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  1. I found a write-up on Ennio's career on the CSL site. Obituary – ANNOUNCER ENIO PERRUZZA ONE OF THE BEST – Canadian Soccer League Since it appears his proudest moment was his one league appearance in 1999 I found my game report. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/99cpsl49.htm
  2. That is definitely Ennio's voice doing the intros in that game. In fact on the title page for the video, where Diego is getting a massage, that is Ennio in the background wearing the blue tie. He was always co-operative letting me write down the player rosters. In those days there only ever seemed to be one copy available. There were some games when the microphone or sound system didn't work and he'd just open the window and yell out the goal scorer or substitutes! I did not know he had passed away but I was thinking of him the last few months.
  3. Diego's Last Dance | The Night Maradona Played In Toronto - YouTube A short film about that weekend. Only disappointment was it is only 6 minutes. I'm on camera twice for about three seconds total (red toque) plus four voice overs. Not saying I deserve more time if only that long but the owner and players stories could have made it 60 easily!
  4. It wasn't all about hockey. A civic pride for Brantford too! He also held an 'ambassador' role with Brantford Galaxy of the CSL. Here he is at the championship game in 2010 giving out a trophy (fourth pic down) http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports/10csl176.htm and being interviewed for a local soccer show. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports/10csl175.htm Galaxy won in their 1st year! Bonus...A picture of a young Sergio Camargo receiving a trophy with the TFC Academy team in the Reserve Division.
  5. Great story on Master's FA, the current L1O league champs (in that there was no 2020 season). 'Nobody has built this before': The incredible story of Master's FA's 2019 title (league1ontario.com)
  6. Interesting that Guelph and Waterloo were able to go from 0 to 2 teams in one year. In previous years L1O commish Rossi had told me that new groups would be allowed to enter just one because of financial burdens on club, reviews of the owners' viability etc.
  7. Reminder of L1O standings for 2019. 16 teams. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports19/19l1mw16.htm Now note the last place team, Ottawa South United joined PLSQ for 2020. (0 wins)...defender Tony Mikhael chosen by Valour FC. And 15th place team, Toronto Skillz (2 wins) just had two players* chosen in the CPL-U Sports draft on Friday....both by York United FC. *glossed over by CPL as playing for Ontario Tech University. I didn't see them on the Skillz roster in 2019. 2020 they were on the roster but the season was just exhibition games.
  8. Also Aurora FC is not listed as coming back?
  9. January 28, 2021 League 1 Ontario adds four new teams to Men's Division. League1 Ontario expands by four men's teams for 2021 the story on their site. Guelph United FC Scrosoppi FC (Milton) St Catharines Roma Wolves (returning to higher play for first time since 2013...the year CSL desanctioned and L1O started up...they fell through the cracks). Waterloo United (wonder what happened to 1812 Barrie?)
  10. The 24 minute long audio from the Zoom call for media types held at 1pm regarding the rebrand. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports20/20york133.htm Ooh 52-53% of fans come from the city of Toronto. New stadium possibility/timing will be up to owners (Baldassarra family), there are downtown supporter groups(?!)
  11. I've had this game for a week now and immediately downloaded this Canadian megapatch. I'd never played Football Manager before in any edition. After a game time 'month' of managing York9 FC I started a new game before even playing a club game. I chose Masters FA of League 1 Ontario. It has been a lot of fun. Starting at that level has been great for me. All the players are amateur so I haven't had to worry about budgets. L1O teams don't play during the 2020 season so it's been nothing but exhibition games against fellow L1O, local university, indy teams, and even CSL (the ou
  12. OK here's the audio from today's press conference on my site. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports20/20l1o023.htm The video/audio is on the 1812FC site but I've marked the minute marks of when each question is asked.
  13. Got my two pre-asked questions answered! 1. Looks like the order is L1O Men 2021 season, L1O Women 2022. (I had asked L1O commissioner Dino Rossi a few years ago...the league wants to restrict new teams to enter the league one team at a time...financial strain, review of the organization etc.) 2. What day of the week and time will you want your games? (thinking of traffic jams on Friday nights getting to the game from GTA on hwy 400 rush hour and battling traffic returning to GTA on Sunday evenings from cottage country vacationers returning). Now that's if they are trying to
  14. St Catharines played Toronto Italia the night before (ie Sunday) at Birchmount Stadium. I pulled my comments from that game about the answer I was given by the Wolves management on that night. This was the Labour Day weekend (thanks Google!). I guess I could also add traffic as a reason. Final Score:.........Toronto Italia.........2.............St Catharines Wolves...........1....... Attendance was about 500. Diego Maradona was there again with his daughters and nephews watching his brother Lalo play. He was watched by fans as he tried to watch the game. I wondered how tired
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