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Match Thread: August 25, 2021 - Forge v Atletico Ottawa


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The little flick on from Choiniere to Awuah and the cross in to Pacius on the second goal was gorgeous.

We could definitely use another centre back. With Samuel and Jakovic out (Metusala not in the 18 today too), it looked like we had Tissot tracking back to centre back at times as well as Achinioti? I love the fluidity of Bobby's system but surely it would be even more comfortable to have natural defenders sliding in. Krutzen was back in full force today.

Couldn't get much going in the final third in the first half, but that quickly changed. Pacius looks like he can be our Novak replacement. Looks huge out there, although he'll need to put on some muscle to hold up play the way Novak did. Nonetheless, brilliant for him to get his first two professional goals. 

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