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Paul Stalteri Q&A Session for the Voyageurs


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Paul Stalteri - Tottenham Hotspur RB and Canadian National Team Star


Timotas: Firstly Paul, congratulations on your recent success at Tottenham. Here in Canada we have read reports of how you've fit in nicely and how adapting to the English game has been no problem for you. To begin...

Q 1: What is the main difference between the game in Bundesliga and the game in the Premiership? Which do you think suites your style best?

A: I think that the pace in the Premiership is a bit quicker and more direct than in the Bundesliga. It is also more physical than Germany and the referee lets the game flow a bit more. I like to think that both leagues suit my style in different ways, so I would not really say that one is better for me.

Q 2: What is it like to play against some of the worlds best players in the Premiership? Players such as Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, and Ruud van Nistelrooy?

A: It is a great challenge every week to go up against some of the best players in the world. There are many fantastic players in this league and I try to enjoy all the games as much as I can.

Q 3: Reading reports over here in Canada about your progress with Tottenham, it has been said that you have shown a lot of leadership at White Hart Line. How do you accomplish this?

A: I am not sure what the reports are saying, but I am at an age where I think that I can use some of my experience to help our team have a successful season.

Q 4: How do you feel the additions of yourself, Edgar Davids, and Jermaine Jenas have benefited Spurs this season?

A: I think that we have a very young team. The few additions to the team this year have helped give the squad a bit more experience.

Q 5: What is your opinion on the new Toronto MLS team set for 2007? Do you ever see yourself coming back to North America to end your career, perhaps in Toronto?

A: I think that if the team is operated at a top professional level then it could do very well in Toronto and that could only work to benefit young players in Canada. It is a very successful league in the states and I hope that the Toronto team will do well and be supported by the people. I am not sure when or where I will end my career, I am playing right now in England and I am really happy about that.

Q 6: As we know, the National team had a bit of a rocky World Cup Qualifying campaign with poor officiating, lack of preparation, etc. What do you think Canada needs to do to qualify for World Cup 2010?

A: We all know how difficult it is and will continue to be to qualify for a World Cup. We can only hope that we get off to a better start than the last campaign. We need to continue to get better and then you never know what can happen.

Q 7: A hot topic in Canadian soccer lately has been whether or not Julian De Guzman's younger brother, Feyenoord star, Jonathan will choose Canada or Holland. What is your understanding of this situation and which country do you believe he will lean towards?

A: I am not sure about Jonathan's situation, but I know his family and I think that they will help him make the best decision for his career.

Here are some additional questions from some Canadian soccer


Jeffrey S. asks:

Why have you opted out for most of the Canadian national team dates

over 2005? Being a senior member of the team, do you think that you

should have a role beyond just playing for us, namely setting an

example and helping Frank consolidate a new block of players?

A: The only reason I did not play in many games this year was due to the injury I sustained in the last game of my career with Bremen, had that not happened then I would have been available to play in many more games.

Ian Kennett asks:

Have you or any other members of the national team able to offer

Jonathan De Guzman any encouragement/persuasion to play for Canada?

Will you be playing against Austria?

A: I have not spoken to Jonathan about his situation. I hope be part of the squad for the game in Austria.

Nolando asks:

Now that you have proven yourself to be Premiership material, do you

see Tottenham as another step in your development, perhaps a bridge to Serie A or even a real Champion's League contender?

A: I have a long term contract with Tottenham and I am more than happy here. I have no thoughts about any other team or league. I would like nothing more than being part of something special here and help this club back to playing at the top of the league where their fans deserve to be.

Gwallace76 asks:

If you just had to pick one, who is the most talented Canadian Player

you have played alongside in the past? Also, based on what you've seen over the last few years, who do you think Canada's top prospect is?

A: That is difficult to say, I have played with many great players for Canada, I can't really say who is the best. And I think that Canada has many young players who could go very far in this game, so again it is hard to say who the most talented of them is.

End of Question/Answer Session with Paul Stalteri.


I hope you guys enjoyed his answers to a few of mine and others questions. I don't think you'd be able to get a hold of one of the top defenders in the Premiership and be able to ask them questions like this, so lets be thankful Paul is such a great guy :).

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Great stuff! Well done and thanks for posting this. I guess I must have missed the thread where we could submit questions. I must say I'm not sure where Jeffrey was coming from with that question - the only game Stalteri might have "opted out" of was the last one against Luxembourg, and even then I'm not sure Yallop bothered to call him, even though he initially said he would when Yallop opted not to call Stalteri for the Spain match. He was injured for the Gold Cup match and played against Portugal. IIRC that was it for 2005.

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Great work, though Paul sounds just like one of our veteran hockey players: doesn't really say anything because he'd rather not be controversial etc. To be fair, it is a mature stance, one that I respect. He isn't going to get caught saying something that will cause problems for him or his teams. Perhaps he should run for office when he returns to the country. The Liberals could use him!

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Nice article - thanks for that. Too bad he's not the most revealing of interviewees (really, could you play it any safer?- too risky to even name a couple of great MNT teamates?), but it looks like it wasn't through an lack of effort on your part. Way to go!

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Yeah Paul played it safe, which is understandable of course. When you're a professional, the minute you say something that could be considered politically incorrect or against your teams’ wishes, it may blow up in your face. I tried to get down to some of the in-depth topics of Canadian football, such as the MLS in Toronto and JDG2, but he didn't elaborate too much, which again, very understandable. I told him in my response that all of us Voyageurs are keeping a close eye on his career in England and that he's making us all very proud.

I am going to try to contact a few others and try some more of these interviews with Nats members.

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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

Nice work, Timotas. A pity Paul felt the need to muzzle his comments. The day of the interesting interview seems to be long over...

Remember what happened to Mike Vanderjagt a couple of years back. He made comments about his coaches and teammates and it could have cost his career in the NFL. He made the comments on The Score (I believe) and they blew up in his face big time.

Nobody can blame any athlete for being cautious or better yet classy.


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quote:Originally posted by loyola

Good job Timotas, nice interview.

BTW, where's the interview Daniel did with Yallop during the luxembourg trip? I remember that Daniel posted some answers but do we have the whole interview? Thanks!

It was published in Quebec Soccer.

Nothing really revealing.

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