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  1. Highlights of Ferdi and breakdown of his key skills per a Derby transfer target article back in mid 2020.. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-transfer-news-kadioglu-3627875 ..now back to the serious topic under discussion 😉 ..been 10 years in the UK and I still need my Glasgow mate's Czech girlfriend to translate what he says to me!
  2. I work with some Impact Ultras and my impression is: 1. Most in Quebec don't yet really know about CPL so not a factor but they WILL once it's launched and think the Owners definitely had that in mind.. especially the flur de lys bit that may pull on Nordique heartstrings 2. Ultras don't feel too strongly about the name change but noted it may be annoying because of practical reasons - was just the "Impact" like the "Habs" but now what.. the CF? Ugly.. and even worse it could be the "team formerly know as the Impact"! Lol I'm sure other Montreallers will have other more interes
  3. When asked Gaultier said he's not worried [that David is missing chances he should score in games] because he said David is extremely good at finishing in practice every day. I get the feeling he knows that David is mostly just needing to get his confidence up.. I can't see Bamba taking another penalty while David's on the pitch once David does get his killer finishing back (in games). I jus think it's a question of which needs to come first: the goals or his confidence. Either way.. they'll both come eventually and this will all be a distant memory.
  4. I'm curious how much his positional change has helped. Also of note is that he seemed to play a similar position when we played Mexico - we defended as a 541 and then Cyle would release in transition to become a sort of second forward out wide.. it seemed to have flashes of working well.
  5. For this article on Davies they interviewed a former Canadian player some may not know about.. it's a great read about his story and watch the video for even more interesting commentary of the making of the video in Greece and how much the locals love him and the song about the team.. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/soccer/davies-tiktok-charisma-shows-why-he-can-be-so-fearless-on-the-pitch-at-bayern/ar-BB1b16tJ
  6. Speaking of midfield maybe being the problem what do you guys think needs to change? My brief impressions of current guys: - Rusty: no sense of flow, too frantic, can't create himself space and time to pick out a positive pass - Inboem: some good ideas but low pass accuracy results often in give aways and counterattacks - Owusu: brave on the ball and steps well into space with it, but final pass let's him down too much - Bikel: looked great in his one appearance as right back stand in.. the best of the bunch - Metcalfe: Good all rounder but needs to be less ra
  7. The problem I think is a combination of personnel, training (though you can only do so much with some - case and point Rusty's relentless Reo-Cooker inspired back passing..), and maybe a confidence thing from being so young. Perhaps they need a Waston-type to scare them out of the low block they keep collapsing into even when MDS keeps saying he wants them to be more of a mid block.. I don't know but as long as the mid field pass map looks like this it's not going to get better anytime soon: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheRealJJAdams/status/1283624102163603456
  8. Lille tweet with a Canadian flag.. it's actually for Brym but supporters are pretty excited it may secretly be also for David: https://mobile.twitter.com/losclive/status/1278335442841210881 David's Canada Day tweet (cool photo with Davies) is FILLED with Lille supporters welcoming him to the club.. seems like they'd be pretty excited to have him: https://mobile.twitter.com/itsJoDavid/status/1278337374305636355
  9. Yep got it (correction: reportedly he's about to sign a new contract per canucks abroad links below ) https://mobile.twitter.com/Canucks_Abroad/status/1276556206795042816
  10. Impressive insights guys. In case it's of interest I actually was working for a bunch of the big FIs in Canary Wharf on this topic during the GFC (I even got to work in the empty Lehman Brothers Tower while we managed their receivership).. this doesn't make me any more of an expert than yourselves but one thing I've always been surprised at is just how subjective credit risk decisions are in the first place much less of an external entity of the risk decision maker, eg Moodys. I find it's mostly due to the nature of having both a lack of perfect data, and how aggregation makes risk management
  11. No not at all. This was just my poor attempt at a light hearted joke about the ignorance of others about how good Canadian players are and the strides we've made in the last years at the professional level and obviously CPL is proof of that.
  12. That's so true - it seriously is a big deal that got lost in all of this. It's like us Canadians discovering that Venezuela has loads of good hockey players and one of the best wingers-coverted-to-play-defence-temporarily-until-old-enough players in the world!!!!
  13. Woa.. ok apologies for posting this here. Maybe i should have just raised a general comment that some professional soccer players agents found it difficult to know how best to reach out to CPL league/teams when they did their own searching when English was not their first language and their contacts were familiar with MLS but not CPL recruiting approaches. Please disregard my notes about the personal circumstances that led to my enquiry. Hope that helps.
  14. Exactly. UT originally posted a link to the cpl.ca story about it and hence I googled cpl soccer ops or 21st scouting partner email contacts but with no luck. I'll keep searching. Cheers!
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