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  1. Jesus, I have a lot to keep up with. I've been on twitter too long, missed all this.
  2. I don't expect Halifax to be included in the league from the onset (ie. 2018), but I do see them in the league as an expansion team the following year... or part of the league launch if that is pushed back to 2019. But, I say this without any insight into negotiations, just a personal thought blurted out.
  3. Excellent news. Glad Halifax is really taking this seriously and looking at this realistically. Would love to see a pro team in the Maritime.
  4. Bought my shirt today. WAY over due, but it's a comin'... Can't wait to wear the shit out of it. May need to get a couple more. DT Mayzr
  5. http://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2015/12/08/armchair-analyst-eight-most-intriguing-names-first-ever-crop-mls-free-agency In the article above, under #7 Ned Grabavoy, a brief blip on Osorio is made: "He (Grabavoy) still created 32 chances from open play and completed more than 86 percent of his passes. Of players with 30 or more open play chances created, only Darlington Nagbe and Jonathan Osorio were more accurate in their distribution." In a defensive system that Floro loves to operate in with our team, I don't see how someone of Jonathan Osorio's creative talents cannot be utiliz
  6. Couldn't agree more. My top 3 henceforth are as follows: 1) Larin 2) Hutchinson 3) Straith (or entire back line)
  7. For the sake of Canadian footy, let's all put a little Fath into Katz.
  8. From cradle to grave clubs... Need more of these. Well-to-do amateur clubs should be able to build 5,000 - 10,000 seat stadiums. Start smaller if you must, and build up/expand later if possible, but start. Can't do it alone? Join forces with other amateur clubs/academies to create a pro team, using your amateur teams as feeders (ie. Sigma with Oakville Blue Devils, or Woodbridge Strikers with Vaughan and/or ANB). I strictly used L1O teams in my example, but any amateur team could be used. A team in Mississauga may or may not be able to hold a pro team on their own. You know what might work
  9. Something like this would be great, and I think it could work. Not even sure if Sigma (or amalgamated academies) would want to go pro. Sigma+Oakville+ANB+etc joining forces... I've daydreamed about somehow finding enough funds to have a team go pro in the north/east end of the GTA.
  10. Just tweeted this out to Umbro. See if anything happens...
  11. I would say Roots can sponsor and assist with some clothing merchandise. Sponsor a kit? Maybe too much.
  12. Just saw these..... JAHINHO you harbinger of kit goodness. Can we seriously have these sent out to @UmbroCanada
  13. BY FAR the best kit we've ever had. I love the Umbro kits, mostly for the quality. I've never put on better tailored kits. Oh Canada sound wave is unique and extra cool. I've always liked a tad bit of black though, even if it was just a trim. But other than that love their stuff!
  14. You can almost hear him hitting the bottom of team Italia's hierarchy "Floro"
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