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  1. He came a long way from North York Rockets and St. Catharines Roma Wolves!
  2. Different players, different roles, different positions. Cavs is a great finisher. Oso is a link/set-up man who can also pot a few. They should be playing together!
  3. They missed this one. Pesch v Liverpool! More people need to see this one! https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/top-10-plays-by-canadian-soccer-players~1931028
  4. We've got 2022 to work towards first. One bad injury and anyone of those guys careers are over. I don't think anybody is banking on 2026 although they'll be hoping. Six years is a long ways away.
  5. Don't you think that just maybe, every player on the team wants to play in a World Cup? Just saying!
  6. Well there's gratitude for you. A guy who is busting his butt and risking injury to play for Canada and this is how some react! That's a very disappointing attitude! Sure, he didn't handle that moment well. He was naive but he still deserves thanks for putting out for Canada.
  7. Not likely an issue. He is not in demand! "Striker Haber has not scored in 17 appearances for Falkirk and has been tipped to depart the club midway through a season-long loan, but will not make a return to Tayside." https://amp.sportsmole.co.uk/football/dundee/transfer-talk/news/mcintyre-plans-january-clear-out-in-bid-to-prepare-dundee-for-survival-fight_345262.html
  8. No I can't imagine that. If Davies is rocking at Bayern, Herdman will want to take advantage of that. He's not an idiot. He'll do whatever gives Canada the best chance to win!
  9. http://www.transfermarkt.com/christopher-suta/leistungsdaten/spieler/125339
  10. They had players bringing Tupperware to practice so they could take the buffet leftovers home to feed themselves with two or three of those minimum wage players sharing flats. Creative survival! The MLS minimum wage was ridiculous back in those days.
  11. .... and Altidore started the year playing on an injured foot during the CCL which finally couldn't take anymore stress requiring in-season surgery! He finished 2017 and scored his MLS Cup winning goal on that same injured foot. Quite inspirational actually!
  12. That's great. Pleased for him. Under different circumstances and with more minutes, he might have worked out well here. Any word on his court issues? Have they been put to rest yet or is he still facing potential jail time?
  13. The contract was terminated by mutual consent according to Bez in the Toronto Sun. Just saying! Midfielder Ager Aketxe’s hefty contract, the biggest black mark on the resume of general manager Tim Bezbatchenko so far, was terminated “by mutual consent.” https://torontosun.com/sports/soccer/mls/toronto-fc/tfc-keeps-moor-morgan-makes-other-roster-moves
  14. Ironically, TFC feels that at least part of what they did last year was a mistake.
  15. Very much so. As far as I'm concerned, he could still be with TFC's MLS squad! Obviously they don't feel the same way.
  16. Who is to say that the local is cheaper? Do you know what salary he was on? Do you know what the locals make? It is much more likely that he was playing at his level as Nolando has said. What is your knowledge of the Swedish league? I think you are making a rather massive assumption with no actual facts to back it up. That's not to say he won't be a good CPL player of course. I like what I see in his edited highlight pack. He looks very serviceable and seems to play with confidence and authority!
  17. You know you're old when whenever the Fury is mentioned, I'm thinking Winnipeg!
  18. Change "when" to a mighty big "IF". It's like saying "when" the League of Wales is as good as the Premiership, will Swansea and Cardiff City be forced to move? Granted, that example is extreme as CPL will not be that much weaker than MLS but in Canada, it will come down to commercial viability. With TFC drawing 27k per match, would you really want it to join a league averaging less than 8k per match? It would be cutting off one's nose to spite the face! USL and CPL will be comparable thus making this current scenario feasible and realistic!
  19. In the same vein of crazy panicking, I am extremely worried that there are not yet line-ups outside the stadiums for opening day! C'mon people! Show your excitement and loyalty. Set up a tent and get ready to cheer on your team. You've only got three months!
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