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  1. None of these tests that have a quick turn around on results have come to market. That will be key in this process. Guess we will see how it goes in Germany starting this weekend.
  2. This makes you wonder how viable a return is, are you taking too much of a chance after two positive Coronavirus tests at Dynamo Dresden in the 2nd Bundesliga. All players, coaches, trainers, and other support staff have to go into a 14-day quarantine starting today. They won't be able to take part in the planned league restart.Bundesliga 2 squad quarantined ahead of restartWhat happens if a situation like this happens in the CPL, especially once you are back in season, meaning a second team has also been exposed.
  3. I am very much against mass testing being used for the purpose of letting pro athletes play games when we still have shortages throughout the world. No one like this should be jumping the cue for such a trivial reason. As much as I love sports and footy, being a TFC season seat holder trying to play games at this point is something I am not a fan of.
  4. I wonder how viable it would be for the CPL to start closed doors. In many ways, it would be out of sight, out of mind to most in this country. Would corporate partners be interesting in in. Thats going to be a big question for of leagues, with the way the economy is going will companies be as enthusiastic on sports out of the gate. Will their focus be on bigger things. Also if its closed door the lack of engagement with the fan base will limit opportunities for partners. Lots of moving parts here with the big question being testing and safety in general.
  5. Does this say more about a a second division not being viable or that promotion/relegation is not viable? When you have a number of clubs that are on completely different financial level here things like this will come up. Those are two distinct items we are discussing here. I am of the believe neither of these have a place in Canada at this point. The CPL really has to see growth in my eyes for some sort of second tier maybe becomes viable. I am not sold it ever does. Take a look at this list of the Big City Mayors Caucus, it will give you an idea of 22 areas the CPL can target, which I am sure they already have. https://fcm.ca/en/about-fcm/big-city-mayors-caucus
  6. Quebec has canceled all cultural , music and sports events until Aug. 31, so while it would not have a direct affect on the CP it would get cause the CFL and MLS issues in regards to playing. As suggested in the article, any league at this point that tries to play any earlier than they really should is being reckless, simple as that.
  7. Pretty sure David Beckham was the first DP in MLS history so not sure who he was talking about beforehand. The notion of starting the season will be dictated by the Virus and when governments left some restrictions, not before in anyway. The MLB notion of starting the season using the spring training stadiums in Phoenix is drawing a lot criticism. Trying to push the envelope is not the way to go.
  8. Have you watched Tiger King yet? It is a bizarre story but worth a look. I suggest anyone here give it a go.
  9. Well the Belarus Premier League has a full slate of game this weekend starting tomorrow. Streams can be found.
  10. The thing is that essential travel is quite vague based on the vast list of essential buses that the Ontario government issued. I am not sure if anyone working within a field that is deemed essential can cross the border as they are exempt from the 14 day quarantine order if not show symptoms? Anyone have any insight on this? One story I saw today is the issue of about 1,500 nurses who live in Windsor and work in Detroit, crossing the border daily. People are questioning if this practice should even be allowed? Some suggest that they should only be allowed to come home on weekends, for the days they are off, thus being housed in the US for the days they are working, lots of moving parts here, so it will be interesting to see how this progresses.
  11. Our economies are so integrated with the supply chain and the fact that we share a large border. I really do not see Canada opening up for regular business that much ahead of the US if the virus is still causing havoc down south. The integration will assure that. We have essential workers crossing the border every day and the certainly is a huge risk. Plus I wonder how the CPL would handle it if their import players can not get into the country? I know the MLS teams asked their players to stay around their home market but there was nothing stopping a player at the time from jumping on a plane back to their home country if they were concerned about family etc. There are lots of aspects to this that will simply do not know at this point.
  12. I have huge doubts for a CPL season any time soon. Unfortunately Canada is largely screwed due to the situation in the US, it needs to be contained there before anything remotely resembling normal life can restart in Canada. Essential travel only or not, there is simply too much integration to not be constantly importing cases. Just do not think the risk is worth it even if we have seen a downturn in cases here. I think we need to see 14 days of no cases being reported to truly return to normalcy.
  13. Wonder if One Soccer is looking at a deal for the Belarusian Premier League as its the only league in Europe that is still playing? It would give them some live programming as I am sure other channels are looking at it too.
  14. Wonder who we may see make the move to the Belarusian Premier League as it is the only league in Europe that is still playing? May we see some CPL targets head their instead? Some are suggesting we may see some big names make the move there. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/soccer/2020/03/23/coronavirus-belarusian-premier-league-keeps-playing-soccer/2897028001/
  15. The COC has just said they will not be sending any athletes if the Olympics are held this summer. That says a lot of how long people are thinking this will go on for.
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