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  1. Yes. And plus GK Maignan.
  2. He's a fast learner obviously.
  3. If it were not David on the pitch, I won't suffer a second watching Lille's game not alone waste 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Come on...That piece of bird shit (?) was on camera for 3mins...
  5. I have the impression that this Lille team has been relying on ball hogger Bamba and Ikone too long too deep. When David came, the coach and management just don't want to touch this two main pieces as lng as they are on top of the table.
  6. Yellow card rule could be only applicable to the same tournament. Likely yellow cards won't be carried over from CNL to WCQ.
  7. As the waterfront stadium proposal won't be aprroved any time soon, Whitecap has to stick with BC place, sadly.
  8. I haven't watched a lot of PSG matches, but I am so disgusted their nasty tackles on opponents' feet and ankles. PSG=Professional Stempede Gang?
  9. Our goal: to be the winner of the group. The rule: GD is the first tie breaker if two teams have same points. A professional sport team should do: whatever it's legal to get the job done with sportsmanship/manner. Our team did everything well with respect to our opponents. The sense of emergency, the way of celebration, the attitude to the game, I love them all. We need to build up some gutsy spirit for this June and September. Canada soccer made me cry too many times. I want to be part of a winning team. We gotta be tough this time.
  10. Another all day in red. Unfortunately I will be on the road for the first half. But I managed to VCR it. Won't miss a single minute when I am home.🤣
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