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Match Thread: September 26, 2021 - York United v Valour


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ingham huge again..best in the league..silva a second keeper in his thirties..come on

can see right away dos santos is not the guy..rookie coach actions such as yelling instructions non stop and forcing his team to play out the back all the time..only way would be to listen to his brother who had a lot of success in lower leagues

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I think I speak for all of Valourdom when I say GAWD DAMNIT.  

Abzi thoroughly enjoyed himself today.  MOTM if not for Wright's brace. 

Igham v Silva?  Igham wins.  Didn't need todays fixture to tell you that.  Was harsh on Silva for the 2nd goal but upon further review that's all Cebara's.  Initially though Silva layed out a DMP and Cebara took the fall but nope.   Some rare poor decision making by Cebara. 

Great to see Levis score.  Also great to see him leave the pitch not because of an injury.  Really was flying into the tackles there a times wasn't he?

Surpised to see York keep their legs for this one.  Was banking on them running out of gas as the match got on. Didn't happen. 

Rapidly running out of season here and Valour in a non-playoff spot.  Next up Pacific on Wednesday.  Good news, Pacific should be leg weary but I thought that about York going into today so...Bad news, Valour has been Pacific's bitch since Day 1.  Ug. 



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