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  1. All Collective accounts have been cancelled. Mine was to expire June 10th, then I was going to renew.........
  2. Once Pacific FC change the secondary logo to their primary....it is the perfect kit. I still have to explain the Douglas-fir tree logo to people. They get the Trident logo. Yes....it’s something I’ve been on about before 😉 Can’t wait for the new season!
  3. Not a team specifically, but a couple of Canadian english club owners (R. Stewart Thompson and Jason Neale) have looked at the possibility of an expansion club. "Thompson and Neale have looked at investing in the Canadian Premier League, saying they like the Manchester City structure which includes feeder clubs in other countries." https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/canadian-co-owners-moving-up-in-soccer-world-with-promoted-peterborough-united-1.24323276
  4. Pacific FC has extended an offer to Season Ticket Holders a 1-Year subscription to OneSoccer.
  5. Raven

    2021 Futsal WCQ

    Has anyone heard about TV or streaming coverage of this? Concacaf TV?
  6. Kurt Larson answering the same question on Twitter: "All of them"
  7. I’ve been through this so many times...always feel the same nervousness. I actually feel a little hopeful this time ‘round. GO CANADA!
  8. From TSN!?! https://www.tsn.ca/video/~2166362
  9. Will this discussion be recorded? No way I can tune in tonight.
  10. and Living Sky Sports has exclusive rights for the CPL for the whole province. He mentions 1st Saskatoon, then likely try and set up a team in Regina.
  11. Yesterday the USA v Costa Rica game was up when I checked 2 hours later. I know it is not like DAZN, where you can watch immediately.
  12. They have extended the OneSoccer season passes until the end of April. It had to do with being part of the Collective venture.
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