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  1. Surprised there's not more outcry about this decision. The VCup is more than just a ticket to the CCL.
  2. Hey guys, first post of mine in like 10 years! The trophy's looking a little long in the tooth. How can we push to make sure that's it's taken care of? The maple leaf tags have fallen off and the base is a bit busted up. Picture taken from here.
  3. Any inkling what the format might be with 2 semi-pro teams, 8 CPL+USL + 3 MLS?
  4. For the unused season tickets: we created a FB group for our section in MTL where people can buy/sell their ticket(s). No intermediary.
  5. I'm actually shocked that we're not looking at 8 turf surfaces! PFC, Calgary and HFX going with grass.
  6. Jackpot! --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/canadasoccer/sets/?&page=3
  7. 60's-70's (According to Toffs): http://www.myfootballtops.co.uk/images/invt/3015.jpg
  8. This is Canada and soccer, so we'll likely get the group with Guatemala in it... As for accountability and visionary appointments, I bring you this moment: Dale Mitchell, 0 points, 0 goals at home for U20 WC. Promoted to senior team coach. The CSA doesn't have any other candidates, unless they grab a Thordarson or a (jinx?) Marc Dos Santos... and would that be an improvement?
  9. He's got "potential", which is what the article is saying. He's strong, fast and an excellent finisher - he finished top scorer of the CSL in 2009. Last year he struggled a bit in his rookie year, but hopefully he's going to start coming into his own at the professional level.
  10. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/soccer/201105/10/01-4397851-impact-reda-agourram-na-pas-perdu-son-temps.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B9_sports_257_accueil_POS4 "L'année 2012 verra l'Impact faire le saut en MLS. Elle sera également synonyme de Jeux olympiques pour les meilleures nations au monde. Régulièrement appelé au sein de l'équipe des moins de 23 ans du Canada, Agourram est aussi sollicité par l'équipe du Maroc. Le natif de Rabat, installé au Québec depuis l'âge de 10 ans, a maintenant une décision importante à prendre. Son avenir intern
  11. It doesn't make sense, as it's not aligned with whatever quota the MLS/NASL have. For example, you can have an all-American team in Canada in the NASL, or an MLS team might have Canadians as mainly depth players, in which case it'd dilute the squad on the field.
  12. Apologies for its own topic, but it's potentially a big one, and there's finally been some confirmation with the CSA updating the NCC site: http://www.canadasoccer.com/documents/2011_championship_rulesEN_pdf.pdf "If the two teams involved in a match score the same number of goals over the two legs, the team which scores more away goals is determined as the winner."
  13. Where did you hear this? The NCC site has the 2010 rules , and NASL/MLS typiclaly don't use away-goals as a tiebreaker for their knockout ties.
  14. Is there an away-goals rule for the VCup??? Montreal 1-1 Vancouver Edmonton 1-1 Toronto Vancouver 0-1 Montreal Toronto 2-0 Edmonton Top scorer: Ali G.
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