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Road to Colombia - 2024 u20 World Cup

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On 3/19/2023 at 2:49 PM, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

Saturday, April 22nd vs El Salvador

Matches are all at 6pm Eastern Time.

Last game of the qualifiers is tonight.

We only need a draw to win the group and move on.

El Salvador is the first opponent we will face that has some quality; I doubt it will be a big win.

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Canada squad is released. Same 21 players that played in qualifying round.

Release notes that of 162 who have repped Canada at the 9 previous Concacaf u20 Championship, 49% have played for the senior team.

Current players are Scott (2006), Schmidt (2006, 2008), Chapman (2008), Leon (2010), Zadorsky (2010,2012), D’Angelo (2012), St-Georges (2015), Yekka (2015), Grosso (2018), Huitema (2018), Riviere (2018), J Rose (2020), and Awujo (2022).

GK- Faith Fenwick | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
GK- Noelle Henning | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
GK- Coralie Lallier | USA / University of Alabama 
CB- Clare Logan | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC / NDC-CDN British Columbia
CB- Zoe Markesini | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
CB- Sophie Murdock | USA / Mountain View Los Altos SC
FB- Mya Archibald | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC / NDC-CDN British Columbia
FB- Jadea Collin | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
FB- Ella Ottey | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
FB- Renee Watson | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
M- Jeneva Hernandez Gray | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC / NDC-CDN British Columbia
M- Thaea Mouratidis | CAN / Providence College
M- Kayla Briggs | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
M- Florianne Jourde | CAN / NDC-CDN Québec
M- Ella McBride | USA / Providence College 
F- Olivia Smith | USA / Pennsylvania State University
F- Amanda Allen | USA / Orlando Pride
F- Annabelle Chukwu | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
F- Rosa Maalouf | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario
F- Jaime Perrault | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC / NDC-CDN British Columbia
F- Nyah Rose | CAN / NDC-CDN Ontario


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This game might end up on youtube. If it starts later than 5 o'clock it will collide with the Forge vs Montreal game at 7 o'clock, which I believe will take priority on the main channel.

They've just gone to a stadium camera. Looks like it's still raining pretty hard and the field looks water logged/flooded. Doesn't look like it will be starting all that soon. If they don't do something about the field it could be a bit of a farce like Canada vs Honduras in the Nations League.

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The 4 minute recap of Game 2 vs Panama can be found here:


The livestream of the match vs the USA will be here (kickoff at 6pm Eastern) :


The Yanks have a better goal difference than us. Only a win against them will allow us to win the group.



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