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I think I speak on behalf of many Voyageurs when I suggest the forum administrators to ban "Soccerbeast" from the Voyaguers soccer Forum for just using it to mock Canadian soccer.

Here are a list of some topics listed (not to mention all replies in several threads) by this person with the only intention of making fellow Canadians angry and to destroy our game :

-All in all we didn't deserve to go to Germany

-Canada should give up it's 1st round bye

- Switch the teams?

-Idea to fill Commonwealth Stadium Saturday.

-Fire Yallop Now

-Is Radzinski's Heart in It?

-Upcoming Concacaf predictions

It seems that in every thread I see Soccerbeast has only garbage to say as if it`s intentional.

So I leave this in the hands of the creators of this magnificent place to discuss not only soccer but CANADIAN SOCCER.




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quote:Originally posted by RJB

What are wrong with those topics?

You want to censor him because he suggests things that are different from your ideas?


It`s not that, I respect his opinions that`s what a forum`s for, to exchange opinions and discuss topics. But when someone gives their opinion in a disrespectful manner and just says whatever (whether he believes it or not) to intentionally go against anyone`s opinion then I think that`s wrong.

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

I wasn't baiting anyone,just stating the facts that our national team is in a mess.censorship or ban him is something someone brings up when they can't win an argument. The reason Canada is not making any kind of progress is because of people like,fza, massive attack,timotas,etc

refuse to come to grip with the fact Canada doen't produce good footballers or teams it's as simple as that. Take last nights game for example, Pat Onstad himself almost gave away two first half goals

by his careless play, yet Frank sticks with him., The team needed

to score goals,but failed to find any attack in the first half, the

Honduran keeper had an easy time of it. The second Half Honduras

again could have had a couple more but their finishing was almost

as bad as ours. We have four years to fix this mess and that can only

happen if the following take place:

1) Fire the manager and bring in a European or South American

2) Have the national squad play at least 10-20 friendlies per


3) Move the dead wood out, Onstad,Watson,Peschisolido,Radzinski,


4) Don't play an important WCQ in Edmonton when all they can get

is 9,000+ for attendance.

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SoB is one of those one-note individuals who gets their jollies by antagonizing others. Sad way to live, but whatever. I generally don't read his posts, which are predictable and usually inane. He's just one poster, though, and he doesn't flame or spout vulgar stuff, and is entitled to his "view". Homogeneity of thought is contrary to a good forum.

People should ignore SoB and move on -- he should definitely NOT be banned.

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I don't like banning people from a board unless he/she's using vulgarity or racism in his/her posts. I was very busy recently and I didn't read many threads so I don't know if it's the case.

To say like he said that yesterday's penalty was deserved is stupid or at the very least dishonest but not enough for me to ban him. I'll respect the choice of the majority.

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quote:Originally posted by Christian B.

To say like he said that yesterday's penalty was deserved is stupid or at the very least dishonest but not enough for me to ban him. I'll respect the choice of the majority.

I agree that we should respect the choice of the majority, that`s why we should let the moderators decide and if nothing happens then we should do as "BC SUPPORTER" suggests which is to just ignore Soccerbeast`s opinion (everyone has the freedom to do so or not) and let this forum continue as it has up to now.

I think it`s great that we can discuss these concerns in order to keep this forum from losing its purpose which is to exchange opinions to enrich our knowledge of the world`s game (from a Canadian perspective of course!) and to grow as individuals from this diverse Voyageur culture.

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I don't beleive in banning, unless the comments are racist or obscene. Where would we stop?

The biggest problem is the proliferation of threads nuisance. To address this, I suggest that the moderators either:

1. If it can be done, remove the power for him to start threads.

2. If that can't be done, consolidate all his threads into one.

We can also cut down on the proliferation by not responding to his posts.

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I was never obscene or racist in any of my views nor have my views been

disrespectful of others. There are people on this site that are blind to the fact that we don't have a very good team in WCQ. And i for one

don't make excuses , such as it' wasn't a penalty when it was. And why ban a future ticket buyer for Canada's games just because of your

one track mind. With the World Youth Championships coming up in 2007

do you want to turn off people from going to this event? Canadians have got to realize we are not a major player in world soccer, nor

will we bill if this continues.

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I WOULD PAY TO BAN SB. Everyone is irritated by his comments fed by

ignorance or lack of research. If you ban irritating Guatemalan or

Finnish posters with little content, you should ban SB. Annoying is a

little too kind a word. How many times do have to put up with "Canada

Sucks" or "Canada Give Up Now" or "3-0 Honduras" messages?

How many times would you tell a guy to stop? Tell him to post on a

Scottish soccer forum, where he says they play real soccer.

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soccer beast should be gone. and freedom of expression excludes statements of hate. do you propose we allow hate groups be permitted to post whatever they want wherever they want? there is a difference between making factually accurate differences of opinion and making comments meant to just bait others into arguments.


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