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  1. I think he should stick at the club at least one more season. Play some Champs (gotta think they have a good enough squad to win out a playoff and make group stage) and try to win a scoring title. Not likely that he'd make a big enough impact to win trophies in England but in Turkey he can be the star.
  2. Lucas made the shortlist for best player in the U-23 Liga Revelacao. They are having a public vote now. https://sjogadores.pt/?pt=revelacao
  3. We all chuckled a few days ago about this. But yes, if they weren't before they are now haha
  4. Lol so the rumours begin. https://www.calciomercato.it/2021/03/30/calciomercato-juventus-lucas-dias-sporting-nuno-mendes-cristiano-ronaldo/
  5. To Lucas - great job! I'm glad you were able to demonstrate your skills to all us Voyageurs. I'm sure several of us will be following your career like many other Canadian athletes on this forum. To Voyageurs - Thank you for being welcoming to Lucas, good or bad, critique or obsession haha, he's certainly been thankful for the welcomed experience that both the CSA and the fans have made. He had a good laugh at the #freedias moment. I feel like I have to say this but no this post is not confirming or denying anything regarding his future. This is just an honest thank you to bo
  6. Couldn't blame them if they did haha North Macedonia did make it to Euro 2020
  7. Total useless post haha Transfermarkt values for each squad for matchday 1 and 2 of WCQ Canada 126.45 M Canada without Davies 43.95 M Curacao 17.11 M Panama 15.6 M Trinidad 9.6 M Suriname 8.42 M Haiti 4.02 M Guatemala 2.94 M Cuba 2.75 M Nicaragua 2.45 M Montserrat 2.42 M El Salvador 1.98 M Dominican Rep 1.71 M Antigua and B. 1.13 M Puerto Rico 0.99 M Guyana 0.77 M Grenada 0.55 M Barbados 0.41 M St. Kitts/Nevis 0.38 M Bermuda 0.27 M St. Vincent 0.27 M US Virgin 0.11 M Turks-C
  8. I appreciate the concern, I feel like I've been pretty tame with what I share. I haven't shared any details on this thread aside from clearing up some background information and saying that he has trained at various levels at Sporting, which is common Sporting knowledge. I sense that the forum is upset with him not starting, but I haven't made a comment if Lucas has been frustrated or not by that decision or whether or not he's liked the squad or not. Those aren't mine to share. I mean sure he's pretty expressive on the field which probably makes the comments feel validated but again not
  9. He hasn't played with 1st or B but he has trained with both, it is very common for u23 up to 1st team to train together at Sporting.
  10. He's played 959 minutes this season / about 21 games, started 10 and was injured for a few weeks. Zerozero.pt provides the most up to date statistics for the u23 league in Portugal.
  11. I agree, but he has to just tap those balls in lol I swear I heard someone yell "blast it" right before he rocketed it off the bar from what 10 yards out?
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