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  1. Brad also states: "Based on current Concacaf Fifa Rankings the pots for the qualifying draw would be: 1. USA, Mexico, Costa Rica 2. Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador 3. CANADA, Curacao, Panama 4. Haiti, Trinidad, Antigua & Barbuda The top 3 will want to avoid being drawn againt Canada
  2. Wait...someone on this board doesn't like some version of a qualifying format? 😳
  3. I'm hoping @onesoccer will have the games for replay a lot sooner than last year. Living on the West coast, no chance of seeing the games livestreamed. Hope when I get home after work at 6pm PST they will be available.
  4. Looking forward to Canada v USA home and away rematch in Oct 2021. 😎
  5. Any news about new CPL teams? Back on topic!
  6. I can't wait for the final home game on Oct. 19th. I'm going to enjoy it! Season 1 of watching live professional football in Victoria. I'm bringing extra friends..should be good.
  7. The versatile Emile Legault has found a home in the CPL https://viaupark.ca/2019/09/12/le-polyvalent-emile-legault-a-fait-son-nid-en-plc/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Have a listen. Re: Moncton CPL https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-26-information-morning-moncton/clip/15734149-pitching-for-a-pro-soccer-team-in-moncton Also...mentions a 10 team league next year: 2 Quebec 1 Ontario...at end of interview.
  9. There is a shuttle that runs to the stadium and back. I've never taken it, but someone here likely has.
  10. Lets hope this work out. It would be great if they could be in the Voyageurs Cup next season....idea.....founding franchises get a bye 🤢
  11. Considering how long EA took including CMNT.......I wouldn't assume they even know about it.......
  12. Someone should put this out on social media.....every platform. Or better yet, contact the CPL!
  13. No mention of a league but an important partnership with the CPL - I could see it potentially leading to a DIV 3 league. Canadian Soccer Business and BC Soccer Commit to Collaboration https://www.bcsoccer.net/news/post/canadian-soccer-business-and-bc-soccer-commit-to-collaboration
  14. Hey!!!! That's my hometown! Port City, oil refinery, definitely a blue collar city. There is the Canada Games Stadium (UNBSJ) which seats up to 5000 for big events. I saw Canada play there for a qualifyer in the late 80's and saw Atlantic selects play an exhibition game versus Winnipeg (CSL)....and home of Moosehead Brewery.
  15. Saint John, New Brunswick St John's, Newfoundland That should clear it up for the uneducated.
  16. The difference now is that TVA is a national broadcaster. Preciously you could watch all the non TSN games on MLS Live. I was able to watch all Impact games online.
  17. Which means there is no way it was useful to me anymore. It was the only way to watch all Montreal games that were not on TSN. Now they black out every MTL game.
  18. So Guatemala gets a free pass into League C after being suspended? Edit: meant League C (changed)
  19. Merci, excellent resume de l'expansion CPL!
  20. Sigh...we have a league....be happy.
  21. I'm hoping Pacific FC change the start time for the season opener from 4 to 3pm. The last ferry back to Pender on Sundays is at 7pm. I've had 12 verbal commitments from people who want to go but if the game starts at 4pm we will likely miss the ferry home.
  22. Speaking of which, shouldn't Pacific FC be invited to join the Cascadia Cup? That is of course if it is still a supporters initiated competition....
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