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  1. So much more exciting than the OneSoccer highlights because Fox has the right crowd noise vs play by play volume.
  2. Was that ever great to watch. Entertaining and easy on the heart as well. Mustachio MOTM for sure but indeed each Canadian on the field was better than the opponent.
  3. Where do you find a list of all historical CANMNT individual statistics (caps, goals, assists, etc.). I remember it being on the Canada Soccer website but can't find it there anymore nor any other google search. Please and thanks.
  4. Yah it's brutal. They better not have this for Canda's game.
  5. I am guessing it is the same as "games played". At the end of the season they'd all be the same but during the season there would be differences.
  6. The Road to Qatar is long. And painful. Just like this thread.
  7. Nice vids! The one you have labelled as one of his prettiest vs Bolton is a computer game simulation tho...
  8. Here I thought the pun was on the word "irons". You know - golfing accident...
  9. Rank Your Hall of Shame Posters: tg11 Miro Kliment Robert Amanfromvancouver Who were other notable candidates?
  10. Two shots on goal according to MLS website as well. Not bad for 3 mins of play. Highlights don't show his shots but commentator says how big and strong he is...
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