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  1. Air Canada has added a direct flight ✈️ from Toronto to Nashville on the Friday morning, with an return option on the Monday morning for under $400.
  2. A little something to get you into that Nashville vibe ... looking forward to this trip !
  3. I know TFC's announced attendance is scans, with over 20,000 season tickets, they have announced crowds for some cup matches far below that. Not sure what CPL does?
  4. I figured that, guess they could get more for some weekend games. In reference to the CPL, Forge averaged 6,588 fans in 2019, 25% of Tim Horton's Field is 5,804. As for Ottawa the Fury averaged 4,555 and TD Place at 25% capacity is 6,000. York is a different story being in a smaller stadium.
  5. As of next Wednesday in Ontario, outdoor sporting events can have a capacity of 25%, which at BMO Field would be 7,500 fans in the stands. Capacity levels certainly will come into play when the CSA decides to choose where to play. Stage 3 capacity in Ontario has yet to be announced. All that has to get sorted out is the border and in my eyes everything else falls into place. https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario
  6. This is great news once the Ontario teams return to their home stadiums. Ontario is moving to Step 2 of re-opening next Wed. June 30th. "Outdoor sport facilities with spectators permitted at 25 per cent capacity" are part of this stage. The first league, the Intercounty Baseball League has announced there season will kick-off July 5th. Welland for instance will have 710 spectators in the stands, 25 % capacity. This is a good sign for the CPL's return to their home markets.
  7. So somehow charter turned into shatter, dam auto correct on my computer lol
  8. Wonder if the CSA could shatter a plane after the 3rd game from wherever its being played to London? They could disperse everyone from there, it would be costly but would help.
  9. With the 3rd game on a Wednesday night, the logistics of getting guys back to their clubs especially in Europe will come into play. The game at the US will be Texas or Florida. Austin checks so many boxes. I assume the CMNT flies charter?
  10. In regards to the game at the US, MLS for the most part is in action that weekend (Sept3-4). There are home games at Philadelphia, Houston, LAFC, Orlando, Cincinnati, SLC, Nashville and San Jose. There is also a NWSL game at Red Bull Arena that weekend. In my eyes the USSF going with Austin makes sense in so many ways as it's the middle game between two in Central America. Austin also had the new shiny stadium. Ft. Lauderdale could work too. Really think its down to these two unless they go the NFL stadium route as its an off-weekend before the season kicks off. Wirth this in mind I think Toronto or Montreal makes sense for the first two games. Herdman and company can hold camp at the BMO Training Ground. Also makes it easy to get guys back to Europe on the red eye right after the third game if needed.
  11. The border is really the big thing that has to open up, once people from abroad can come in, I think everything else will fall into place from both a provincial and municipal health standpoint. A lot will become clearer in the day leading up to July 21, when the feds will have to decide to keep the border open or closed for another month.
  12. Montreal makes sense for both games in September if Toronto is not in the cards. Easy to get the players into from Europe, the US match will most likely be in the south since it's the middle match for them with matches in Central America on both sides. The Quebec government has already increased the capacity for Habs playoff games once and would expect to see another if they make the final. Plus the match will be played outdoors, even 50% capacity is a possibility. We shall see.
  13. Its a 2026 World Cup venue and got new turf for the 2015 WWC.
  14. Would the Big O be given preference as its a 2026 venue ? Wonder if that plays a part in this?
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