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  1. Lucas Dias will be suiting up with Sporting CP's first team for this afternoon's Taça de Portugal fixture against Os Belenenses. Game will be on TVI and Sport TV2 for those with Portuguese channels on their cable packages or IPTV.
  2. OQ aren't a FIFA event so they don't count towards caps. Also a player under 21 is only cap tied if they've had 4 non-official AND official appearances with the senior team, given that one match is official. Examples: 4 friendlies - not cap tied 3 world cup qualifiers - not cap tied 2 friendlies and 1 WCQ - not cap tied 3 friendlies and 1 WCQ - cap tied 1 Nations League, Gold Cup or World Cup - cap tied Additionally, there are different levels to cap ties and switching. 1 competitive match + 4 matches overall = Permanent Cap Tie 3 or less matches = Can Switch after 2 years of not playing Only Friendlies = Can switch anytime One Time Switch = Permanent Cap Tie to the other nation and only available after 2 years of not playing.
  3. It's funny to read all the back and forth on this forum and all the speculations that come with it. When and if he's ready to commit is up to him. Fyi he played at the Sporting CP Feeder Academy here in Toronto for most of his early youth. And at 11 they decided to take him into the main academy.
  4. He had a good time 😁. Everyone's pretty pumped. Been a good week of footy in the Dias' households haha. Ps. For all the forum posts that say I'm his uncle. No, I'm not his uncle, he's my cousin's kid.
  5. Apologies in advance to any flight attendants taking us to Edmonton. By the end of the flight they will have an unwanted (maybe wanted) knowledge of all things CONCACAF, CPL and how Swoop, WestJet and AC should consider adding flights to Doha next year.
  6. I can't recall where it was noted, but I believe Edmonton was selected as part of a destination for Infantino's CONCACAF tour ahead of finalizing 2026 details.
  7. @Bene11 and I booked our trip for the Mexico game. No accommodations yet. Any recommendations? Kind of hoping to just book the same place that the national team will be staying at.
  8. Dias in the lineup against Dortmund in the UEFA Youth League. Game starts at 9:30am.
  9. Dias starting for Sporting's team in the UEFA Youth League vs Ajax. He's got a new number with this squad. His number is 10.
  10. 3 game windows are certainly not an easy feat for any team, especially those with limited depth like ES and Hon. Add in the additional travel across a massive continent and you are bound to have less than stellar performances home or away.
  11. For those asking about the cards and subs. Cards carry until the start of the world cup. That includes the inter-confed game. 5 sub rule and water break in all Fifa competitions until further notice (it might become permanent). Fifa was also recently testing a new sub format where yellows would act like a 5 minute timeout where you play down the guy who got a yellow.
  12. 2022 WC Hosts vs 2026 WC Hosts 👁️
  13. Probably an unpopular opinion lol but while it's nice to see some euro u23 guys on this list, I wonder if it is better they prioritize trying to improve their club position before playing in a Gold Cup that frankly is a second thought to the WCQ starting Sept. There are enough established guys on this list that we probably don't need to stop the youngsters from missing quality preseasons. Besides they will have many more future Gold Cup tournaments to dominate. Also as much as we know the man loves playing footie, I think Davies should take a month vacation - kid is a machine, but even the best need a break occasionally.
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