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  1. I'm not much of a picture taker and was kind of busy with location and march logistics. Hopefully Sam, Ben and Carolyn will step up with photo evidence. Consider that a request, challenge or a plea to the 3 of you. First to arrive at the Moose (that seems to happen almost everywhere plus the last to leave) and marked some turf for us. Tried to upload a pic from here but the file size is apparently too large. FFS
  2. Did not see the beginning of France -Brazil but found the extra time a bit odd. After the 2-1 goal there seemed to be not much fight left in Brazil. Particularly a lack of urgency in the last 5 minutes. At 117 minutes they had a promising attack going but only committed 3 players into the box against 5 or 6 defenders. From there on they seemed to play defensively as if they were more worried about conceding another than scoring one. When your tournament is almost over, if not now then when is a good time to throw everything forward?
  3. I have one extra ticket in my possession for the Round of 16 match vs Sweden on June 24th at Parc des Princes. Situated at Gate E, Stand: Paris, Access 106, Row 9. These are premium tickets, 9 rows up from the pitch, virtually at the centreline. If you need one and want to sit with a fellow V, or don't object to sitting with a V, let me know.
  4. The pregame gathering started a bit slow as I guess the non Voyageurs who joined us apparently have not been adequately trained in the art of drinking from midday onward. Was wondering if my host at the bar had concluded that I did not actually have any friends at all until Sam arrived. With the good weather we relocated from the backroom to the patio and then it started to grow steadily. I think we had at least 60 people there when we headed off to the stadium. Did a 1.5 km march with singing and chanting and the new conscripts joined in enthusiastically. Big shout out to Anton, who I know as one of the Ottawa Fury capos, who brought his infectious enthusiasm as a guest capo for the occasion. People will join in if they get exposed to supporter culture and if you make an effort at outreach. Also much appreciation to Sam who set me up with my ticket and who is the type of Grade A Voyageur that you want to be around when you travel. After the game quite a few Canadians reassembled at Mr. Foggs and my group stayed until we got kicked inside after the patio closed and then got kicked outside when the bar closed for good for the night. I thought it went very well.
  5. The pregame meetup for the Round of 16 match at Parc des Princes will be at The Moose - Canadian Bar 16 Rue des Quatre Vents, 75006 Paris. This bar is close to the Luxembourg Gardens and a short walk from the Odeon Metro Station where the #10 Metro takes you to the stadium. Open from 11 AM to 2 AM. Here is the website: http://www.mooseparis.com/
  6. The pregame meeting in Reims will be at Mr. Foggs English Pub. 81 Place Drouet d'Erlon, 51100 Reims I have made a reservation for about 40 people and they will set aside the back room for us. Head in to the pub and head straight to the very back area. There is a patio as well but the forecast calls for showers with a chance of a thunderstorm. Reservation is under Michael / The Canadians and my contact there is Alexander. Opens at 11 AM and does have food available. Lots of other restaurants available in the area. Walking distance to the stadium is about 1.5 km and there is a tram stop nearby that will get you close to the stadium. http://www.mrfoggs-reims.fr/
  7. Either way it was a judgement call and a close one at that.
  8. Interesting point. A draw would have still put Italy in first place and Brazil in third but had it mattered more in the group standings it would have been a bitter pill to swallow for Italy and maybe also Australia, considering that they tied Brazil on +/- and only finished second because they scored one more goal against Jamaica than Brazil did.
  9. I wasn't completely sold on the penalty call. It seemed that the Italian player had a pretty good line on the ball and was a bit quicker than the Brazilian and then the Brazilian seemed to turn into the Italian and managed to crash into her shoulder with the predictable result of going down and making a meal of it. Pretty much how you would expect that team to get the foul call in the box. Not looking for an argument here but I was not 100% convinced by how that went down.
  10. The Saiko, Rago, Hamilton possibilities are an attractive thought but I think that the ego of Colin Miller was such that he decided to show all the local guys who was the boss; even if it meant running some very good players out of the team. After they all got kicked in the head and/or the testicles I doubt that any of them would come back to FCE. Even though Miller is gone, Paulus was the assistant coach then and I can't see any way that he could possibly mend all the bridges that were burnt. Most of those guys have moved on into regular day jobs and the last time I checked some of them were playing for Edmonton Scottish in one of the premier men's leagues in the area. Miller definitely left behind a legacy of a scorched earth policy and then he gets to run away and leave the damage for others to deal with.
