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2023 League 1 Canada Championship

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The WEP, Women's Excel Program of CF Montreal, won the Québec title and has qualified.

In BC, they get a winner's spot and a wildcard. The winner is the regular season champion, it'll be between the UBC team and the Whitecaps team, decided this weekend. The other spot goes to the playoff champ, and then runner up if one team wins both. 

Final spot to L1Ontario champs.

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3 minutes ago, Borjans Sweatpants said:

Should this be in the Women’s National Team forum? Lol 

Lol that's where I thought I put it. 🤣 

I think because of the new World Cup sub forum I put it in the wrong spot.

Can a mod move it?

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Good to see the 2 national development teams make it to the finals. Besides being able to see potential national team prospects, they play a more appealing style especially PEF. The two university linked teams play the old school Canadian style that is boring to watch.

Broadcast wise, compared to CPL. camera angles were a bit off. As typical of Canadian announcers, both talked way too much especially about the two League 1 BC teams that they cover. The analyst also seemed not to realize he wasn't supposed to do the PxP also. Many of the 10 goal callls in the first match were botched because the analyst just kept on talking and the actual PxP didn't bother to cut him off.


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