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  1. The fact that clubs will not be responsible for the salaries of what will likely be the top 52 players in the league must have a material impact in financial viability. I think this league offers a glimmer of hope. As for limiting the national scope, they have to 'go big' to have any hope of generating enough buzz to endure. Limiting the exercise to a regional league condemns it to being even less than USL PRO level.
  2. At least Hart took responsibility during the brief postgame interview, I'll give him that.
  3. The way this team is playing today I think they'd be beaten by Chivas USA.
  4. In their place I would ask for the flight back to Canada land at an undisclosed location.
  5. McKenna said it all in that halftime interview: "It's pretty sad." Couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. CSA hang your head in shame, I am embarrassed. And people ask why there are not more Canadian players on our MLS clubs, the reason is there in front of us in Honduras.
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