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Quarter Final Viewing Parties


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Vancouver - No comment

Pre Game & March - https://www.facebook.com/events/1441906639452143/


Ottawa - Gracies


Toronto - Shoeless Joe's - If you are not going to the TFC game get there EARLY!


Regina - The Lobby


WINNIPEG -  Nicolino's  (2077 Pembina Hwy.  R3T 5J9) 


Saskatoon - The Pleasureway Pub in the Sasktel Sports Center


Edmonton - The Pint Downtown


Montreal - Frappe

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I'd say Saskatoon will be at The Pleasureway Pub in the Sasktel Sports Center, but I can't confirm because the Rider game will be on at the same time. There won't be a single place in this city that will have the tv on the WWC match when the Riders are playing.





Jamie you can put the Pleasureway down for now and I'll update later in the week when I see Craig, who owns the pub.

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Not sure with Toronto yet.


There is a TFC game at 5:00 -> WWC game at 7:30.


The regular bars around there will be full of TFC regulars, but a large chunk of people will be coming from the TFC game.


Trying to find a decent bar that this will work at.

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Sorry for not posting this earlier. There will be some of the local Vs attending the Japan vs Australia quarter final here at Commonwealth so they would be trickling into a viewing party a bit later. That game starts at 14:00 local time and ends at 16:00 unless extra time is required. Given some travelling time from stadium to bar I expect things to get underway around 16:30 to 17:00 local time for the viewing party.


The default location for the viewing party is The Pint downtown on 109 Street as that is Canada Home Base and the Voyageurs before/after and viewing party location. See you there.   

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We will have the Canada game shown at Frappe at the same time as the Impact game on the second floor. We will probably have the sound of the Impact game outside and both games shown inside of the second floor with sound on the Canada game.  Impact starts at 7 and the Canada game at 7:30.  

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