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Australia vs Canada - Sat, Sept 3 12:45am Eastern / Fri, Sept 2 9:45pm Pacific

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Australia vs Canada
A two match series: Friendly Match #1
Saturday, September 3rd - 2:45pm (local time)
Saturday, September 3rd - 12:45am (Eastern time)
Friday, September 2nd - 9:45pm (Pacific time)

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Broadcast in Canada:
ONESOCCER (live - online)

Broadcast in Australia:
Network 10, 10 Play and Paramount+ (live)

Broadcast in other countries:



For free on YouTube with a VPN:



Canada's squad:


Australia's squad:


I haven't done the calculations ( does someone want to do them? ) but
1) If we win both our friendly matches against Australia AND win two more friendly matches in early October
2) The Netherlands lose or draw against Scotland or Iceland in WCQ
3) Spain lose or draw against Hungary or Ukraine in WCQ
... we could jump from 7th place in the rankings to 6th place.
The top 6 teams + Australia + New Zealand will be in Pot 1 in the draw on Saturday, October 22nd based on the rankings released on Thursday, October 13th.


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3 starters from the back line missing: Gilles (injured), Riviere (committed to school?) & Lawrence (?). So, Levasseur & Yekka get another look and Jade Rose added - u20 World Cup showed she needs to face stiffer competition than the Ivy League. Carle remains on ignore list. Burns doesn't get another look.

In the mid, Awujo gets a look. Canada needs a ball progressor which Awujo showed at the u20 World Cup but only in flashes with no finishing product. Stratigakis remains persona non grata.

The forwards are missing Deanne Rose & Viens. Looks like Priestman doesn't rate Sweden with a trio of players not called up.

Larisey is a new face from Ottawa. She headed from Memphis University to Iceland during Covid and then Celtic last summer - probably a player that would have played in Canada if a league existed.



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8 hours ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

That is phrased very strongly. Are you implying that there is more going on than the fact that Priestman doesn't rate her?

I haven't heard of any drama...

....but I'm always the last to hear about any rumours. :D

No drama. But last time Stratigakis was called up was the pre-Olympics SheBelieves Cup. She also didn't get too many minutes.

Given the squad has difficulty breaking down top 10 teams, scoring; and had no attacking mid till Grosso emerged, it is notable that u20 amateurs who showed only in bits & bites get called ahead of her. But I haven't seen her play at her club. Only basic stats available which says 2G (Pens), 0A in 16 starts for a 6th place club. D'Angelo also plays for the same club.

It could be Priestman has seen enough of these players to make the decision already to pass over them in favour of younger potential. In the women's game, this is often valid since the game is advancing every 4-5 years.

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Bev's conference call cleared up some things.

Riviere has a "longer term issue (injury)". Gilles & Rose are on paths to recovering. Lawrence out for personal reasons.

Why no members from the Swedish mafia? They were told in June what they needed to do make the squad. Swedish league had a break for the Euros, so Bev has seen them play only 2 matches post break. Also need to see new players because the team has positional gaps. 

On inviting u20 players: "We've got to accumulate caps (for them) now, both for national team and for professional leagues, they were playing against players playing in PSG week in week out, and we've got players in the NCAA". 

Other comments: "You look at the Euros this summer; the standards have gone up again."

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It was a pleasant surprise to see Canada's style of play. Priestman's subs were also a pleasant surprise with a couple of uncapped players and even unfancied Carle coming on (though, she was bossed off the ball twice that led to good chances).

With both teams missing a chunk of their starters, I don't think there is much to extrapolate at the team level. The Matildas lost in June 7-0 to Spain and drew Portugal, so 1-0 friendly win is only okay. 90% of the Aussie twitter comments were negative about their team's performance -especially their coach - and most thought Canada was nothing special.

At the player level, Sheridan's play has made Canada even more difficult to score on. Beckie in the middle maybe the attacking mid that Canada has been looking for. More evidence that Sinclair shouldn't be a regular starter anymore. No new forwards showed they're clinical finishers but their pace & off the ball movement is refreshing too see in comparison to Sinclair.

BSG's performance should help in seeing Lawrence slotted further up the pitch. Yekka looked better as a CB than she has a FB. As she showed during the u20s, Awujo showed flashes she has attributes that Canada sorely needs but needs to show she can do it for 60+ minutes.


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