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  1. Anyone going to the KC Royals game Monday night?
  2. Looks like it will be hotter in KC next Tuesday than it was in Qatar. Least we can have a pop or two which helps with the cooling off process. Or so I am led to believe.
  3. It's our biggest hole at the moment.
  4. Bryant Lazaro. Need him back involved in Canadian soccer stat. So few Canadian kids have the experience he has. https://www.transfermarkt.us/bryant-lazaro/profil/trainer/65515
  5. Is this your cryptic way of saying you know who said dual is?
  6. Canada does not have a proper football first stadium.
  7. OMG I haven't seen this yet!! Gonna have to bust some balls over it!!
  8. Good perspective. I do agree the league will benefit from the NT's success. I would hope if the NT's slip back that it won't have an impact on the CPL drawing fans. The key is getting local youth clubs involved. Went to the Ottawa game last week. Decent crowd for mid week in crappier weather. Really only saw one local club represented in the crowd.
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