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  1. It's now an 'increasing the Canadian quota in the World Cup' thread.
  2. Should be a Red & White thread. Keep it fully Canadian.
  3. Exactly. Farmer will likely be replacing someone like Mitchell on the depth chart before getting serious minutes. Mitchell is luck Demerit is done and AOB has one foot out the door. It would be nice if Farmer could crack the 30 man roster next season.
  4. Which homegrown is ready to step in and fill Jay Demerit's spot?
  5. No one could have predicted the injury issues. Had he continued on the trajectory he showed in 2012, no way you'd be saying this now. I feel for the kid as he was almost facing the possibility of of retirement. And if he hadn't gotten injured it's plausible we wouldn't have drafted Hurtado, way worse than Salgado.
  6. He struggling to find his way again. He was coming into his own mid May 2012 and was solidifying his place on the left wing. His body was filling out and wasn't as skinny and lanky as the previous year. Then all the injury issues set him back. Now he finally has a man's body and is huge (bumped into him at the Chivas game) but he hasn't figured out how to use it effectively. As a result it looks awkward. Plus he believes he can do it all himself and he needs to learn how to use his teammates. I'd rather give him minutes than Hurtado who needs to go. I wish Clarke had the same confidence/a
  7. Any Canadian team ever? Or just this season? I'm pretty sure the Whitecaps U18 made the finals in 2012.
  8. I think it's a valid hope to suggest that one day this Canadian league can be on equal footing talent wise to even consider this option. The reality is that we are years possibly decades away from achieving this. A team from Regina won't be able to DP a Keane or Defoe like player (which attracts more casuals to the stadium) until the base league is up to a certain standard. And it would be naive to suggest that, at the point where the Whitecaps or Impact are willing to make the switch, the league would field 100% Canadian talent (not saying you have). I'd actually like to add something tha
  9. You'll have a point when soccer rivals hockey in terms of a cultural shift. By the same logic if the same cultural shift happens in the US what would the MLS look like with an NFL sized contract?
  10. Can someone clarify this designation stuff for me please? If we have a national league, and it's our only fully national league, wouldn't it by logic be a Division 1? Wales has a premier league when it's top clubs play in England....
  11. Yes it would be inferior to start and have a whole lot of catching up to do. Realistically, how long will it take for an all Canadian league to generate a sizable TV contact that MLS currently has, to attract the talent that MLS currently has and to generate the gate and attendances that MLS currently has? Believe me I'd love to see Canada have a superior league to MLS, but even if the 3 Canadian MLS clubs jump ship, you cannot realistically expect the same pull if they were in MLS. We are tied at the hip to the US economy, and that economy is MASSIVE. In reverse, the damage to MLS if those th
  12. CSA would never de-sanction the three MLS teams. And at this point it would be hard to fathom why. If indeed the trajectory is the best league of the Western Hemisphere why on earth would the CSA and its quota (however small right now) decide to take this measure? It would only serve to remove the opportunity of all players in all three academies to play at that level. They would be either forced into the inferior Canadian league or again ply their trade in Europe's lower leagues.
  13. This is starting to get stupid. There are a bunch of Latinos who are part or sit with the Rain City Brigade who chant a lot in Spanish and every time Morales has the ball or takes a corner they chant vamos Chile or some other Chilean chant. And to think that because Bustos is being a dink, supporters have to stop supporting is a ridiculous stretch. Anti Vancouver bias confirmed.
  14. That's standard in North American sports. Players are well aware of it too.
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