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NASL sanctioning not secure


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If the mighty Americans with ten times the population of Canada can't sustain a national D2 pro league what on earth makes people think we can in Canada?

You know, I agree that a national D2 league in Canada isn't a very realistic proposition, and that we don't have anyone who would invest that we can name, but this argument really doesn't hold water.

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It most certainly does when read in conjunction with all the other posts on the subject but you're welcome to disagree.

Well...yes, I can accept the context point. All in all though, I think any realistic talk of a national D2 should be ruled out until both of the following conditions are satisfied:

1) The NASL actually falls through

2) Canada has a CSA-sanctioned third division with at least a presence in six of the ten provinces, and that must include British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

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San Antonio media has this snippet based on alleged inside sources:


The U.S. Soccer Federation and North American Soccer League will make a joint announcement this afternoon about the circuit's application for second-division sanctioning.

Representatives for both organizations declined official comment Friday evening regarding the decision, but sources indicated that the NASL likely will receive at least provisional sanctioning again.

Think the delay on announcing anything is is because nothing is carved in stone yet since whatever the US soccer board decided yesterday still has to be rubber stamped by the USSF's AGM.


Today is decision day for the NASL. The U.S. Soccer board meeting is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada at 7:30 a.m. PT. The professional committee will give their report and recommendation to the board. The board will then vote on whether to allow the NASL to be the sanctioning league for Division II pro soccer in the U.S. If the board votes yes, it will most likely be ratified at the AGM which will be held on Saturday. If the board turns down the NASL… well, things are going to get very interesting.

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Latest from the Inside Minnesota Soccer Blog:


In a narrow 6-5 vote with both U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati and MLS Commissioner Don Garber abstaining, the USSF Board of Directors approved the North American Soccer League (NASL) to provisionally sanction Division 2 pro soccer in the U.S. for 2011. The approval came with a special 1-year provisional status and must still be ratified in today’s Annual General Meeting which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada today....

Based on the rest of the article it sounds like getting sanctioning in 2012 is going to be very challenging even if the AGM approves this decision because Traffic are not going to be allowed to maintain majority control in Carolina and Atlanta. Who knows how well USL Pro will do this summer, however, given they have some very shaky looking franchises so a lot could happen in the interim that might get the likes of Rochester and Charleston to reassess their options.

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Amen to that.

So... does this mean that we are at least sanctioned for this season?

Still need to be radified by the AGM, but yes it appears it squeeked by.

I'm back to being optomistic, though wary... I think getting potentially two new teams (San Antonio for sure and the potential re-launch of Baltimore) will help the awkward and fragile NASL. Hopefully Traffic will start to release some of the strangle-hold it has on the league and the apparent majority of the teams, and all the issues that the NASL faced in the battle for sanctioning get fixed asap. It will be interesting to see how Rochester and some of the potential D2 teams playing in USL-Pro will react to having the NASL around for a year.

Here's hoping (as a FC Edmonton fan) that the NASL is around for a long time, and continues to grow.

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