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Roster for Iceland announced


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Men's National Team

August 14, 2007

Canada announces roster for Iceland friendly

Coach Dale Mitchell announced his August roster

Canadian roster for international friendly

Canada’s men’s national team announced their roster today for their international friendly with Iceland. The Canucks will travel to Reykjavik this week for their first-ever meeting with Iceland on 22 August. Newly-appointed national coach Dale Mitchell has selected 17 players for this first trip with the senior team.

As this particular international friendly match is in Iceland, Canada will be taking a roster featuring European-based players. Ten of the 17 players recently represented Canada at the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Paul Stalteri (59 senior caps) and Richard Hastings (43) are the most experienced players on the squad. Asmir Begovic and Nik Ledgerwood, both two-time members of past FIFA U-20 World Cup teams, are the least experienced players as each have yet to win their first senior cap.

This will be the first international match between Canada and Iceland. It is also Mitchell’s first match as senior head coach and Canada’s first match since the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Canada is currently ranked fourth amongst CONCACAF countries in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings with 562 points, just five back of third-place Costa Rica. Canada will face Costa Rica next in Mitchell’s first domestic match as senior head coach on 12 September in Toronto.

Head of delegation / Chef de délégation : Colin Linford

Head Coach / Entraîneur-chef :Dale Mitchell

Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint : Stephen Hart

Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint : Nick Dasovic

Manager / Gérant : Morgan Quarry

Physiotherapist / Physiothérapeute : Ted Tilbury

Physiotherapist / Physiothérapeute : Dave Foley

Equipment manager / Gérant d’équipements : Mike Moretto

Video coach / Entraîneur video : Vic Mendes

1 Hirschfeld, Lars

2 Ledgerwood, Nik

3 Klukowski, Mike

5 Hainault, Andre

6 De Guzman, Julian

7 Stalteri, Paul

8 Bernier, Patrice

9 Radzinski, Tomasz

10 Friend, Rob

11 Hastings, Richard

12 Nakajima-Farran, Issey

13 Hutchinson, Atiba

14 Imhof, Daniel

15 Occean, Olivier

16 Gerba, Ali

17 Hume, Iain

22 Begovic, Asmir

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I think this is a very good selection. I am happy to see Ledgerwood get a call and also think it is good that Begovic will be the backup keeper as it is necessary to start developing the young keepers. A lot of options at striker with Friend, Occean, Hume, Gerba, Radz and Issey. The two notable ommissions are McKenna and Nsaliwa and I wonder in both cases whether this is Mitchell's decision or they didn't want to come. It is a relief to see Kluka and Lars back in the fold.

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quote:Originally posted by wildguy27

Begovic the backup, ROTFL!! As if, Begovic will be the starter. Lars has not started vs a real team for Canada, in 2 and a half years.

Wow, that didn't take long... [8)]

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quote:Originally posted by denis

This is a good selection. Only omissions i am wondering about is Peters, DeRo, Tam, and Mckenna

Tam and Mckenna are the questionnable omissions.

Mitchell wanted a euro roster so no need to call DeRo. As for Peters, poor U-20's plus the fact that he hasn't play yet for Ipswich, I think a guy like Issey should be call over him.

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The McKenna ommision is certainly interesting considering he is our captain or at least was our captain under the last coach. I am not a big fan of McKenna as our starting CB but am also not sure that we have significantly better options especially with Nsaliwa not there (though Nsaliwa has been a midfielder at the club level for over a year now). McKenna and Nsaliwa are with new teams and may not have wanted to come but then several other players who have been called are in the same situation. We also only have 5 defenders called which is not much cover in case of injuries.

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With Tam I expect it could still be the issue of lack of Canadian passport. McKenna's ommission is surprising, and they are both the sort of question I hope somebody asked Mitchell about in the conference call. Especially as the roster is somewhat thin at the back.

Otherwise, a fairly predictable roster, it's what I expected except for having one extra striker on the team & one less defender & no DeRo (the only MLS player I thought we might see).

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

FC Köln plays on August 20th and 24th, which might explain McKenna's absence.

Tam may be facing problems because of his new Greek citizenship, but I don't really know enough about this to comment.

I think it's German citizenship that Tam was seeking.

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quote:Originally posted by Juby

The confusing thing about tam is that we can call marc bircham who has no citizenship, just a grandparent, but we can't call a legitimate canadian?

No, Tam would loose his canadian citizenship if he was to get the German citizenship. And unlike Bircham, Tam has no familly link to Canada.

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No real surprise regarding selection except for McKenna. This should be a fast paced

squad, similar to the one in the Gold Cup. Notice also that Radzinski is called ---

I think that's great, considering DDR wouldn't be there.

Sportsnet, I hope you're showing this match ...

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Great roster. I'm going to love to see these guys live :D. I don't get how Tam could lose his eligibilty since he is cap-tied to us. Would FIFA really have rules such that a player could be orphaned and play for no team?

McKenna might also not have been called since Mitchell maybe wanted to give Nik and Hainault some match experience and figured McKenna might not want to sit on the bench

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Here's the lineup I posted on BS:

I would go with:






Occean is scoring at an impressive rate this season, we must start him as he is currently in top form. Friend has just started his season and he's not a starter, Gerba isn't in season as well.

I wouldn't mind seeing Imhoff starting over Hutch or Bernier just too see how he does.

I think it's a strong lineup and we can win this game.

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I've been wondering about Tam for a long time. With all these on-going citizenship issues of wanting to abandon his Canadian citizenship, can we determine that Tam's days with the national team are finished for good??? If so, it will be a sad day. Tam has always impressed me. With or without Tam, a new generation of mid-fielders have been climbing-up the ranks of the national program. Their performances at the last Gold-Cup have certainly proved it.

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