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  1. There may be hope if the new Sporting Director does what he says he wants to do and makes the Whitecaps a development team like he did with Schalke in the Bundesliga. And maybe he can use his connections as a selling point. My hope is that they won't try to trap a guy like Eustaquio, like Orlando tried with Larin, because it would ruin this selling point for any future players they try it with.. hopefully.
  2. As someone who never posts but who has read this site every single day for 10+ years, I am sad to read that UT got banned. I was hoping he was just taking a break from the s*** storm he was part of but not the only one from what I saw. I was one of those who tried to read all the posts, nasty or not, trying to understand each posters point of view. and I agree that I feel others crossed worse lines (repeatedly) yet they were not banned. I've posted under various profile names and UT has always been very kind to me in his replies. I also thought he was one of the most insightful posters here. Farewell UT, you'll be missed by this long time fan.
  3. Based on his comments in this article, he's hoping to go to Europe at some point.. I think that would be fantastic for him and us: “Playing with better players in general pushes me to want to be a better player and think at a faster pace,” he said. “It’s great competition and a great opportunity but it’s also a good stepping stone, to maybe realize what could be across the pond and what I have to develop in order to get over there.” from: https://canpl.ca/article/no-friendly-nothin-canmnts-fraser-hoping-to-play-spoiler-vs-michael-bradley
  4. What an amazing game. Here's a rare news article (from Forbes surprisingly) that actually recognizes that USA should NOT be so shocked they lost to Canada because of our talent and tactics (and not blame it just on a lack of desire by the US). The journalist actually seems to know loads about our guys. Savour this read, preferably with a cigar and whiskey 🥃 in hand.. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesnalton/2019/10/16/canada-united-states-2-0-nations-league-berhalter-alphonso-davies/amp/
  5. ..and only one forward listed. Odd. I know Kamron H. sometimes plays as a false 9 but does anyone else play up top also?
  6. FYI - for those who play FIFA both Bolaños and Kudo are finally ready to download! ..and just saying but trying out a 3-5-2 is leathal.. especially vs the Galaxy Home For The Elderly FC
  7. That's why it sounded like my brasilian mates speaking argentine! lol.. fascinating. Thanks for that!
  8. Ya that switch he pulled off was golden! And actually leading up to that switch it seemed like his teammates were looking to play through him more and more as he showed how trusted he was on the ball to get them out of tight spaces and up the field. It also showed his leadership qualities due to calming competent play - another reason i think Floro and son have given him the arm band. Bodes well for the future. Thanks again! ps - I'd be happy to help translate from spanish for others also if desired.. though that lady commentator's lisp had this argentine spanish speaker baffled!
  9. Many thanks for posting the stream! Up to 70' and I am really impressed with Piette's play so far.. makes me think of JDG in his unassuming but very very sound play, solid positionally and helps releave pressure time after time. He's released forwards with a couple of excellent through balls that remind me of some of his plays for the MNT.. I now see better why Floro rates him so highly.
  10. It also makes sense that Haber wants to be where he may have more exposure to Floro and co. for upcoming wcq team consideration. And if Robbo is truely looking at Perez then if that falls through Haber brings similar grit and hold up to the table, albeit less overall but would be cheaper and a bit of depth for Rivero in a pinch.
  11. Sure seems like Robbo's recruiting for a 3 at the back formation.. highly mobile CBs (dean, parker..) who can cover for lungbusting wingback types (adekube, smiths! aird?..), - which makes sense as he's certainly mentioned he'd like 3 at the back to be an option. most recently he alluded to 3 backs during media day - repeating that whomever tries it in mls will be called a hero or idiot pretty quickly by fans/media as per usual depending on results.. hmm.. never
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