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Kevan Pipe fired !!!

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quote:Originally posted by peterjj1

When the real story comes out on why Kevan Pipe was fired you will all be surprised. hint! it started in 1997.............

so you went through all the trouble of signing up on here just to tease us?

why would you do that?


this was a long overdue move. thats 5 world cup's we didn't qualify for, on his watch.

not that I'm saying it was all his fault, but at the end of the day he was the one steering the ship........

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Quite the news... I'm surprised it's all quiet on the Richard front. Maybe he's on his way to Ontario for the first interview :D

Actually considering all the major things happening in the Canadian Soccer world I'm surprised that they decided to do this now. Maybe Kerfoot was the last straw? Who knows.. But with the stadium, MLS, and the WYC all in the same time frame, it's still really important to have some form of direction. This might not have been the best time to do it.

That being said I'm happy that we have an official "regime change" on our hands.

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quote:Originally posted by Acid-Tone

colins linford's only been on the job for a couple of months now.

Colin Linford was previously a Director on the CSA board. The Directors are made up of the Provincial and Territorial Association President's. Colin was President of the Ontario Soccer Association.

For more information on this story, you can contact Eric Lamoureux, Director of Communications:


(613) 237-7678 X239

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A few comment from DeVos on the TSN article.



Former Canadian captain Jason deVos called the Pipe firing "a changing of the guard."

"There will be people, I think, who feel it's long overdue," the veteran defender said from England, where he plays for Ipswich. "Inevitably Kevan bore the brunt of a lot of the frustration on the players' part, but I don't think that anyone held him personally accountable for all the wrongs of Canadian soccer."

Still, DeVos said the players have long campaigned for more accountability within the CSA.

"The association was never run as a business," deVos said. "If you're unsuccessful in business, the people at the top are held accountable. The biggest frustration that we had as players is there wasn't a great deal of accountability. It seemed like the same people had been running the association for the last 20 years."

For players, that's hard to accept. They make a living in a business where if you don't do your job, someone will take it from you.

"It's survival of the fittest at its most basic element, being a professional footballer," deVos said.

"We didn't feel that same sink-or-swim mentality was present in the association as it was for us on the field," he added.


DeVos, who has retired from international play, says not being able to represent Canada at the World Cup is his biggest regret.

He said the players will ultimately have to put up their hands for Canada's failure to reach the sport's greatest showcase. But errors on the administrative side did not help.

"Because for a country like Canada to qualify for the World Cup we've got to get everything right."

"If you speak to anyone who's represented the men's team in the last 10 years, they'll probably all say the same thing," he added. "That there were a lot of things that were done by the association which were completely contrary to our main goal which is to qualify for the World Cup."

DeVos recalls a World Cup qualifying game in Edmonton against Trinidad and Tobago where he left the dressing room to find a reggae band on the pitch "trying to make them feel at home."

"And I thought to myself `You must be kidding me. Would we go to Mexico and have the Barenaked Ladies playing on the pitch?"'

Players also chafed at having to fly eight times zones or more and negotiate complex itineraries to arrive in Vancouver for a qualifying match.

No doubt, Pipe did not book the reggae band or the plane connections. But he was the top paid official at the association.

"A lot of the frustration we felt as players inevitably landed on his doorstep," said deVos.

DeVos said he had never had a problem with Pipe on a personal level, calling him courteous, open and professional.

"But like I said there was so much wrong with the way things were done, the way things were run, inevitably ... most people held Kevan accountable for that."

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quote:Originally posted by Elias

That's the irony of it all. Finally got the new stadium, WYC, MLS. And he gets fired now. Is that smoke I smell?

And yeah, I also thought this was a late April fools joke when I saw the title. Who knew, it's an early Christmas present.

The CSA should go after CFL commissioner Tom Wright who is stepping down at the end of the year. He seems to be liked by most media people, he has done an amazing job with CFL corporate sponsorships, I think he used to be the CEO of Adidas Canada. He's exactly what the CSA needs on the business side of things.

That is an excellent idea!


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quote:Originally posted by dbailey62

That is an excellent idea!


I agree, sounds like an excellent candidate.

Whilst I don't believe Kevan Pipe was personally responsible for all that ails Canadian soccer - he took direction from the CSA board of directors - it is probably not a good idea to leave the same person in that position for as long as the CSA did. Most provincial associations rotate their executive directors much more frequently. I don't support change purely for the sake of change but a new broom every now and then can't do any harm. I wish Kevan Pipe well and thank him for all the positive things he managed to achieve for soccer in Canada, often under very difficult and trying circumstances.

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My experience with non-profit boards of directors would suggest that they are normally biased towards the status quo. That means I suspect this has been coming for a while. The CSA has been without a publicly stated strategic plan which includes publicly-stated performance goals. I also tend to agree with most of Jason deVos's comments.

I also suspect the departure of Bate and Yallop probably hastened the process along.

While changing the Executive Director now is not ideal, it is better than waiting a few months.

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