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  1. Lille tweet with a Canadian flag.. it's actually for Brym but supporters are pretty excited it may secretly be also for David: https://mobile.twitter.com/losclive/status/1278335442841210881 David's Canada Day tweet (cool photo with Davies) is FILLED with Lille supporters welcoming him to the club.. seems like they'd be pretty excited to have him: https://mobile.twitter.com/itsJoDavid/status/1278337374305636355
  2. Yep got it (correction: reportedly he's about to sign a new contract per canucks abroad links below ) https://mobile.twitter.com/Canucks_Abroad/status/1276556206795042816
  3. Impressive insights guys. In case it's of interest I actually was working for a bunch of the big FIs in Canary Wharf on this topic during the GFC (I even got to work in the empty Lehman Brothers Tower while we managed their receivership).. this doesn't make me any more of an expert than yourselves but one thing I've always been surprised at is just how subjective credit risk decisions are in the first place much less of an external entity of the risk decision maker, eg Moodys. I find it's mostly due to the nature of having both a lack of perfect data, and how aggregation makes risk management so inaccurate. Really Moody's and Co shouldn't even be held accountable for their risk ratings as they in many cases don't even have adequate data points to make a rating - hell even the companies they are rating don't often have adequate information to rate their own solvency. A simple example: deciding on the risk of a mortgage for a given person on a given property is loaded with assumptions that really just give you a best guess.. now lump 1000s of different risks about different people and homes together and try to sell it as an investment product - anyone trying to suggest they can determine the risk of such products is full of it in my humble opinion. Now try to sell the risk of that risk being wrong (a poor explanation of a CDS/O) and well there ya go. Incidentally Buffet once described theses products as financial weapons of mass destruction.. BEFORE the GFC. Now you're Moody's and your expected to rate a ghost company.. so you rate it as a Junk bond or consider the possibility of buy outs, bail-outs, the impact of a higher rating on their actual ability to survive?? So do I think the ratings agencies are playing a game with ratings.. absolutely. Do they apply ratings approaches evenly across borders.. of course not. I think the real question is what alternative there is and if it is only perception that counts then maybe it doesn't matter anyway. wow I have to cut back on my Father's Day celebrations I think.. I'll probably delete in the morning so hope this helps someone fall to sleep tonight!
  4. No not at all. This was just my poor attempt at a light hearted joke about the ignorance of others about how good Canadian players are and the strides we've made in the last years at the professional level and obviously CPL is proof of that.
  5. That's so true - it seriously is a big deal that got lost in all of this. It's like us Canadians discovering that Venezuela has loads of good hockey players and one of the best wingers-coverted-to-play-defence-temporarily-until-old-enough players in the world!!!!
  6. Woa.. ok apologies for posting this here. Maybe i should have just raised a general comment that some professional soccer players agents found it difficult to know how best to reach out to CPL league/teams when they did their own searching when English was not their first language and their contacts were familiar with MLS but not CPL recruiting approaches. Please disregard my notes about the personal circumstances that led to my enquiry. Hope that helps.
  7. Exactly. UT originally posted a link to the cpl.ca story about it and hence I googled cpl soccer ops or 21st scouting partner email contacts but with no luck. I'll keep searching. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for all the ideas guys. Some random related notes: 1. I don't want to open the CPL vs other country divisions comparison can of worms. 2. CPL/MLS came up when he and his teammates recently found a clip of Davies (after his recent Chelsea match domination) of his highlights with the Whitecaps and academy and they were impressed (surprised?) that he could play in Canada at all at that level 3. Unfortunately foreign agents need all the help they can get.. especially given that the CPL is new and language barriers still are surprisingly significant 4. I know it is a ridiculous idea but it still surprises me clubs don't have the equivalent of a Submit your resume here button ☺️ Thanks again.
  9. My 19yr old nephew plays in Argentina at a good level and he'd love to come to Canada and play in the CPL with an eye to also becoming Canadian one day. Any ideas how he contacts the CPL's Soccer Operations central scouting setup or 21 Club? Is this the best route or should he/agent reach out to each team separately? (Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this sort of question - feel free to point me to different direction. Thanks in advance!)
  10. Did you mistakenly do a 3-5-1-2 or are you counting mothers as half a player each... in which case you obviously haven't met my NAN! 😁
  11. From BBC sports: "..And in 19-year-old Alphonso Davies they have a glorious young talent who has it all, raiding from left-back with pace, composure and end product." Man of the match - Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich) Alphonso Davies was influential at both ends as he assisted Lewandowski's goal and outpaced Mason Mount twice to cover in defence
  12. Apparently Davies and Tomori are friends from being roommates at U20s.. interesting interview with him here: https://mobile.twitter.com/goal/status/1231938158297800704
  13. Tabla makes me want to through my laptop out the window sometimes.. I mean what an opportunity to come on for an injured Quioto and inject energy and impress the coach but instead he plays like HE's the most tired guy out there!! Both goals can be blamed in part on his ridiculously half assed tracking effort. If I were Henry I'd bench him for lack of heart alone. So sad. I have so much hope every time he gets a run out.. yet he shows so little intensity and desire to play for his team mates that I wonder if he realizes it's a team sport sometimes. Grr rant over. Here's hoping he can flick a switch inside of himself and light it up from here on out.
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