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  1. Maybe. I’d say the folks who are going to the Fury games are Fury soccer fans first.
  2. My guess is it has more to do with the people running the CPL than anything else. Remember those involved with the CPL are also part of the CFL. OSEG would know them pretty well. As for those in Ottawa not knowing much about the CPL, that’s pretty accurate. Still haven’t found anyone that follows the CPL or knows anything about it. Obviously without a team in the league that makes sense. Those same people tho know just as little about the USL. Just goes to show you how casual the local soccer fan is here in Ottawa.
  3. Mentioned it a few months back that the Fury were proceeding as if they were in USL in 2020. Haven’t heard anything to contradict that at this point. Eventually the two sides will have to come together for the betterment of the game in Canada.
  4. If you’ve heard AJ on the soccer broadcasts, on the RedBlacks call or when he’s filling in on the different shows on TSN 1200, you’d know he isn’t afraid to call anyone out. He regularly rips the players, coaches and organizations. He is far from a company man.
  5. Would say it has more to do with the fact the players couldn’t stand the coach.
  6. Are you more interested in taking cheap shots without any knowledge or would you rather find a solution for what's best for soccer in this country?
  7. A second team isn’t happening. What needs to happen is the two groups, CPL and OSEG need to sit down and iron this out.
  8. Agree with all your points but especially the last one. The problem isn’t so much that he’s not deployed properly; the bigger problem is we don’t have enough quality players that know how to play with him. Too often he makes the right play and those around him can’t get him the ball where/when he needs it.
  9. So many things to mention on that David goal that he did right. His first touch, moving away from pressure and shielding the ball, slowing his pace in front of the net and allowing the defender to slide by and the presence to calmly tuck the ball in the net. Impressive.
  10. Fury will be in the USL next season.
  11. Fury will eventually end up in CPL is my guess but CONCACAF won’t be forcing them into the league.
  12. Agreed. Best for him to be in an environment where he’s comfortable and a known commodity. This will give him the best opportunity to further his development at a good level.
  13. Just a year and a half ago he was beating up on some of the top clubs in Ontario. Not surprised about his abilities but to see him do it at the highest levels of football is impressive for his age. Got my eye on another local player who I think could be a vey high level player but needs to take care of his opportunity this upcoming season.
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