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  1. First a point on expectations management, Jackson only played one game at the Serie A level (at 19) and one at the Serie B level in Brazil. The rest of his experience in Brazil was at lower levels loaned out to smaller clubs. The Cruzeiro loan seems conveniently to coincide with the Minas Gerais state competition. For TFC, Jackson seems to offer flexibility in that he can play at a number of positions. What's also interesting about this acquisition, it makes me wonder if this might signal that the Gilberto deal is as good as done.
  2. Would be a smart signing. Still young. Has experience and should still be on the rise. In this case, you are not paying for history. Probably a target for mid-tier European clubs rather than biggest European clubs. Or Big Brazilian clubs.
  3. The political mood is already moderating. My wife, a Brazilian, is currently in Sao Paulo and has been on the street last week. Yes, there have been confrontations outside of stadiums but the violent component is a small minority. What the press doesn't show is how the vast majority of protesters are are counselling non-violence. Concessions have been made by the government, Congress as much as the President (it's amazing how some direct political action focuses the mind). My guess is that the Brazilian government as well as opposition parties will try to hold the attention of the public
  4. My two cents on the hiring of Marc Dos Santos. As a follower of both Canadian and Brazilian soccer, I was a little disappointed at first that he had decided to leave Desportivo Brasil to return to Canada. But then, I suspect that he will remain in the loop in Brazil. For the Ottawa Fury and soccer in Ottawa generally, this is an excellent hire. Keep in mind that his role in Brazil was at the youth and Junior level with Primeira Camisa, Palmeiras, and Desportivo Brasil. He took both Primeira Camisa and Desportivo Brasil deep into the U-19 Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior tournamen
  5. On the Sao Paulo Second Division (Segunda) where the senior Desportivo Brasil team plays, it needs to emphasized that this is more of a strengthened U-23 league than anything because some big clubs use it as a development league (but usually not under their club name). It might also be more difficult than some leagues ranked above it because it is often the case that once a team promtes from the Segunda, it promotes the next year from A3 to A2. It should be noted that Portuguesa (Serie A team in the Brasileirao) will play A2 this year while teams not even playing at the national level play i
  6. First off, this is now academic. Desportivo Brasil killed the partnership. http://www.tribunademinas.com.br/esporte/traffic-recua-e-tupi-vai-atras-de-novos-patrocinadores-1.1196861 But in answer to the "teeny minnows" comment, those teeny minnows have teeth for the State tournaments. Especially, in Minas, Sao Paulo and Rio. Just an example, Alex Cazumba who play with Los Angeles Galaxy in 2010 and in 2011. Cazumba was to play with XV de Piracicaba for the Sao Paulo state league in early 2012 and didn't last two months. He has since moved on to play in the Greek super league.
  7. It is true that Serie D is regionalized but only in the first phase. After that, it is a two-leg knock out tournament with the semi-finalists promoting to Series C. It also needs to be understood that in Brazil, clubs reformulate for each competition. In other words, the Tupi team that plays at the State level may look substantially different from the one the plays in Series D. In fact, the Tupi team that plays in the State tournament will likely be substantially different from the one to play at the Serie D level. It will also likely be far better than the Serie D team. My under
  8. Some claim that this is more than a rumour but it can't be confirmed at the moment. Marc dos Santos is expected by some to be named the Coach of Tupi FC as part of a partnership agreement between Traffic Sports (Desportivo Brasil) and Tupi FC. The move is expected to take place after the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior and in time for the opening match of the Minas Gerais state championship. A link below (in Portuguese) speaks to the discussions. http://www.tribunademinas.com.br/esporte/tupi-estuda-nomes-para-compor-conselho-1.1195038/comments-7.2062350 Tupi Foot Ball Club is
  9. Incidentally, it appears Dos Santos has been in Brazil since late 2011. He appears to have coached Primeira Camisa in the January 2012 edition of the Copa Sao Paulo making it to the final 16 losing to the eventual winner, Corinthians. Then took over the U15 side at Palmeiras. He took them to the third phase (third round robin) before leaving for Desportivo Brasil for the current job in September. That, by itself, is worth more than a couple of years of experience already. It also explains how he was able to get the job at Desportivo Brasil.
  10. I differ on one point. It will be more like two or three years and we would have to wonder why the CSA can't find a place for him to coach in Canada if it was longer than that. By being put in charge of the Desportivo Brasil U-20 team, he has already bypassed a large part of the dues-paying process in Brazil. I understand that he just arrived but for him to be put in charge of Desportivo Brasil's Copa Sao Paulo team. Training will have started already started for the Copa Sao Paulo because teams begin to get assembled in September. That is nothing to be sneezed at. There is some
  11. Just read through this thread quickly now but Grizzly's dismissal of Marc Dos Santos might be a little too quick. My feeling is that we need a Head Coach who can work with talented young players for at least a couple of years. Dos Santos may not be ready for the Senior team but somehow I find it odd that we dismiss a Canadian-born Coach that has been given the responsibility of working with young talent identified by Manchester United and Desportivo Brasil. The contacts that Dos Santos will have in Brazil and globally (especially now) would be a huge benefit to youth development in Canada i
  12. Seedorf's married to a Brazilian and has been linked to Botafogo for some time. Rumours out of Brazil are surfacing about Del Piero as well with four teams in the hunt.
  13. First of all, the Canadian team did better than expected so I'm fine with their performance, especially when you realize that it was youth and inexperience that caused them to miss what could have been an even potentially better tournament outcome. Allowing a goal against a much weaker team(Cuba) in the dying minute and allowing Mexico to score immediately after scoring are both examples of the lack of the mental discipline that comes with such a young group of players. As for individual performances, I think any player playing at this level and still under the age of 20 has only upside
  14. I am posting this in the international section because I somehow can't believe this is correct. Nevertheless there are some circumstances that leaves with more questions than answers. Roberto Andrade Silva was a Brazilian national team player at the U20 level. He actually played for Brazil at the U20 World Championship in Canada in 2007 (capped 13 times according to Transfermarkt). Since he has bounced around from club to club in Brazil mostly in reserve sides of Serie A teams. However, from 2010 to 2011, he played for a team that I follow very closely (Gremio Prudente in 2010 & n
  15. First of all, I think many fans underestimate the amount of turnover that takes place at big clubs in Europe. Many big clubs, including Ajax, turnover 40-50% of their first team roster even in good years. Bad years would be higher than that. So why wouldn't you expect TFC to turnover their non-core? Especially, with salary cap considerations. Second, many TFC fans also underestimate the quality of the young Canadians and consequently discount their potential contribution to the MLS team. Evaluating a young player is a moving target. While there are possibilities of a drop back, the
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