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  1. Wow, if we have to play our national cup final in another country... ­čĄŽ
  2. Surprised there's not more outcry about this decision. The VCup is more than just a ticket to the CCL.
  3. Hey guys, first post of mine in like 10 years! The trophy's looking a little long in the tooth. How can we push to make sure that's it's taken care of? The maple leaf tags have fallen off and the base is a bit busted up. Picture taken from here.
  4. Any inkling what the format might be with 2 semi-pro teams, 8 CPL+USL + 3 MLS?
  5. For the unused season tickets: we created a FB group for our section in MTL where people can buy/sell their ticket(s). No intermediary.
  6. I'm actually shocked that we're not looking at 8 turf surfaces! PFC, Calgary and HFX going with grass.
  7. The Marc Bircham classic, from an old Huddersfield (I believe) board:
  8. You heard wrong. All main MLS supporters groups (except maybe Chivas...) sprung up on their own. The club can be helpful (DC, TFC) or not (Colorado, NY), but none of the main groups were "created" by the clubs.
  9. One of the things that real fans, season ticket holders, etc. (who are not in 114) might not realise is that the UM02 are the ONLY season ticket holders in the entire stand, as it was not open to season tickets beyond the supporters section. As such, most of the interactions that the UM02 have had inside the stadium are with irregular spectators and "soccer families" (I use this term because people understand the idea, but there ARE families in the kop). The UM02 who travelled to Toronto met a lot of non-114 people and had great exchanges and a great shared experience with them. As for Lolita: grow up, meet similar fans and stop crapping all over the Ultras who, before you started posting against them on 3 (!!!) forums, didn't care one bit about you, either way.
  10. Je serais curieux de savoir si on attirerait plus de curieux unilingues (combien y en a-t-il? ├ža c'est une autre question) en postant plus ici ou dans la section canadienne de Impact Soccer. Un des probl├Ęmes est justement qu'on peut mieux communiquer et participer sur ce site en postant en anglais. Alors pourquoi poster en fran├žais si c'est pour avoir une conversation plus restreinte. Tu regarderas la section anglaise de Impact Soccer, c'est un peu dans la m├¬me veine.
  11. We'd always heard that the Impact ownership wasn't interested in MLS. Now that we've got a better idea of things, we are going to push it more in 2008. For some reason, there seems to be very little Montreal posters on soccer boards (although that's gone up lately), traditionaly a good base for gathering support.
  12. Get in touch with Mpenza on this forum. He is a member of the Ultras Montreal and has been running an MLS to Montreal blog.
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