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  1. I wonder if Davies at forward helps the psychology of the entire team. As in teammates thinking: "Yes we got Davies playing on the wing.. we're gonna score some goals here!" vs. "Coach put him at LB so must mean he's worried we'll get scored on.. better be more careful/cautious.." That'd be my reaction. But maybe that's why I'm not a pro soccer player! 🧐
  2. Anytime I see his name it brings me back to reading his book called "The End of Poverty" while in southern Africa and wondering if the guy had ever actually left the US (yes I know he's actually well travelled but his views come across a bit too from Ivory Tower sometimes in my opinion.) He also makes me want to share this Ted talk every time: Basically the IMF has too much patronizing water under the bridge I think for Sach's proposal to work. But i suppose any attempt to help the world understand no one is an island when it comes to virus' is a good thing.
  3. Ya my guess is it's Campagna based on his Nesta comment in that interview - something like: "it's hard to start as a 16yr old in the MLS maybe unless he's Nesta.." - so makes me think he was looking for a CB to compare him to 🤔.. that and Campagna has a Nesta hairdo! Lol
  4. First half just finished. I HIGHLY recommend watching as there are LOADS of Canadian players in it. Special shout out to a potential CB for CANMNT: Mateo Campagna (16yrs old and MDS just gave an interview and he singled him out as an academy kid who had massive potential - even seemed more high on him than Habbibulah!) Game stream and starting line up: Update: Herman on for second half
  5. Herdman on the bench for their friendly LIVE NOW via free stream on whitecaps website (though you'll need a VPN if you're outside BC or Alberta)
  6. So what's Canada's striker depth chart - I'd argue going past top 5 is pointless for international teams.. 1. David 2. Larin 3. Cav .. 4. Ayo? 5. Bair? It'd be controversial but I'd change formation before using Ayo or Bair.. like a 4-2-2-2 again with Davies and Millar/Corbeanu upfront.
  7. Pretty good take. For other macro nerds out there - here's a must see interview with Canada's own unknown Messi (hmm make it Pele) of the central banking world: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8cYGmGZOabQ ("The Central Banks' Easy Money Experiment Will End Badly (w/ Jim Grant & William White)")
  8. For some reason I discovered using my iPad/iPhone browser to access the OneSoccer stream yesterday worked better than the app on both my iPhone or iPad. May be worth a try if you didn't already.
  9. I think it's the latter, and not just a lack understanding - David gave Bamba so may good outlets or runs but guess who didn't "see" them. It's like David's old coach once said: David sees plays developing much quicker than his teammates which means they are often a step too late passing to him or late making the move that David has opened up for them to recieve the ball back in space. Note the number of one touch passes he makes versus his teammates. It must be painful for him.
  10. New manager says 3 players will be away for international duty.. sounds positive 👍🏻👍🏻 Per below interview today (~6min mark):
  11. Interesting point that suggests we won't be going with a "10" role like many of our lineup guesses are assuming. So I assume a 4-3-3, or less likely 4-2-2-2, which use two "8" roles instead (with one more attacking but not a free 10 really). This helps to guess lineups.. my current favourite would then be (4-3-3): Twardek-Bair-Buchanan Raposo-Baldi-Dias Bassong-Cornelius-Montgomery-ZBG Pantemis
  12. Herdman has noted they measure players on: 1. Playing regularly 2. Tier of league played 3. Age of opposition players played against versus player's age (for younger players) I feel we sometimes over-rate young players who shine against they own age group but under appreciate young players that are already proving they can "hold their own" against ages our CANMNT and U23s will play against.
  13. So turns out you're both right.. http://law.emory.edu/eilr/content/volume-25/issue-1/comments/fifa-transfer-regulations-uefa-eligibility-rules-european-football-minors.html I can't believe I read this! Oh I was gonna cut and paste the relevant quotes but well.. I'd be taking away from you hours of fun 😁
  14. Oh crap so I should've forked it into a few other threads it seems lol 😆 I fully support your point that TFC could become a powerhouse of Cancon.. and I truly think upon why our MLS clubs haven't focused on that more. I actually think the whitecaps and impact have quietly caught on to this lately - for example VWFC have an org metric to have x players of CANMNT starting 11 be 'caps players. Can you imagine if TFC set a homegrown minutes metric for Armas?? We all hope he'll play homegrowns for other reasons but when push comes to shove having metrics drives real outcomes and provides the
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