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  1. Good CANMNT chat from US MLS crew here (basically they are all in on Canada!). They talk CANMNT starting about minute 42. Note: Matt Doyle has been a big fan of Canada for a while - hence they bug him about being a pseudo Canadian.. for some schadenfreud have fun listening to their gripes and worries on USMNT
  2. Did you just see Adams exasperated response and facial expression to Berhalter while grabbing water when his coach was telling him to do something!? Basically replying to his coach that he doesn't know what he's talking about.. crazy. Speaking of losing his players
  3. ^ great call. Surprisingly this may actually be the best formation in defense to counter Mexico's tactic of 'pentagons' in the middle and their second option to hit the flanks (per Herdman's comments to media). At least in the mid-block.. changing to the 4-4-2 used in the last few games in the defensive 3rd.
  4. First time watching him today and wow, i can't believe there's not more hype around here for Wright. Nothing flashy today but his defensive positioning is David-esk and he shows impressive natural strength and balance to shoulder roll defenders like Larin does. Add well timed runs and all kinds of other superior technical ability. And he's a 2003..! Assuming he's got the right attitude I'd say he's got what it takes to be a top top prospect for us in short order. Hopefully we don't have to wait for a European transfer rumour before appreciating some of these exciting young CPL kids more
  5. After binge watching Flores' last 5 games here's my thoughts: - excellent ability to make space with the ball (tricks, wiggles?, turns) and complete a tough pass to a teammate in a dangerous position - good quick and accurate shot around 18 - .. not much else. This worries me the most. I couldn't help having Bustos WFC2 flashbacks the whole time. Lastly: Dias seems to have that flow that Flores doesn't have (another Bustos trademark) and I get the feeling Días can only get better whereas even if Flores perfects his good traits it may not really set him apart. i truly hope this does NOT age well..
  6. That video was interesting. For me it actually shows that Flores has strong feelings for Canada as you get the impression the Dad would choose Mexico 100% if it was only up to him.
  7. For players missing some preseason is it possible playing in the Gold Cup would help their club career chances? Very specific to player pools I suppose as I get the feeling those not coming from the US are those that need to be at preseason camps to fight for or to keep a starting spot vs maybe our U23 guys who could be looking to use the Gold Cup prove to their coaches they are ready to play 'men'..
  8. Just received the Nike T-shirt and have to say I'm impressed, and it's super comfortable.. but now the missus is worried I'll never take it off. Silly her.. the black game jersey arrives in a week!
  9. I wonder if Davies at forward helps the psychology of the entire team. As in teammates thinking: "Yes we got Davies playing on the wing.. we're gonna score some goals here!" vs. "Coach put him at LB so must mean he's worried we'll get scored on.. better be more careful/cautious.." That'd be my reaction. But maybe that's why I'm not a pro soccer player! 🧐
  10. Anytime I see his name it brings me back to reading his book called "The End of Poverty" while in southern Africa and wondering if the guy had ever actually left the US (yes I know he's actually well travelled but his views come across a bit too from Ivory Tower sometimes in my opinion.) He also makes me want to share this Ted talk every time: Basically the IMF has too much patronizing water under the bridge I think for Sach's proposal to work. But i suppose any attempt to help the world understand no one is an island when it comes to virus' is a good thing.
  11. Ya my guess is it's Campagna based on his Nesta comment in that interview - something like: "it's hard to start as a 16yr old in the MLS maybe unless he's Nesta.." - so makes me think he was looking for a CB to compare him to 🤔.. that and Campagna has a Nesta hairdo! Lol
  12. First half just finished. I HIGHLY recommend watching as there are LOADS of Canadian players in it. Special shout out to a potential CB for CANMNT: Mateo Campagna (16yrs old and MDS just gave an interview and he singled him out as an academy kid who had massive potential - even seemed more high on him than Habbibulah!) Game stream and starting line up: Update: Herman on for second half
  13. Herdman on the bench for their friendly LIVE NOW via free stream on whitecaps website (though you'll need a VPN if you're outside BC or Alberta)
  14. So what's Canada's striker depth chart - I'd argue going past top 5 is pointless for international teams.. 1. David 2. Larin 3. Cav .. 4. Ayo? 5. Bair? It'd be controversial but I'd change formation before using Ayo or Bair.. like a 4-2-2-2 again with Davies and Millar/Corbeanu upfront.
  15. Pretty good take. For other macro nerds out there - here's a must see interview with Canada's own unknown Messi (hmm make it Pele) of the central banking world: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8cYGmGZOabQ ("The Central Banks' Easy Money Experiment Will End Badly (w/ Jim Grant & William White)")
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