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  1. I might have just purchased Juve museum tickets for June 12...anyone else thinking of going to Italy between first and second game? Buying the flight this month -- just been watching the price. Finding Barcelona the cheapest to fly into. Thinking Barcelona - Montpellier - Turin - Grenoble - Paris - Vimy - Reims - Paris -- Barcelona -- home to watch men win Gold Cup is my plan right now... 99 days, man...
  2. WHAT I AM ABOUT TO WRITE IN NO WAY SHOULD BE ATTRIBUTED TO PAUL. Rather, it's what I've pieced together over the past two years from talking to multiple people. Backing up what Paul is saying, from the beginning, I've been told that there was a resistance to requiring X amount of Canadians per team. That opinion is informed by the CFL owners, who has experience with the "non-import" rule in the CFL. They feel that the rule artificially inflates the salary of Canadians and puts a financial strain on their ability to build the best rosters possible. I'm fairly certain TFC argued the same thing back in 2008 after having to vastly overpay for Canadians in year one. Although restricting "imports" creates the same end result as requiring x amount of Canadians it likely doesn't have the same impact on salaries. An economist can probably explain why better than I. However, it's also always been stressed that there is no way this league isn't made up of a majority of Canadian players. The economics of it will dictate that. The question we should be asking is whether there will be anything put in place to ensure the percentage of Canadian playing minutes is protected -- i.e a starters quota like we saw in the old NASL or in the Voyageurs Cup now. Unfortunately, the idea of a starters quota has also been resisted from I've been told.
  3. AFC Medicine Hat Mad Hatters FC. We will play our games at a pop up stadium that straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Those on the Alberta side will be permitted to bring a properly registered shot gun to the game. Only Pilsner beer will be served on Sask side. mascot is a cow wearing a cowboy hat.
  4. The full transcript of TFC president Bill Manning talking about TFC's position on a CanPL team in Toronto on the Vocal Minority Podcast: http://www.canadiansoccernews.com/articles/canadian-premiere-league/bill-manning-on-the-canadian-premier-league-r30/
  5. Having read this through a couple clarifications/thoughts. - The figure of $1.5m has been suggested to me from start, but I've had conflicting suggestions on whether that's a salary budget, or TOTAL budget (including coaches, administration, etc). Goal is to be about NASL level as quickly as possible and salaries will reflect that (I was told NASL salaries are about $1m-$1.5m per team, with Cosmos much higher). Personally, I think it will launch at an upper USL level, which is fine. -They may agree to launch at lower than 75% domestic, but they will work towards that. Realistically the 25% international spots will have a lot of young CONCACAF players. - I don't believe there will be a college draft. Like NASL/stand alone USL teams un-drafted/cut players from MLS camps will be free to negotiate with individual teams. - Structure will likely be a hybrid between MLS single entity and a total free market approach -- think revenue sharing, but not central control over contracts. -- Most important aspect to me that few talk about is a requirement that all teams have an academy. That is where real development will take place. The CanPL teams themselves will be finishing school. -- There will be an emphasis on selling talent up. That's a big part of how investors convinced to lose money for first few (several?) years. - They still say 2017. I think 2018 more realistic. Better to delay a year than start before ready. - On personal level: Sorry for those who were "sick" of me talking about how I was right. Couple things though: Many weren't accusing my sources of being wrong/not having full information. No, they were suggesting I was lying -- making the whole thing up. Beyond the fact that I've been doing this since 2008 and I can point to a history of solid reporting on these issues (not perfect, no, but no one is and the misses haunt me more than anyone else), I can't get past this point: Why in hell would I do that? The glory and fame of being the guy talking about the Canadian league first? Also, you know I'm one of you right? I would never, ever mislead this community on this because I know how important it is to people that it happen. I know how unfair it would be to be given false hope. I sat on the news for almost a month when I first was told because I wanted to make damn sure it was real. So, trust me when I say, I've never reported anything I didn't believe to be true at the time I reported it. I'm sure there will be differences to the final product we see either through my not having full information or through changes in the planning, but the core points that I reported on in 2014 have all been confirmed by the Spectator report -- Bob Young, 6-8 teams, CFL money involved. I am not going to apologize for being proud of that, nor for defending idea that I was first reporting it in the days ahead when the Spectator inevitably gets that credit. -Oh, and for the record, "C-League" was never a real thing. I chose to use that name so it was clear what I was talking about and because I knew actual name would be different. For record I like Can-PL because it has "Can" in it.
  6. Can I ask that we just, you know, *don't* with this. No comments publicly, no jokes, no anything. It won't end well for us. If you follow.
  7. I am remotely interested. It depends on where first home game is though. I can't afford Vancouver/El Salvador, but El Salvador is the away I was hoping to figure out a way to...
  8. I never reported that it would be announced this week. I suggested (on the podcast) that it could be "as early as Sept". I've maintained since the start Dec/Jan is most likely announcement time. Likely after the Grey Cup. All I can tell you is my sources are very high. I'm not concerned that I'm going to be burned here and if I am I'll likely get the privilege of reporting it first (and being accused of having made it all up for attention). Allez les Rouge...
  9. Scallywags will put it on a TV for those going to women's viewing party in TO
  10. SCALLYWAGS. It is just cleaner and has better food than Duke and whole idea is to attract new people that won't see us as degenerate drunks. If you still want to go to the Duke they'll show it because they have nothing else going on ever.
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