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What the CSA should have done


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Are you kidding me?

Leo Rautin's is a !$%!$ terrible coach. He has no respect from the player for many reasons including using raptors TV as his soap box. Anybody who knows anything about basketball hates this guy!He has no business being extended one week let alone 1 or 2 years.

Basketball Canada is basically CSA V. 2.0

Making this style of contract makes sense, but if it's the wrong person in the first place we're already sunk.

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quote:Originally posted by Blackdude

I like the panel, but Leo Rautins was never a coach before they gave him the nod. Samuel Dalembert won't play for him and it looks like our soccer program.

The team did not like Dalembert during the qualifying games

as he was the prima donna who showed up for practice whenever

he wanted. While Rautins was suspect as a coach, his experience

at the international level was huge as a player.

The problem with Rautins was that he had huge shoes to fill.

I thought Rautins was a better coach than previous ones before

him, other than Jay Triano and the legendary Jack Donohue.

People were saying the same about Triano before he took over.

As for the CSA comparison, that's pretty credible; it's just that

the CSA for some reason or another would hire a failed U20

coach to its senior ranks, while Basketball Canada would hire

a relatively inexperienced one.

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From the article:

"To that end, Parrish also announced a nine-member "council of excellence" comprised of some of the biggest names in Canadian basketball: Raptors head coach and former national team coach Jay Triano, Raptors assistant general manager Maurizio Gherardini, Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash, former Raptors GM and current New York Knicks senior vice-president for basketball operations Glen Grunwald, former women's Olympic team member Sylvia Sweeney, long-time Canadian coaches Ken and Kathy Shields, Don McCrae and Steve Konchalski."

Could you imagine a similar panel for the MNT coach? Imagine Mitchell facing a panel with

Holger Osieck, Jim Brennan, Thomas Niendorf, Charmaine Hooper, Bob Lenarduzzi, and Craig Forrest!

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