed and skill out there.

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Nsaliwa deVos Stalteri Jazic


Hume DeGuzman Brennan

____Radzinski Pesch

Yeah, that's right, Stalteri playing sweeper, you read it here first. He's got the speed, and talent, and he's played so many positions by now that w.t.f., he'll play this one too. I'm serious about this.

Other choices:

Onstad vs Hirschfeld - Onstad is reigning MLS keeper of the year, Hirsch is a back-up. Onstad is in until Hirsch gets more regular game experience.

Hume - Our strikers need quality service, Hume creates space when he runs at players and can cut in and score from outside the box.

Pesch - just because he's hot right now. By June it could be DeRo, and in any game we're dominating the wings I wouldn't hesitate to put McKenna in here.

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quote:Originally posted by jonovision

Is there a reason that nobody has chosen McKenna as one of their starting centre backs? He has been playing fairly regularly for a team which plays at a decent level.

deVos will always get the nod over McKenna in my book, and I don't want both of them out there because we'd be too slow in the back against those quick Central American strikers.

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I like an offensive line-up, as we should make up for our not-so-great defense.

<right - - - - left>


Brennan - McKenna - DeVos - Stalteri

De Guzman -- Aguiar ----- Bent

--------------- Hume

----- De Rosario

------------------- Radzinski

It's basically a modified 4-3-1-2. I think a lot of people will disagree with my decision of Jason Bent but I am very high on the guy. I think you could also switch Stalteri and Bent if we need some firepower late in the game. It's hard though, to leave out Peschesolido who would switch for DeRo, Hume or Radz. I know there are some people here that dislike Imhof here too, but I would put him as the number one midfield sub, and Nsaliwa as the number one defensive sub.

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De Vos




De Guzman






De Rosario










I like a three pronged attack or a withdrawn striker

Dero on the bench right now because he is out of season but other wise is a likely starter.

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Its pretty amazing in my opinion how we are all starting on this Board to pick the same side more or less.

Here is my side at the current moment:


Stalteri DeVos McKenna Jazic

Nsaliwa Aguiar DeGuzman Brennan

DeRossario Radzinski

However, I would say that in the friendlies before the Belize match some regard should be given to having Onstad and Hirschfeld splitting time. Nsaliwa and Stalteri swapping positions and/or Kappos getting some time here. Menezes and Reda getting a chance. Kluklowski also at left back or midfield (and possibly Canizales). And Hutchinson, Bent and Bircham in the middle. Finally, Pesch and/or Hume off the bench up front (or in Hume's case on the right wing). I think in order to do that we need 3 or 4 friendlies before Belize so that Yallop gets a better sense of who works together.

I would also consider Stalteri in the back with DeVos (or possibly even Nsaliwa) if one of McKenna, Reda, Menezes or Gervais cannot step up in the first 3 or 4 friendlies.

The best thing is note no Fenwick, Fletcher, Hastings, Corrazin, etc.

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Goal: Hirschfeld

Four Back: Stalteri Klukowski DeVos Jazic

Four Mid: Nsaliwa Aguiar De Guzman Brennan

Two Strikers: Radzinski De Rosario

Subs: Onstadt, McKenna, Hutchinson, Peschisolido, Pozniak, Bent, Bircham, Hume

I like the wings because fullbacks can interchange with the outside midfielders. I put Stalteri at the back only because he plays there with his club and Nsaliwa plays midfield with his club..

On the left side, I am not entirely sold on Jazic. I would be tempted to move Brennan back and DeGuzman in front of him if we went with three in the midfield.. and brought on Hume or Peschisolido..

I would like to try Klukowski or Hutchinson as a Central Defender paired with DeVos. I chose DeVos over McKenna because he is playing regularly at a higher level than McKenna. Like others, the combination of Mckenna and DeVos together is too slow. Watching a game even at club level in the Netherlands or Brazil tells you very quickly about the importance of ball skill at the back. I think we can get by with one player like DeVos but the rest need to be able to quarterback the attack from back there.

As for Forwards, Radzinski is the only automatic. ReRosario, Hume, and Peschisolido would be chosen depending on the opposition.

Those chosen as subs give a great amount of flexibility. McKenna can be brought on as a forward or as a central defender. Bent can cover both at right back and right mid. Hume and Pesch provide energy for later in the game.

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Results So Far (after 12 submittals)


Lars (7)

Backup: Onstad (4)


DeVos (12)

Stalteri (7)

Nsaliwa (6)

Jazic (6)

Sub(s):Brennan (5)


Aguiar (12)

De Guzman (12)

Brennan (7)

Hume (6)

Sub(s):Stalteri (5)


Radzinski (12)

De Rosario (10)

Sub(s):Peschisolido (2)

Notes: Looks as though if Stalteri starts on Defence and Brennan gets the nod at Midfield then another sub in can move those two around. Nsaliwa got 3 votes in the midfield too. Reda & McKenna each got 3 on defence so there are possibilities there. Am I right in being concerned about looking for another striker?

