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  1. Our economies are so integrated with the supply chain and the fact that we share a large border. I really do not see Canada opening up for regular business that much ahead of the US if the virus is still causing havoc down south. The integration will assure that. We have essential workers crossing the border every day and the certainly is a huge risk. Plus I wonder how the CPL would handle it if their import players can not get into the country? I know the MLS teams asked their players to stay around their home market but there was nothing stopping a player at the time from jumping on a plane back to their home country if they were concerned about family etc. There are lots of aspects to this that will simply do not know at this point.
  2. I have huge doubts for a CPL season any time soon. Unfortunately Canada is largely screwed due to the situation in the US, it needs to be contained there before anything remotely resembling normal life can restart in Canada. Essential travel only or not, there is simply too much integration to not be constantly importing cases. Just do not think the risk is worth it even if we have seen a downturn in cases here. I think we need to see 14 days of no cases being reported to truly return to normalcy.
  3. Wonder if One Soccer is looking at a deal for the Belarusian Premier League as its the only league in Europe that is still playing? It would give them some live programming as I am sure other channels are looking at it too.
  4. Wonder who we may see make the move to the Belarusian Premier League as it is the only league in Europe that is still playing? May we see some CPL targets head their instead? Some are suggesting we may see some big names make the move there. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/soccer/2020/03/23/coronavirus-belarusian-premier-league-keeps-playing-soccer/2897028001/
  5. The COC has just said they will not be sending any athletes if the Olympics are held this summer. That says a lot of how long people are thinking this will go on for.
  6. That is totally different, in the case of the CPL it would be putting people together on purpose for entertainment. It would be such a dumb look.
  7. Public health are not wasting tests on a 100 plus soccer players and staff each day just so games can be played at some random outpost.
  8. I know the CPL and CFL are unique in being all Canadian leagues, wonder if the government will let them start even if say MLS, MLB , NBA etc are not playing due to what is going on in the US. The communal aspect to this makes it hard as I really can not see them allowing large gatherings if their is a chance of spread, even if its quite small at the time. I guess the CPL could if they were allowed could play a chunk of the season at least early on behind closed doors. Even if allowed would they proceed along the route considering financial losses.
  9. Ottawa and any CPL team for that matter at this moment faces the issue of their non- Canada/American players and staff not getting into the country with the new travel ban by the Canadian government today. This would include Mista and anyone else. Lots of moving parts on this issue.
  10. Provincial D3 and USL L2/PDL is one in the same, the provincial associations have said as much by making teams play in the domestic league.
  11. We be interesting to see how things proceed in the coming weeks and if these games actually get played. Think we are on the verge of a lot of events in Canada being cancelled or played with no crowds. Sure the CSA is keep an eye on such a situation coming up.
  12. I think what you have to figure out is what exactly D2 would be? In essence you are creating a level between the CPL and the provincial D3 leagues. We have MLS, CPL and L10/PLSQ. As we know we going to get a third D3 league in BC. Not knowing much about the USSDA leagues, I look to USL L1 for the development of at least the older TFC Academy players. D2 to me is an unknown as I do not see promotion/relegation being all the realistic at this point and in some ways ever. Why as an owner would I risk my investment my advocating for it. It the same way I feel about MLS and this subject. I see it as some sort of league completely seperate form the CPL as this point.
  13. I can understand why they rushed into taking the field this year now that RFL Ottawa Aces were formally announced today. Having that one year jump on them will be key for targeting the casual entertainment seeker who looking to go out, having a fun time with family and friends. Here in Toronto, the Toronto Wolfpack have seen their attendance rise since there first season when they averaged 6,992 a game. For a sport that little knew about prior to its arrival, the Wolfpack have seen it rise to 7,882 in 2019 with some even bigger crowds. I am expecting the same in Ottawa, so will really be interest to see how the two teams attendance compares.
  14. What has changed, they scrapped the group stage not too long ago, with most citing that was just not enough interest in it. The group stage in the past had two formats, four and three team setups. In the era of the four you also had the preliminary round where the Canadian team wold enter.
  15. Assume York is trying to stay away from TFC who play Saturdays.
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