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  • Having escaped Richmond with a point for the first time in club history, Toronto FC II found further cause for muted celebration last Friday when they posted their first clean sheet for five games. The the 0-0 draw with Greenville Triumph was also the kids’ first goalless game of the season.

    Their last bore-draw was last September, in that riveting anti-climax of a season finale against the erstwhile Harrisburg City Islanders . Incidentally, Jordan Perruzza had as much luck in front of goal then as two weeks ago, not that there’s any shame in being shut out by the Upstate Boys’ notoriously stingy defence.

    Ironically, the local lines(wo)men were no help at all to the Young Reds. Previously reliable allies, the hosts were flagged offside as often as the visitors, including on a would-be injury-time winner by Mehdi Essoussi.

    The clean sheet was especially encouraging in that it felt genuinely earned. Instead of their opponents simply not turning up, or not being able to finish to save their lives (Lansing Ignite have done both), this was a solid – if occasionally haphazard – defensive effort.

    Eric Klenofsky redeemed himself for that clanger against Richmond, making some choice saves amid possible injuries to two centre-backs. After taking a ball to the chops late in the first half, Rocco Romeo was switched out for injury-list perennial Jelani Peters. The Trinidadian lasted all of fifteen minutes before making way for Noble Okello.


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    • Actually he pretty much did if you read the quote. “There’s only one answer” going to Europe 7 years ago? And then he doubles down saying maybe that’s still the case. Just look at our current camp and how many players have played in Europe. 
    • I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but I learned from watching a hockey game that Leon Draisaitl was named Germany’s athlete of the year for his play with Edmonton Oilers. So a German athlete of the year playing hockey in Edmonton while an Edmontonian won Canadian athlete of the year playing soccer in Germany. That might even be the weirdest thing about 2020.
    • If it was still just MLS then his comment is not crazy. He didn’t say it’s impossible to get your pro start in Canada, just that you might get better results by going to Europe. Was David an idiot for side stepping MLS? Marcel Zajac also I believe turned down MLS interest in favour of CPL. As for CPL, it should make it easier to turn pro by staying in Canada rather than moving to Europe. We will still have to wait and see if it will be easier to eventually wind up with a decent wage by starting off in Canada or not.
    • St Clair is definitely number 2. Max is too small imo and worries me on set pieces. He's a rich man's Ingham. 
    • If we are talking about NCAA players being “not in the pro mix” I think it is still fair to say the odds are against them. A handful of NCAA grads make it in MLS each year, out of how many thousands of players? I’m not sure how many NCAA soccer teams there are, but probably more than 100 right? Speaking D1 or whatever it is called.
    • Davies just got referenced during the leafs game Bayern play tomorrow at 9:30 EST and it’s on sportsnet btw. 
    • I stand corrected on the stadium bit, didn’t realize they had moved years back. But I stand by the idiocy comment.. it can’t be ignorance. Notwithstanding the fact they play in the same city, Davies is known worldwide and came through the Whitecaps just like his son. I get supporting your own decisions but no reason to be a hyperbolic fool about it. He’s not even fooling the average Canadian who is ignorant about football. 
    • I watched most of Minnesota's game just because of St. Clair, and tbh, without him, Minnesota doesn't make it as far as they did this last season, period. St. Clair kept them in games they had no business being in. Besides, Max hasn't been playing lately, so right now, based on form alone, St. Clair should be the number 2 keeper, and tbh, would personally be comfortable with him starting if Borjan was not available. 
    • I agree with the pompous part but idiocy seems a bit harsh...and this coming from someone that loves to sling a well-aimed barb with the best of them 😁. Btw...Davies and Durrans do not play in the same stadium.
    • I haven’t seen that much of St Clair, but what I saw was good and you can’t argue with the fact that he was the starting keeper for a team that punched above its weight in MLS.  Aside from the fact that Crepeau has been there as #2 for us previously I doubt there is enough of a clear gap to make him the automatic backup to Borjan.   Hopefully Herdman gets the chance to assess both of them and make the right call.  
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