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  1. Inconclusive, dubious, surprising
  2. I suppose his thread should at least spell his name right?
  3. Oh now I get it...Herdman's talking about Ballou Tabla with regard to the IC jersey.
  4. Liam Millar plays U18, U23, doesn't play against men. He's clearly not ready for the MNT.
  5. Benched for entire Gold Cup, becomes jaded, blames CSA...
  6. Vic Rauter has spoken...his name is actually Alonso Davies.
  7. Greenland is geographically in North America. No question. Welcome to Concacaf.
  8. Notice how both our U17 and U20 male players of the year are question marks when it comes to MNT allegiance.
  9. The best thing to do is to hope for mediocrity now and greatness later.
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