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  1. Do you think there are Canadians in USL who were of no interest to CPL? For instances Dante Campbell who was on loan to Valour last year on loan from TFC II, re-sgined with TFC II rather than CPL.
  2. I will take this one further, where soccer is sport people in the his actually know about, Rugby League is one that had very little if any presence in this country. The Toronto Wolfpack showed that if you make it a fun afternoon/evening out, people will come regardless of how much or little they actually know about the team and/or sport. They hit the mark and over time the crowds grew to where Lamport at around 10K was bursting at the seems. The beer garden with a great craft section did not hurt either. So the right operator with a good strategy can do well by getting out even the most casual
  3. Shaan Hundal has signed with Fort Laurderdale of USL-1. Wonder if the uncertainty of the 2021 CPL season played a part in making this choice? https://www.intermiamicf.com/en/post/2021/04/09/fort-lauderdale-cf-announces-2021-roster
  4. Hopefully with a full squad they can really light up Aruba, surpassing the 11 they put up against the Cayman Islands. Heck its very possible, Aruba was in the lower pool, one behind the Caymans.
  5. Does One Soccer actually have a deal for CCL or did TSN just sub-license them these two games as they decided it was not worth it for them ratings wise to show it especially with the home leg being played in a minor league facility in Kissimmee. Then the question comes who is actually responsible for putting boots on the ground and producing the home leg as the host broadcaster vs Leon?
  6. Yes most of the Cayman Island's player play in the domestic top flight on the island, which likely resembles any Thursday night men's league in Toronto, Vancouver where ever that may be. The one 16 year old kid club is listed as a private school in England. The difference between the Caymans and say the US Virgin Islands, is that the USVI seemed to have a real mishmash of a roster due to their ties to the US, lower division pros and college players. Every once and a while we see a minnow try to recruit legit pros through heritage and for the most part they are not very successful at it. If you
  7. Guys at this point will choose what they think is the best situation for themselves, its not a pissing contest. If someone thinks signing with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds or if its Valour FC, wherever they see the best fit is.
  8. But its still a FIFA top flight, you can not say that about a local men's league in whatever city you choose. Toronto needs a top men's league like Vancouver does with the VMSL.
  9. How would the Cayman Premier League , where most of the lineup for them tonight played, compared to the CPL or even rank among Caribbean Leagues?
  10. So Canada has overtaken Suriname on goal differential, currently + 10, compared to their 9+.
  11. Would a good competitive mens league team in Toronto or elsewhere be able to hold their own against the Cayman Island National team? The big difference I noticed between the Cayman Islands say vs. the US Virgin Islands team is roster make up. The Cayman Islands seems to be selected from their domestic top flight where USVI seems to be a miss mash of players from playing at US Colleges, low level pro etc.
  12. Does the CSA establish the D3 regulations or the provincial associations? D3 at this point is a provincial thing and I am not even sure the standards for D2 exist at this point.
  13. No , as far as i know its closed door. Not surprising, the moment you open the doors there is a cost. Say you were able to have 5,000 in the stands, are you really going to sell that many tickets for Canada Bermuda in Orlando. I think it made sense for the CSA to go this route rather than play somewhere like IMG, especially when it comes to broadcast considerations and giving your guys a first rate experience.
  14. Some sort of fly by night hastily put together D2 league could only do harm to the sport in this country. I do not think its anything that would have a long term affect on the CPL but it still would not be a good look. It would likely resemble some the low tier attempts we have seen in the US. I just do not see a need for a level between the CPL and provincial D3 leagues. I could see some successful D3 teams with the right ownership, bringing 2-3K fans a night. Remember the Brantford Galaxy of the CSL, they were getting some pretty good crowds at one point, especially at that level.
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