  11. The only reason there ever was or still is a team is because of the ownership group; Tom and Dave Fath. They spent big and lost a lot of money on the NASL version of the team and they have NEVER shied away from spending what was needed on players, travel etc. The same is true now. Lack of budget is definitely NOT the issue. The pieces look good on paper but are not working together. That is on the coaches that scouted and picked the players and the players themselves who can't seem to come together into a cohesive unit. If you think the ownership is the problem then you really don't know squat. Get yourself educated about FCE and don't talk shit about the GodFATHer again.
  12. Actually one correction to that. I spoke to the bartender and the owner and they said they will be open at 1 PM this Saturday and that happy hour is in effect from when they open right up until 8:30 PM. They said that the bar is usually not that crowded in the afternoons and gets busy in the evening so it is almost perfect for our requirements.
  13. Both are/were frustrating. Hard to compare NASL days with more budget and more internationals than now. Also too new to rate current version as I hope their shit will start to gel into something more productive.
  14. I think the clutch has been slipping in his brain drivetrain for a while now. Easy enough to keep saying the same/similar shit about the Oilers and Esks over and over but if you have to put some thought into something new or different then it is a bit harder to climb the slope. Should just retire or shut up and let Derek van Diest write about our kind of football.
  15. Yep. I am frustrated too. On paper it looks like a lot of good pieces, but on the pitch and based on results the whole is far less than the sum of it's parts. Unless some of those parts are not what we think/thought they are. Not sure if the orchestra conductor has them out of key or if some of the players can't follow the tune. One other gripe is the upbeat, overly optimistic Emails I keep getting from Jay Ball and the front office. I know you have got to stay positive and sell the product but sometimes it seems they haven't checked the results or they are in a state of denial about them. But I/we have been through some of this before during Miller time. Gotta keep on keeping on, even if I gotta drink my own flavour of the true believer Kool Aid.
  16. Does Handsome Bowtie still have a soccer career? Could really use Fordyce's scoring numbers if he is available.
  17. I guess relative age does not make you greater or lesser. I see it more as a stop gap measure, and a rather arbitrary one, until there are actual league results to use for seeding. Although everybody is new at this and some are struggling more to find a rhythm, if you use V Cup results as the measuring stick then none of the winning teams are in any way lesser. That is why we play these games to see what happens.
  18. I don't disagree with the evidence that you presented. I feel your pain as a supporter but in FCE land we went through some ups and a lot of downs during our NASL days. Players, coaches and fans just got to fight through it and keep on keeping on; unless they are at the end of their rope and have lost all hope. That's okay too; I can't fault anyone for having those feelings. League football is a marathon, not a sprint (well Spring season is kind of a sprint) so I say hang in there. Considering your team took points off my team at the last CPL match I attended, we in FCE land could be felling even lower than you Valour people do. It gets better, trust me on that. BTW, brain farts aside, I thought Farago was a pretty good keeper when he was with FCE. Did you see Renard score the own goal in France vs Norway? I bet she feels like an ass but I think she will fight through it and Tyson hopefully will too.
  19. Are you shitting me? Lofty is the reincarnation of dsqpr? FFS; now it all makes so much sense!!
  20. Well aren't you a ray of sunshine shitting on Valour like that and pissing on both FCE and Valour in the other match thread. Clearly some teams are having some problems getting things figured out at this point in the season. A few weeks ago it looked like Pacific and York 9 were going nowhere. It's a new league with new teams and new rosters and I am sure the players, coaches and supporters of the teams that struggle are feeling it and really want to turn things around. But go ahead and fling the disparaging remarks if that floats your boat.
  21. Triggered is not the correct description. Just reminding you and others that it's been (almost) done before. I don't recall seeing your username on the V board until recently so I wasn't sure how recently you came to the party.
  22. Quite a lot of ifs there. That assumes that York 9 would have already had an aggregate victory against an MLS team. No offense but if a CPL team beats an MLS team over two legs this year, I do not think York 9 will be the one that does it. On current form I don't think it would be FCE either.
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