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  1. I anticipate the Canada at US game will likely be in Florida/SE with the USMNT also playing at Cuba during that international break. The USSF has lots of optitions that they know well from Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and the Miami area.
  2. We likely won't find out until September. The USSF has yet to announce their September friendlies. I expect that announcement after the Gold Cup.
  3. Was Kevin Aleman not the surprise pick of 2013? I mean we are always good for at least one.
  4. I just the marketing and media exposure that could be created by the US game in Toronto is too much to pass up. You will have the chance to put the players especially Alphonso on the morning tv circuit, talk radio etc. The story line of Jozy and Michael on their home field facing Canada will create buzz. The CSA is stupid if you don't do this.
  5. 7:30 eastern makes think Toronto/Montreal. I just think the US game anywhere other than Toronto is a lost opportunity for the CSA.
  6. Is your report for the TFCII home opener up yet?
  7. Looking at the start times I have to think the home game vs the US is in the Eastern time zone. Television will have a say too. I highly doubt the Cuba is out west either. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/78d3589fb61466b549ff752e5/files/02a9e681-94b1-452b-9684-a5406c796292/19_CNL_Schedule_final.pdf
  8. What a black eye for the CPL today, how can one of your broadcast partners in CBC not continuing showing the game even after the rain delay has come to an end. In the broadcast world you finish what you start, simple as that. It also goes back to the Heidi game in the NFL. What a joke.
  9. Going to be a very wet one here in Toronto today, hope it does not impact the match too much.
  10. Thanks for the reply, nice talking to you before the gates opened at the TFCII game today. Look forward to your report.
  11. But if the CPL does not want the Ottawa Fury in their league , then how on the other hand can they be told they can't be in the USL? I could very well see an injunction there. No court is going to take away an entity's ability to do business where no laws are being broken. Who has more power here, CONCACAF or the CPL? That's the real question, because if they are told they have to play in the CPL, how can they not be allowed to play in it?
  12. If CONCACAF lets them off the hook and they can stay in USL we will see what happens. But if they don't , I can't see how the CPL can keep them out.
  13. I am hoping for at least 10 teams next year. Two expansion teams + Ottawa. If all goes well maybe it gets to 12 with 4 + Ottawa.
  14. Yeah that seems about right for York having gone to the game. I assume it's taken from the turnstile, otherwise it could give us some insight into season tickets sold.
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