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Canada v Mexico U23 Olympic Qual pre/in-match (R)


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Figured without a roster thread I could start the game thread ahead of time.

I haven't been able to find our Olympic roster yet, but I did find this CP article by Lori Ewing interviewing Nick Dasovic:


which indicates that Begovic is suspended for the Mexico match due to the red-card he received against Congo at the U2O World Cup.

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I'm surprise Begovic is carrying his U-20 red card since it' snot even the same tournament or competition. Let say he's our MNT starting keeper and wasn't selected for the U-23, would he be suspended for our first WCQ game???

I doubt this information is accurate.

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I doubt that Lori Ewing dug up that info on her own - I think she must have got that from Dasovic. While I agree that it shouldn't be the case, knowing FIFA it probably is. I can think of several examples where players who got a red at the end of one tournament were suspended for the start of another (Marco Materazzi being a high-profile one that comes to mind). And this even happened to Holger as our coach when he got red-carded in the Gold Cup final - Twamley had to coach the first World Cup Qualifier later that year.

I do think if FIFA are going to insist that U20 red cards carry over to Olympic qualifying as an official FIFA tourney, then they should treat each tourney with the same level of importance and make it a rule that teams have to release players for it. Either it's a fully fledged FIFA tourney or it isn't.

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It's difficult to predict...my problem is I'm not sure where both Johnson & Gyaki fit on the field at the same time. In 2005 Johnson was played as the target forward and Gyaki in behind him. They could do that again I suppose, though it means no room in the starting line up for Ricketts, Lombardo & Sanchez.

I'm guessing in a 4-3-2-1:


Hemming Diaz-Kambere Hainault Lensky


Ledgerwood Roselund

Gyaki Johnson

Lombardo/Sanchez/Ornoch (take your pick of the three)

Not sure if Hemming would be right back & Ledgerwood right mid or vice versa. I think Jakovic is a D-mid, and I thought Lensky was a striker or midfield but they have him listed as a defender. Same with Ornoch - they have him listed as a midfielder but doesn't he play striker for his Danish club?

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

A new CP article focusing on the keeper position for tomorrow's game:


I love the throw away line in this article:


Canada has only played in two Olympic Games - in 1976 in Montreal, and in '84, when a star-studded team that included Bob Lenarduzzi, Ian Bridge and Dale Mitchell lost to Brazil in a penalty shootout in the quarter-finals.

God love 'em...but star-studded???

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