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  1. But that doesn't really change much. people have mentioned the problems with instituting GA/ not knowing what GA is.... Just institute it, with advertisment from CSA or whatever when they sell tickets notifying people of it, and start doing it so people learn and the kinks get worked out. General Admission is the only way to go for a section that is supposed to be one that sings/has flags/movement/fervent support. Where's the unrestrained passion when you're restrained by something as pointless as a number in the seat. But either way, I know what I say isn't really to
  2. I don't know why people are over analyzing this so much. It's sporr, not science. The honduras friendly in montreal, we in the section, next to the voyageurs was hastily planned and general admission with no problems. There should be no real problems, instituting it when planned. Sure our section was small at the start, but we easily doubled at half time. Plus places like montreal and other mls sections are general admission with no real problems. Doing it naturally works out the problems, instead of such an in depth examination of the concept. Do more, think less.
  3. Good riddance. Get out of here already.
  4. So shocking the guy who wears a red canada scarf in the middle of people wearing black and blue doesn't know what he's talking about. If you don't want a stupid argument, don't say something stupid like there was a "clearly coordinated"effort that marrs the 10 year anniversary of the group. Anyways, I'm probably already passed the limit of how much I can make fun of a v here on this forum without the morality police coming after me, continue on with the usual dumb comments/terribly executed trolling, I'll be back to be an ******* in the open without trying to hide it in a few w
  5. "almost all"? People in the kop have been sitting for the anthems for as long as there has been one, and it has never been almost all, as you say. Never even been close to that amount. **** anthems at club games anyways, stupid idea.
  6. Oh. It's been done in montreal for the entire time I've been in the group(6 years) and I don't doubt that even the people in vancouver and toronto have been doing it for years and years as well. Was even done at the honduras friendly in montreal, I think...
  7. 1. I don't think the ultras care about tv coverage when picking a section. 2. Smoke bombs or flares aren't allowed 3., what's "the poznan"?
  8. Geez fellas, if you're going to talk about me like spurned teeny bopper girls at a slumber party, at least remember my countless rants about how the Big O is terrible for people in any organised supporter group.
  9. Well, I guess it kind of adds a positive spin on the fact that he was missing from the lineup this season, we kind of expected not to bank on him making the team.
  10. Yo gimphand, you realise I quoted multiple people, so it's quite possible the post had some things in it that weren't directed at you?
  11. Really guys, you have to make me do this? Alright.... Yeah, since I'm so loyal to the guy that I've repeatedly called for to be fired, over the span of what is pretty much the entire existence of TFC, and argued with the club owner who is notorious for sticking by NDS' side at a private event he graciously invited people to. I've also grown fiercely loyal to the bland American coach that has been making moves for what.... a month? NDS seems to finally have as much influence as he deserves, which is next to none. Saputo CANNOT fire that idiot, but he's finally figured out t
  12. In what world does a man write a post that starts with the admission "We won't be amazing", that you feel the need to start your response with "... you have to realise being an expansion team at a new level with a whole pile of new obtuse rules is a huge challenge." I think it's quite obvious, by the start of my post I know that. TFC didnt fail because a lack of quality Canadians, they failed because they had a **** front office that assembled a bad team with bad Canadians and non canadians alike, as well as no real true plan for their playstyle/future. Which like I said it seems
  13. They wont be amazing, but they wont be nearly as bad as the soap operas that are tfc/van. There is too much cohesiveness in the front office to have TFC style problems like they had in early seasons.
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