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  1. When will the NSL and all the teams get their own section on this board, time to move the conversation out of the national team section, don't you think?
  2. Well you could do this, 10 team single elimination bracket. Think the first round would be the four L1 winners, BC vs. Alberta and Ontario vs. Quebec. The two winners would then join the 6 NSL teams in the QF. One thing is one of the four NSL teams in the east would have to be drawn to go over to the west side of the bracket.
  3. With the formation of the Northern Super League and four L1.s so far across the country, could we see a women's VCup, makes sense on paper at least. You would have 10 teams in it to start, the 6 NSL teams and the four L1 Champions across the country, it could go as more teams and league's are formed. think for this one, single knock out would make most sense, guess that could be discussed? Just an idea that crossed my mind.
  4. Do you think that playing 25 games during the first season means 12 home, 12 away and one neutral, exposing the league to other markets around the country?
  5. What's a bigger upset Forge over Montreal or St. Laurent over HFX or TSS over Valour last year?
  6. The Jays do school days where it is all filled through group sales deals, the kids come close and far on subway, buses etc, it is a zoo outside the dome before and after with all the buses pulling up.
  7. Anyone see anything about tickets for the CS St. Laurent home leg?
  8. If anyone has an extra ticket for the Forge Montreal match they can not use I would to go to see the L'Impact go down in the flames, PM me if you do.
  9. Do not know anything about them, does CS Saint-Laurent have any chance to knock off HFX, are they a decent team? Curious as TFC supporter if they did, where would they host the Reds, is their home field suitable ?
  10. Had to be Pacific trying to get out of playing the game and paying for TSS travel to the island, like a bus and some ferry tickets really were going to cost all that much, getting a first round bye. Had to be that.
  11. Yeah you can get promoted up , but never as a high as your first team, also you are relegated automatically if the first team comes down.
  12. I am curious, why the Maritime Super Series does not have League 1 Canada branding yet as it goes into it's second year? Also it looks like a lot of the clubs you would like to see from in and around the Halifax area are not involved compared to the ex. season we saw in Alberta last year as they have their first official season in 2024. As I really do not know much about the Atlantic soccer scene I am curious what is going on ,what people think?
  13. They have announced that Simcoe has sold 900 away tickets so far, pushing towards that 2K goal.
  14. Toronto FC Academy will be playing in the L1O Championship this season. Toronto FC Academy to join League1 Ontario Men’s Championship Division
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