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  1. Probably an unpopular opinion lol but while it's nice to see some euro u23 guys on this list, I wonder if it is better they prioritize trying to improve their club position before playing in a Gold Cup that frankly is a second thought to the WCQ starting Sept. There are enough established guys on this list that we probably don't need to stop the youngsters from missing quality preseasons. Besides they will have many more future Gold Cup tournaments to dominate. Also as much as we know the man loves playing footie, I think Davies should take a month vacation - kid is a machine, but even the best need a break occasionally.
  2. Just bumping this post so you don't have to go 5 pages into the thread for those catching up.
  3. The expectation at this time should solely be to make the Octo to play 14 competitive games. Regardless of results it is the experience the group and coaching staff gains that will be most valuable. Over the course of the decade, I'll agree, that the expectation of this current gen should be in the 3/4 spot in CONCACAF and contending for a spot in WC every cycle, making semis in nations league/gold cup regularly. As for Saturday/Tuesday, Haiti won't be a problem. I fully believe Canada will post the largest aggregate result among all the teams playing this round.
  4. He's going to start the season on the B team
  5. The press got their wish lol
  6. Will this game or any of the Canada home games have fans this month? FWIW 15K surinamese live in america 350k nicaraguans live in america - probably would take a chance at going to see the national team in another state 780k canadians live in america - average american-canuck probably doesn't even know these games exist 1mil+ haitians live in america - most live in NYC area. just would be awful to have a potential opponent have a "fan dominance" lol Ps. not worried - this team is built different (then again I thought of that of the Leafs 😬)
  7. They've become good friends. Godinho might also be trialing for some portuguese sides in the coming weeks since he is without a club at the moment.
  8. I think he should stick at the club at least one more season. Play some Champs (gotta think they have a good enough squad to win out a playoff and make group stage) and try to win a scoring title. Not likely that he'd make a big enough impact to win trophies in England but in Turkey he can be the star.
  9. Lucas made the shortlist for best player in the U-23 Liga Revelacao. They are having a public vote now. https://sjogadores.pt/?pt=revelacao
  10. We all chuckled a few days ago about this. But yes, if they weren't before they are now haha
  11. Lol so the rumours begin. https://www.calciomercato.it/2021/03/30/calciomercato-juventus-lucas-dias-sporting-nuno-mendes-cristiano-ronaldo/
  12. To Lucas - great job! I'm glad you were able to demonstrate your skills to all us Voyageurs. I'm sure several of us will be following your career like many other Canadian athletes on this forum. To Voyageurs - Thank you for being welcoming to Lucas, good or bad, critique or obsession haha, he's certainly been thankful for the welcomed experience that both the CSA and the fans have made. He had a good laugh at the #freedias moment. I feel like I have to say this but no this post is not confirming or denying anything regarding his future. This is just an honest thank you to both player and fans. Whatever he chooses to do is up to him.
  13. Couldn't blame them if they did haha North Macedonia did make it to Euro 2020
  14. Total useless post haha Transfermarkt values for each squad for matchday 1 and 2 of WCQ Canada 126.45 M Canada without Davies 43.95 M Curacao 17.11 M Panama 15.6 M Trinidad 9.6 M Suriname 8.42 M Haiti 4.02 M Guatemala 2.94 M Cuba 2.75 M Nicaragua 2.45 M Montserrat 2.42 M El Salvador 1.98 M Dominican Rep 1.71 M Antigua and B. 1.13 M Puerto Rico 0.99 M Guyana 0.77 M Grenada 0.55 M Barbados 0.41 M St. Kitts/Nevis 0.38 M Bermuda 0.27 M St. Vincent 0.27 M US Virgin 0.11 M Turks-Caicos 0.11 M Cayman Islands na Dominica na Belize na Aruba na B. Virgin na Anguilla na Bahamas na
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