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  1. Can someone ship one of these to Seoul? I need a large stat!
  2. Has anyone see. Any updates on Josh Simpson's road to recovery. He's been a favourite of mine ever since that goal against Burkina Faso and I hope to see him pull on the maple leaf yet again.
  3. Steven means that besides the Flames (although arguably including the Stampeders) Calgary is the most lucrative and untapped sports market. He's basing this not on the size of the city per se, but on the disposable income per capita. Basically it's better to have a city of 1 million people who each have $750 to spend than a city of 3 million people that have $200 to spend, because in total, $750 is better than $600. The trick in Calgary is getting soccer on the radar.
  4. I'm with ESG Shawn. I've been to every game playing in Edmonton since 1999 and X and Q are our usual go-to sections. They're close to the attacking side (which makes it easy for our goal scorer to run over to us after we pot one in), they're also far enough off the center sections that (almost) no one will complain about us standing and chanting. The casual fans usually sit in the middle and higher up (under the overhang if it rains).
  5. Hey madmonte, in case you don't know, the Edmonton Supporters Group (ESG) has a site here - http://www.edmontonsoccerfans.com - where all your questions can be answered. Let us know when you're coming up and we'll save you some spots in the standing section. We've got a few members from Calgary, so maybe you guys could car pool a trip up. Anyway, that's the place to find and make arrangements. Everyone's welcome!
  6. In honour of the 1-week anniversary...
  7. Ok... I'm ready to start the Stephen Hart for the vacant FC Edmonton head coach petition. He had to leave the men's team, but I think he did relatively well with what he had. He did get us playing attractive football and took us both to within a controversial call of advancing to the Gold Cup final, and within a point of qualifying for the hex. Geez... don't know if this is "beneath him" but I'm actually quite excited/keen on him being coach of the Eddies. They've made Canadian player development at key priority and if one man knows what that's going to take...
  8. How dare you start in with that whole "voice of reason" bit... I WANT RAGE!
  9. In a way I'm glad we capped this cycle off in style. Just imagine if this game had come down to yet another cheesy ref call and a 1-0 loss... we'd still be in the same boat. By having the wheels not only come flying off the bandwagon, but hitting us all in the balls, this demonstrates the need for fundamental change. I want to see the gut-wrenching and soul-searching we did as a nation when we lost that one time in Hockey. I want this to galvanize us into a proactive results-oriented approach for the long term. I want our tears to water the ground and grow the seeds of the future. I wa
  10. No kidding... and most of us have been around enough to have witnessed Canada snatch defeat from the jaws of victory several times. Weren't we in a similar situation in the U20 or U23s a few years ago when all we had to do to make it out of the group was NOT TO LOSE BY THREE GOALS to Italy and we folded like a cleanly pressed laundry and lost 4-1 or something? With that in mind, Honduras doesn't scare me. Take out the Cuba matches and they've what... lost 2-1 at home to Panama, tied Panama on the road 0-0 and tied us 0-0 despite being outplayed. As long as we keep our heads I can se
  11. I'd love to join you guys, but I have an important meeting at 2pm that I can't get out of... looks like it's going to be a "set the PVR and go off the grid" sort of evening for me. Too bad, as I'd like to meet up with some of the out of town Vs that seem to be around.
  12. i have Veetle, but I can't find anything...
  13. Anyone know how this can be viewed on an iPad?
  14. The viewing party in Hanoi, Vietnam is in my hotel room at 7am... Come early! ;P I pray the Internet and my iPad hold out.
  15. I did the design work for the banner, so I can send you that if you like, but I don't have a pic of the actual banners in the stands if that's what you're after. Just let me know.
  16. Is that CanadianSwede? 'cause in the "You know you're a Voyageur when..." thread, he said he'd been there...
  17. Hey! I just found this topic! Geez Ted, drop me a PM next time... Looks pretty good, but don't you like the dogwood version!? After I drew all those leaves and petals!
  18. The CSA's Umbro Centennial kits inspired me to do this...
  19. Y'know as someone who's been a Voyageur since 2000, I know how important winning is. If the team wins, we'll get more fans... point of fact. That's how I became a Voyageur, and I know that's how many of the "old-timers" here did as well (and Kudos to those that have been Voyageurs since '86 even if you didn't know you were~). However, I agree that awareness is KEY. We would get more support from Canadian fans if there was a concentrated and sustained effort to get the word out. As I've said several times over the last couple of days, we're not fighting hate for the Canadian National team,
  20. I've been searching all afternoon for spoilers for the canMNT/Hondurass match tomorrow. C'mon! this is the INTERNET, the script must've been leaked! SOMEone must know what's going to happen! Tomorrow IS going to be a long day...
  21. OMG... did they have to take the guy in the Cow mascot suit to the hospital after the match? Bet he was HOT!
  22. I'm pretty sure in Edmonton we'll be catching the game at the Pint Downtown. (109 St. & Jasper Ave)
  23. I'm in... Just let me know what we need. It'll go nicely with the "We Got Jacked" t-shirt I did for the Gold Cup a few years back.
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