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  1. I still haven't received my tickets. I am starting to really worry.
  2. It was just over 3,800, but in regards to humans actually present it was a better crowd then ones we had that were over 4,300. At least it felt that way.
  3. When do our tickets get mailed? I am getting rather impatient waiting for mine.
  4. I will there. Half the ESG are V's, so that adds a few professional drunks.
  5. Oh, of course. And even if you weren't you might be on point. I am kind of hoping so, because it means more games like that if it so. If not, and he isn't back then it isn't anything shocking. We literally have nothing to lose right now, and everything to gain. Four weeks ago, most FC Edmonton fans had written off the fall season.
  6. I am excited about the current run as well. That glimmer of hope is a great feeling to have right now. If the team can gather a bit of swagger, that might actually be the best ingredient they need for a winning streak that lasts. Taking Hlavaty and Jonke out of the starting line-up were good calls on Miller's part. I am curious to see how Fordyce plays into this, because the are scoring even with him injured.
  7. It is literally only a few games. So "scoring consistently" might need a few more games before it can be remotely considered consistent by any stretch of the imagination. Also "somewhat of a legitimate" doesn't make sense in a sentence, it is either one or the other. They either have somewhat of a chance, or they have a legitimate chance. Right now, it is hovering squarely on somewhat.
  8. I agree, although if FC Edmonton squeak in the fourth spot, but get pounded immediately, then I will have very conflicted feeling about him keeping his job.
  9. I loved to hate them, and I would love to see them come back with strong ownership. However, they are not a USSF team so they do count as foreign team, which works against Canada, and the travel is a strain. It would be best if they didn't come back, with the exception of romantic notions. I was upset that they didn't continue to play in a Caribbean league (Liga Nacional de FĂștbol de Puerto Rico) instead of outright folding.
  10. I disagree about the Voyageurs Cup. The smaller clubs would get huge crowds (for them).
  11. We should probably leave the Pint at 4:30. I hate cutting my time too close to the start of a sporting event. I like watching the warm ups while having a stadium crack beer.
  12. Hey, I am going to need at least two for now, and we can meet anywhere before the game.
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