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  1. If I was a soccer player who hasn't played World Cup in my 30s, I would grasp this WCQ as my last push. How many more years can I play? How many more league championship I could have? Those are uncertain. What certian is that if I missed this WCQ cycle, I would never have a chance anymore. Well, what can I say....hopefully Arfield has the same mentality as I do.
  2. Again, neither TSN or SN are taking the CL broadcast.
  3. Ahhhh, that sunny afternoon, I felt soooo cold sitting in sunshine at first row of upperbowl. Goodbuy Sesellmen...
  4. Come on boys! If a 18 years old girl Leylah Fernandez could knock down two former WTA ranked No.1 ladies in a row, why not you guys can snap that winless record since 1957?!
  5. This Conmebol fiasco is a wild one....
  6. Thanks. That's perfect for me to fill the blank with US open 1pm A. Kerber (GER) [16] vs. L. Fernandez (CAN) UEFA WCQ 12pm Czech vs. Belgium CONCACAF WCQ 3pm Jamaica vs Panama and 4pm Costa Rica vs. Mexico/El Salvador vs. Honduras (first half) Oh, almost forget this: US open 4pm F. Tiafoe (USA) vs. F. Auger-Aliassime (CAN) [12] what a busy day for me and Canadian fans! I think I need to do double screen again today.
  7. "apart"or "a part"? Day and night by missing the space key....
  8. I am pumped this 3-5-2 with Davies & Buchanan as the wingbacks. The sweet point is they could swap sides before defenders figure out the best way to neutralize their attacks.
  9. When the guessing game ended?
  10. I was not sleepy at all when I pomped my fist infront of my TV to celebrate this justice game 3am in the morning. I have waited 8 years for this to happen. I feel LeBlac when she was in tear.
  11. Let's do it girls!!! Its my first time to watch a football match in midnight-early morning.
  12. An perfect example. Maybe most of people care more about professional than amateur sport? I'm a huge olympic fan and always care more about national teams than club teams. I just turn off the radio when host talking about Louie Erikssen for whole day long here in Vancouver.
  13. 1:1 A. Center back problem. B. Coach gambling 1 goal lead. C. Fleming and Beckie underachieved (not only this game)
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