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  1. In looking over the York United rebrand, I am hoping that Pacific FC will move to the Trident logo as its’ primary logo. The people I talk to are not sure what the primary logo is, and even after I explain it is a Douglas fir they kind of see it.....
  2. I like the versatility of the squad this year, it may not be perfect but I can see what the plan is. I didn’t get a sense of where the team was going last year. If Pacific FC stay with the current coaching staff, I see Pacific doing well in the future....or now 😍
  3. What are the club representatives saying? I will be chatting with Pacific FC on Thursday To get an answer.
  4. Brad also states: "Based on current Concacaf Fifa Rankings the pots for the qualifying draw would be: 1. USA, Mexico, Costa Rica 2. Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador 3. CANADA, Curacao, Panama 4. Haiti, Trinidad, Antigua & Barbuda The top 3 will want to avoid being drawn againt Canada
  5. Wait...someone on this board doesn't like some version of a qualifying format? 😳
  6. I'm hoping @onesoccer will have the games for replay a lot sooner than last year. Living on the West coast, no chance of seeing the games livestreamed. Hope when I get home after work at 6pm PST they will be available.
  7. Looking forward to Canada v USA home and away rematch in Oct 2021. 😎
  8. Any news about new CPL teams? Back on topic!
  9. I can't wait for the final home game on Oct. 19th. I'm going to enjoy it! Season 1 of watching live professional football in Victoria. I'm bringing extra friends..should be good.
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