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Pretty much the same, (with subs):

Goal: Onstad (Hirschfeld)

Four Back: Stalteri(Hutchinson) Menezes(McKenna)

DeVos Klukowski(Jazic)

Four Mid: Nsaliwa Aguiar De Guzman Brennan

Two Strikers: Radzinski(Hume, Peschisolido) De Rosario

I also like Stalteri at midfield, if Jazic is on and on the same side.

De Guzman at midfield is pretty much set. Other subs: Kappos,

Stamatopoulos, Nash, Canizales and Pozniak.

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Starting line-up:


Stalteri Hutchinson De Vos Jazic

Nsaliwa Aguiar/Imhof De Guzman Brennan

De Rosario Radzinski



Kappos Reda Klukowski Pozniak

Bent, Aguiar/Imhof, Bircham, Hume

Pesch, McKenna

My biggest fear with Frank Yallop is that he will go with Onstad over Hirsfeld, despite Pat not really having proven himself as our best option at the international level, and we end up giving up more goals as a result. He wasn't great in qualifying four years ago, while Lars has out-performed him with Canada thus far.

I've never seen Kappos play and am simply going by where he plays his club football - but I do not think he will surpass Stalteri there. With the form of Menezes somewhat in doubt nowadays, and Arango not quite yet ready, we don't have a natural sweeper that can take hold of the ball in the centre of defense and distribute it the way Menezes was able to in the past. Thus I do believe that having Stalteri on the right flank will be very useful as a means of getting the ball out of our own end (where he can either distribute it well or run with it up the right side of the field, which is is more than used to doing with his club). Its a similar situation on the left with Jazic (we didn't see him get as far forward against Ireland as Stalteri did, though I suspect that was in part due to the fact that Stalteri got to work with Bent on the right while Jazic was stuck with Hastings, whom all of the Canadian team in the Ireland match seemed very reluctant to pass to, I suspect due to fears that he wouldn't be able to control it properly.) I have put Atiba in the back line because he was excellent there in the U20 World Cup, named to the starting back four of the All-star team, and he has the speed that should complement De Vos (who is not that quick well). Other options at central defense (since Menezes involvement is a question mark at best) tend to be in the De Vos mold - Reda & McKenna, who are tall, good in the air but not overly quick (though Reda does read the game very well) - they should be the first-choice replacements for De Vos (rather than the two we have used,Fenwick or Rogers, not playing or playing in the English Conference league respectively). Klukowski could be paired with De Vos is central defense, though to me he could be a better option at left back - I'd like to see him play there to see if he should start ahead of Jazic there. Pozniak could also act as cover.

As for midfield, I haven't seen Aguiar play since 1997 so I am leaving open the question of whether he is (as everyone is assuming) better as the d-mid role than the current incumbent Imhof. Of course, we could actually play De Guzman in that role, but somebody has to help lead the offense. Still, Julian teamed up with either would make a good combo. Nsaliwa & Stalteri could switch positions in my line-up. If Hume can shoot with his left he becomes another option on the left side, especially if he cuts into the middle & unleashes those 25 yard strikes.

The strikers chosen don't really need to much comment. Would like to see what Dodds can do as extra cover, but the top four (or 5 if you count McKenna as one) I think are pretty well set.

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My Choice



---Stalteri-----------Augiar---------------Hutchinson-----------De Guzman

----------------------De Rosario-----------Radzinski








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I think we can profit with a diamond formation. Hume has options to drive the ball or pass to the Radz or De Rosario. The defence will have headaches trying to decide whether or not to mark Hume or Radz. So many offensive options.




De Guzman--------------------------------------------Brennan

-------------------- Hume-------------------------------

-----------------Radzinski------------De Rosario----------------









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I really need to ask a great deal of you this question...

WHY, oh why, do we think Lars is the man? He's barely played for Spurs, first team or Reserves.

Onstad, on the other hand, is coming off a championship and MVP season with San Jose and played almost every game for them. Sure, there's a difference in the Prem and MLS, but that's not applicable here, since Lars hasn't been playing.

I remain utterly confused about what Lars has done that justifies him being picked ahead of Onstad.

Hell, Sutton has played more than Lars in the A-League! Kenny played more in Sweden!

You can't convince me that Lars deserves it. Yes, he is good, but does his lack of play compared to regular starts for all the other keepers mentioned above give him some Canadian-only right to No 1?

Sadly, no.

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