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NCAA Canadian Players Updates 2015


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Here's my list of NCAA players for 2015 (may be missing some):


American University
Zach Singer-Skedzuhn - So. - M
Belmont University
Matt Lopoyda - Fr. - M/F
Matt Vuylsteke - So. - M
Boston University
Mark Wadid - Jr. - F
Bowling Green University
Peter Pugliese - Fr. - M
Ryan James - Sr. - M
Bradley University
Adam Ellinas - Fr. - F
Brown University
Matthew Chow - Fr. - F
Bryant University
Brett Larocque - Sr. - F 
Curtis Orth - Jr. - M/F 
Matt Guerriero - Jr. - F
Zachary Bleau-Prevost - So. - M/F
Bucknell University
Adam Bradshaw - Jr. - D
California State University Fullerton
Nigel Patterson - Sr. - F
Campbell University
Isaiah Page - Sr. - M
Reafe Anderson - Sr. - D
Canisius College
Alex De Carolis - Sr. - D
Mathew Santos - So. - F
Coastal Carolina University
Nazz Russo - So. - GK
Sergio Camargo - Jr. - M
Colgate University
Jeremy Arnold - Fr. - M
Columbia University
Gil Hong - Fr. - MF
Depaul University
Francesco Sinopoli - Fr. - M/D
Drake University
Andre Dyer - Fr. - M
Darrin MacLeod - Jr. - GK
Philip Makinde - Fr. - F
Drexel University
Bayley Winkel - So. - M
Brody Huitema - Jr. - F
Kevon Black - So. - D
Oliver Spring - Fr. - D
Colin Phillips - Sr. - D/M
Noah Mehta - Fr. - M
Saul Kaye - Fr. - F
East Tennessee
Samuel Sevigny - So. - D
Eastern Illinois University
Daymon Blackport - Fr. - M
Florida Gulf Coast University
Dylan Sacramento - Jr. - M
Eli Roubos - So. - D
Nathan Ingham - Sr. - GK
Jon Agostino - Jr. - F
Gardner-Webb University
Liam Quinn - Sr. - F
Grand Canyon University
Alex Halis - Jr. - M
Matthew King - Fr. - D
Hartwick College
Justin Broome - So. - D
Houston Baptist University
Sean Simmons - Sr. - D
Darnell Parris - Sr. - M
Jacksonville University
Ejiroghene Mrabure - So. - F
Ignazio Muccilli - Fr. - MF
Sam Gardner - Fr. - D/MF
James Madison University
Thomas Shores - Fr. - M
Daniel Jodah - Jr. - M
Michigan State University
Michael Marcantognini - So. - M
Missouri State University
Kyle Hiebert - Fr. - M/D
Niagara University
Adel Rahman - Jr. - M
Alex Dimitriu - Fr. - F
Andrew Ferguson - Sr. - M
Matthew Ferguson - Jr. - D/M
Navid Rahman - So. - M
Northern Kentucky University
Yaw Addai - Sr. - M
Oakland University
Austin Ricci - So. - M
Brendan Woodfull - Jr. - F
Hamid Barry - Fr. - M
Raphael Reynolds - Sr. - M
Oregon State University
Nolan Wirth - So. - GK
Penn State University
Dayonn Harris - Fr. - F
Robert Morris University
Bennett Jull - Sr. - D
Daniel Calabretta - Sr. - M
Jake Cooper - So. - M
Kai Olguin - Fr. - M
Saint Francis University
Brendan McGhee - Jr. - F
Saint Peter's University
Davis Hocking - So. - D
Seattle University
Nick Prasad - So. - D
Seton Hall University
Nathan Boatswain - Fr. - D
Siena College
David Itoafa - Jr. - M
Southern Illinois University Evansville
Evan Libke - Fr. - D
St. Bonaventure University
Isaiah Wilson - Fr. - M/D
Luke Iacobellis - Fr. - G
Stetson University
Joseph Melong - Fr. - GK
Syracuse University
Chris Nanco - Jr. - F
Kamal Miller - Fr. - D
Temple University
Justin Stoddart - Jr. - M
University of Akron
Richie Laryea - So. - M
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Mathieu Laurent - So. - D
University of Connecticut
Kwame Awuah - Jr. - M
University of Detroit Mercy
Alex Mendonca - Sr. - M
University of Evansville
Arlick Ntabana - So. - MF
Mark Anthony Gonzalez - Sr. - F
Mikey Matic - Fr. - F
University of Kentucky
Callum Irving - Sr. - GK
University of Louisville
Jonathon Amoo - Fr. - F
Nick Jeffs - So. - GK
University of Maryland
Dayne St. Clair - Fr. - GK
University of Missouri Kansas City
Henrik Regitnig - Fr. - GK
Matteo Barsalona - Sr. - M
University of New Hampshire
Avery Heilbron - So. - M
University of New Mexico
Jason Beaulieu - So. - GK
University of New York Buffalo
Braden Culver - Jr. - M
Daniel Cramarossa - Jr. - D
Joseph Kuta - So. - GK
Marcus Hanson - Sr. - F
Ryan Pereira - Jr. - M
University of North Carolina
Alex Comsia - Fr. - D
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Callum Montgomery - Fr. - M/D
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Sean Melvin - Jr. - GK
University of North Florida
Aidan D'Mello - So. - D
University of Pittsburgh
Darcy Bloemen - So. - M
Kevin Angulo - So. - F
Raj Kahlon - So. - M
University of Portland
Erik Edwardson - So. - M/F
University of Rhode Island
Adam Camillo - Sr. - D
Yacine Tchemmoun - Fr. - D
University of South Carolina Upstate
Deon Rose - Jr. - D
University of Tulsa
Aymar Sigue - So. - F
Quinton Duncan - Jr. - D
University of Vermont
Stefan Lammana - Jr. - F/M
Brian Wright - So. - F
Nile Walwyn - Jr. - D
University of Washington
Josh Heard - Sr. - F
Scott Menzies - Fr. - M 
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Jordan Dover - Sr. - M
Nathan Kelsey - Sr. - D 
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Declan Rodriguez - Sr. - M
Francesco Saporito - Fr. - M
University of the Pacific
Brian Im - Fr. - F
Utah Valley University
Colton Cook - So. - GK
Valparaiso University
Stian Sandbekkhaug - So. - F
Virginia Commonwealth University
Garrett Cyprus - Sr. - GK
West Virginia University
Michael Palanisamy  - Fr. - D
Western Illinois University
Kyle Walton - Sr. - D
Western Michigan University
Ruben Dos Santos - Jr. - M
Troy Lindsay - Fr. - F
William and Mary College
Korede Olagbegi - So. - M
Winthrop University
Jordan Stoddart - Sr. - F
Patrick Barnes - Sr. - F
Sebastian Amaya - Fr. - M
Wright State University
Wes Cain - Sr. - M
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I'm surprised we have 150-175 (I'm estimating because I don't want to count) players in the NCAA that's 7 or 8 teams worth of players.  With the CIS having 49 teams that's something like 1,250 players in Canada playing competitive university soccer.  I suppose that the bulk of our PDL, L10 and PQSL players are already in either NCAA or the CIS right?


