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Kevan Pipe fired !!!

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The Canadian Soccer Association Moves in a New Direction – la version en français de retrouve ici-bas.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

For additional details, please contact:

Éric Lamoureux

Canadian Soccer Association

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - The Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) announced earlier today that the Executive Committee has determined that a new course is necessary for the development of soccer in Canada.

In keeping with this resolution, the CSA Executive has decided to install new direction, and accordingly, Chief Operating Officer Kevan Pipe will be leaving the organization effective today.

“Canadian soccer is entering a new era and we felt, as an executive, it was time that the CSA embark under new leadership,” said CSA President Colin Linford. “This decision was extremely difficult and not taken lightly.”

The CSA would like to extend its highest appreciation to Mr. Pipe for his loyalty and devotion to the development of Soccer in Canada for the past quarter century.

L’Association canadienne de soccer prend une nouvelle direction

POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE – le jeudi 2 novembre 2006

Pour toute information additionnelle, veuillez communiquer avec :

Éric Lamoureux

Association canadienne de soccer

OTTAWA (ONTARIO) - L’Association canadienne de soccer (ACS) a annoncé aujourd’hui que son comité exécutif avait déterminé qu’une nouvelle orientation était nécessaire pour le développement du soccer au Canada.

Conformément à cette résolution, le comité exécutif de l’ACS a décidé de prendre une nouvelle orientation et à cet effet, le chef des opérations, M. Kevan Pipe, quittera l’organisation à compter d’aujourd’hui.

« Le soccer canadien entre dans une nouvelle ère et le comité exécutif était d’avis qu’il était temps que l’ACS renouvelle son leadership, a déclaré le président de l’ACS, M. Colin Linford. Cette décision a été très difficile et n’a pas été prise à la légère. »

L’ACS souhaite remercier chaleureusement M. Pipe pour sa fidélité et son dévouement au cours des 25 dernières années pour le développement du soccer canadien.

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I think this is a good thing, and I am not Pipe bashing at all,I just think that a new perspective is always good. Hopefully Canada can use this to turn the corner with TFC and the youth world cup we have some major opportunities to excelerate our development.

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TSN's story on Pipe's dismissal

Guess TFC will be trying to hire him?


OTTAWA (CP) - The Canadian Soccer Association has fired longtime chief operating officer Kevan Pipe.

Association president Colin Linford says the CSA is looking to go in a new direction and felt that a change was needed.

The CSA is already searching for a technical director and plans to start looking for a men's head coach next month.

Pipe has been with the Canadian Soccer Association since November 1985.

Reached at his Ottawa home, Pipe said the firing had taken him completely him by surprise.


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Full CP article:

CSA fires CEO Kevan Pipe

Canadian Soccer

Canadian Soccer

Canadian Press

11/2/2006 3:32:23 PM

The Canadian Soccer Association has fired chief operating officer Kevan Pipe after more than 20 years on the job.

''We're looking for a new direction and we felt that a change was needed,'' association president Colin Linford told The Canadian Press in an interview Thursday.

''We're looking for someone that maybe can give us the vision for the future,'' he added. ''Maybe someone that can lead us in a direction with corporate Canada, with sponsorships - anything and everything that really promotes the Canadian Soccer Association as the governing body in Canada.''

Linford, elected president in May, now has several jobs to fill. The association is already searching for a technical director and plans to start looking for a men's head coach next month.

Pipe joined the Canadian Soccer Association as executive director on Nov. 1, 1985. His title changed to COO some 10 years ago.

Under his watch, soccer has grown into the largest participatory sport in Canada with more than 850,000 registered players.

''I'm just incredibly proud of my record in soccer, particularly in the last five years,'' Pipe said in an interview.

He learned of his firing Thursday morning, saying he had ''no inkling,'' it was coming.

''(I'm) very surprised. And I've been advised just to say nothing else.''

The decision to remove Pipe was made by the CSA's executive, Linford said.

''And incidentally, it was a united decision,'' he added.

The firing comes exactly one week after Pipe and Linford sat on a dais together while FIFA vice-president Jack Warner raved about their preparations for the 2007 world under-20 championships.

Pipe had done much of the heavy lifting in helping bring the tournament to Canada, steering a Toronto stadium to fruition despite plans being shelved at the University of Toronto and York University.

The day before the news conference with Warner, Pipe had toured the Toronto stadium site with FIFA delegates.

''I do feel a sense of pride here today,'' he said at the time. ''To actually see it come to reality.''

A happy Pipe then left the tour to climb to the top of the west stand to see the view over downtown Toronto.

''We would always want to thank Kevin for his contribution to the game and his leadership qualities that he has given us as an association for the last 22 years,'' Linford said.

Asked about his accomplishments on the job, Pipe said ''a whole whack of things.''

He cited the 1987 world under-17 championships, the Canadian Soccer League, 2002 under-19 women's championship, Toronto stadium development, 2007 under-20 men's championships and the recent CBC TV deal.

''It's been quite a ride.''

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Pipe may not be responsible for all of the failures of the CSA as many people portray yet I think this is an excellent move that should have been taken years ago. At some point even the top administrator has to take responsibility for the national team failures. It seems that in Linford we finally have a president who is actually in charge and possibly a competent board. Linford did take a different line than Pipe on the Hooper affair so one can assume that had an effect. Pellerud must be feeling much less secure at the moment as well. I am at least more positive that the search for a new coach will done properly. If we can get a reputable coach and the organization starts to be better run maybe we will have a better chance of convincing players like Jonathon DeGuzman to commit to Canada.

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Hopefully Sports Canada and the Canadian sports minister will review and investigate the CSA and Pipe. The CSA executive must be aware their under the microscope and hope that Pipe dismissal will be enough to block any further action. Lets make sure this gets investigated fully.

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Interesting...1st who is on the Executive Committee of the CSA and who and what are Colin Linford about? To find their background may help to find what direction the CSA may be taking? Will be listening to Sports 590 Soccer show this evening.

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