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  1. League stability could be one thing. Knowledge of the playing level going in could be another. Better access to MLS scouting (aspiring to jump to that level someday soon) could be another.
  2. Awesome! That guy was one fantastic player. I mean, really fantastic.
  3. We could very well stick to our usual 4-5-1/4-3-3 alignment. I just thought it was worth noting that playing intra-squad games (as The Beaver noted above) might suggest otherwise. I'm not in a position to comment on deJong's suitability to play in a 3-back defense (or Hoilett's ability to cover defensively in his spot either) but do know that James played on the right in a 3-back defense a fair bit last year in Hungary. Cheers!
  4. Looking at the positions on the roster, I wonder if Herdman plans on using a 3-5-2 formation. 1st team: Larin - Cavallini Hoilett - Osorio - Davies Piette - Arfield deJong - Jakovic - James -- Borjan -- 2nd team: Millar - Jo. David Ricketts - Chapman - Akindele Teibert - Wotherspoon Cornelius - D. Henry - Brault -- Crepeau -- 3rd keeper: Busti
  5. Terrific roster. A bit surprised to see Ricketts and Akindele, given the talent load we have up front. Otherwise, I'm pretty impressed. Congrats to Crepeau and the kiddies.
  6. Offhand - Cornelius would probably be our top U-23 option. Henry and James would be our top prime-aged options. That would leave one spot for a veteran. Part of me would like to see how Vitoria is doing, now that he is starting again in Poland. He and Edgar are the two youngest of the vets and I would like to us build a group that will improve over the next year, rather than fade with age.
  7. 1. Borjan ... ... 2. S. Thomas (based on experience only; position tenuous) 3. Leutwiler (based on experience only; position tenuous) 4. Busti (rising fast) 5. Crepeau (rising but not as fast a Busti)
  8. That is a bit odd and disappointing. He finished last season starting (and playing 90 minutes) in 8 of the team's last 9 games, so I figured that he finally broke into the manager's starting 11. Now, he hasn't even been in the gameday lineup for their first 4 games this season. Hopefully, he's just rehabbing a minor injury and not on the outs again. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/steven-vitoria/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/54716/wettbewerb/PL1/verein/4000
  9. I just checked and, according to Transfermarkt, James has played CB for Fredericia's first two league matches, so maybe his DM days are behind him. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/manjrekar-james/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/222686/saison/2018/wettbewerb/DK2/verein/5776
  10. Personally, I'm on board with Henry being a starting CB for us in the Fall. The trick to me is finding a partner that will compliment his skills and cover for his weaknesses. Unfortunately, I have no idea who that could be.
  11. That, he was. Great of you to point that out. Cheers!
  12. Like jpg75, I too have read in the past (on this forum) that Canadians do not count as foreigners in Germany. Since we seem to always have a fair bit of players in B3 and I had no way to dispute it, I just assumed that this was true. Grizzly's, Cheeta's and Shakmur's clarifications are interesting. In any case, Germany does seem to be a welcoming place for our players and I am more than happy about that, regardless of how that can come about - and thrilled that Davies is going there. Now if we could only get a few other players to make the jump to B2...
  13. I just looked it up. Transfermarkt have him moving on a free transfer on July 19th. Hopfully, he can be the starter from here on out. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/simon-thomas/profil/spieler/103630
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