I'm surprised that with that many college players we only have 200 professional players in Canada.


That being said, even if we're taking 1/4 of our professional players and the top 5% of graduating players per year; maybe there really is enough players to fill up the 100 or so players Canadian players required to fill up a domestic professional roster.  Put that way it doesn't seem like that bing of a stretch.


i.e. if there are 1,250 college players and 312 graduating per year- there must be enough for a 2 round draft each year to get 16 players from that pool who are good enough to play soccer for money.  That's the trickle rate required each year to fill out 50% of an 8 team player roster.  That doesn't sound unreasonable.

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Sigma's Noah Mehta is at Duquesne. He scored a good goal - it's on this twitter




Also - 5 players from Vaughan I think are in NCAA this season and I'm pretty sure one went to Maryland.


Ok I found this article on L10 site saying this: "Of our 97s, we had a number get invited to U20 Canada camp, and Dane Sinclair (signed with University of Maryland), Kamal Miller (signed with Syracuse University), and Dejan Harris (signed with Penn State)"


PS his name is Dayne St.Clair.

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Sergio Camargo starts the year off right with a goal in a 2-0 win over Old Dominion.

Nathan Ingham keeps a clean sheet against a strong Georgetown team in a 0-0 draw.

Alex Comsia plays 90 in a 1-0 win over FIU.  Not bad for a freshman.

Kevon Black plays 90 in a 3-2 Duke win over St. Mary's and assists on a goal while Huitema plays 44 minutes.

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I'm very interested to see how Comsia does this year at UNC.


I think Camargo should have a good season, Coastal Carolina has done well to help develop draft prospects (whether or not TFC pulls another Chapman).


I would also keep an eye on Gonzalez at Evansville. 

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