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  1. Halftime show of the Belize feed coming to you from my neighbour's garage.
  2. Simeon has signed with Barnsley until January. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/34141313
  3. It's Freddy Adu. I'm sure he'll be released within the hour.
  4. The official website seems some months behind, so can anyone confirm Jaime Peters is actually at BÍ/Bolungarvík in Iceland and not just on the Wikipedia roster?
  5. On an NASL TV note, former TFC sideline reporter Lee Godfrey is now the play-by-play guy for the Tampa Bay Rowdies broadcasts. The TFC connections down there made the move a bit easier. Thomas Rongen, Gale A, Maicon, and Malcom Phillips are all with the club.
  6. Olivier scored two today (second and third) for Odd in a friendly against Elfsborg. 3-0 final.
  7. The Orient loan was for a month only. Doesn't bother me as long as he's getting those first team minutes. Hope he does for this one, seeing as it's a "93 day emergency loan".
  8. Borjan played in the cup match today for Ludogorets against Botev Vratsa of the second division. 5-1 win for Milan. http://www.ludogorets.com/bg/news/?i=1172
  9. Translation says he's quit to go back to school.
  10. Maybe we finally have someone who sees what we truly are capable of. I have always been stumped by their performances for the CMNT compared to their club teams. We see the talent on display when playing for their clubs, but it seems to go missing or is lacking when the boys come together. Not always, but it's something I've always been frustrated by.
  11. Ledgerwood red carded for staring, apparently. de Guzman really has become useless. Bekker's skills and potential make me moist.
  12. I just finished working my way through this thread and that page. I'm off to curl up in the fetal position in the corner.
  13. Hainault was not playing for Ross County previously because his ITC did not clear. He's only been eligible for 2 weeks or so.
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